Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a method of creating new content, such as blog posts and guides, to promote a business and attract a new audience.

To learn more about what Content Marketing is and how to do it for yourself, we have several training options available, including:

If you lack the time to do your own content marketing then please contact our Content Marketing team who’ll be able to help you create a successful PR and outreach strategy.

Text reads "email automation for beginners"
Email Automation for Beginners
We’ve heard the rumours. “Email marketing is dead! No one reads emails!” Here at Exposure Ninja, we know that’s just not true. On average, email has an ROI of $36…
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Graphic with text, Should I Start a Blog for my Business?
Should I Start a Blog for My Business?
What Are The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business? Business blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways you can build brand awareness and generate sales leads. With nearly 80%…
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design of ninjas creating a digital PR plan
How To Plan A Digital PR Campaign
The hardest part of Digital PR is getting started. Our blog posts offer a whole heap of information and advice that you’ve probably not considered in a whole lot of…
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Ninja Shinobi working on Digital PR
The Ultimate Introduction To Digital PR
How to get attention for your business, turbocharge your ranking and establish yourself as an authority in your market. Introduction: What is Digital PR and How Can it Benefit my…
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What's the point in blogging?
What’s The Point In Blogging?
Despite being a part of almost every modern website, many companies don’t know how or why to use their blogs effectively. All too often you’ll see a well-designed business website…
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