Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the strategic advertising of a business using digital media rather than, or as a mix with, traditional media (such as print media).

Digital media used within digital marketing campaigns typically includes; websites, digital adverts, videos, digital audio, email, and social media networks.

If you are looking to use digital marketing for the first time or increase your rate of growth by expanding your current digital marketing strategy, the following resources should be useful to you.

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Feature image for "How To Plan Your Marketing Budget for 2023" blog post.
How to Plan Your Marketing Budget for 2023
Happy new… marketing strategy? Whatever your new year’s resolutions are, calculating your marketing budget for 2023 should be on that list — somewhere! You might feel a little extra pressure.…
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Cover image for Shein Digital Marketing Strategy
SHEIN’s Digital Marketing Strategy
Fashion powerhouse SHEIN has come a long way since they were founded in 2008. Well known for their cheap clothing, SHEIN gained traction in 2020, where they saw an increase…
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Featured image for how to learn digital marketing skills
How To Learn Digital Marketing Skills
Digital marketing is becoming a core part of many business’ marketing strategy. If you’re starting to add more digital elements to your marketing strategy, it can feel like a lot…
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Feature image for the article How to Run an Authentic Price Campaign
How to Run an Authentic Pride Campaign
Every year, people around the globe celebrate LGBTQ+ pride throughout the month of June. Some celebrate in the form of parades, protests and being open about their gender identity and…
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Feature image for Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021 blog post
Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021
What will next year bring for the online world? Here are our digital marketing predictions for 2021. Is content still king? You bet. If there’s one thing the pandemic taught…
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Image text reads, "How To Advertise on Google"
How To Advertise on Google
Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It has over 70% of the search market share and captures almost 85% of mobile traffic. If your business is…
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Feature graphic with text, Does My Brand Need Guidelines.
Does My Company Need Brand Guidelines?
Whether your business is brand new or well-established, having clear and accessible style guidelines is the best way to reinforce design standards and protect your brand’s identity. It’s no secret…
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Digital Marketing Round-up for week commencing July 9th 2018
Digital Marketing Round-up w/c July 9th 2018
Welcome to another Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Round-up. In this second week of July, we’ve discovered a number of important items of news and knowledge-increasing articles from across the web.…
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