About Exposure Ninja

We’re Exposure Ninja, a digital marketing agency for ambitious small and medium-sized businesses.

Every year, we help hundreds of businesses to increase the leads and sales generated by their websites through ROI-focused digital marketing. With every client we take on, we agree on 12-month goals and build our strategy around what’s required to deliver them.

Our clients span almost every imaginable industry, including eCommerce, SaaS, accounting, dental, legal, travel and tourism, construction, events management, industrial production, retail, HR, housing, fashion and finance.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We helped our first ever client go from flat broke to able to get on the property ladder and buy a house — and since then, we’ve been hooked on having that kind of impact. The buzz we get from seeing a client’s business smash its milestones or hearing that a marketing manager we work with has just been promoted is a feeling like no other. Digital marketing is our core focus because we’ve seen what it can do for the people and businesses involved.

That’s why it’s our goal to be the UK’s best digital marketing agency for SMEs by the end of 2023. 

We measure “best” by six specific metrics that are tied to:

1. Reputation (measured by reviews)
2. Client results (measured through case studies)
3. Staff satisfaction
4. Industry recognition (indicated by awards)
5. Visibility (if an agency can’t market itself, well…)
6. Financial performance.

Each quarter, we measure our performance against competitor agencies and calculate our position in our internal league table.

At the core of our goal is our clients’ results. The ONLY way to get to our goal is to help our clients reach theirs, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Our Values

Unlike the generic “values” written on a tatty poster in the stained reception area of a grim local office, we identified our values together as a company. They guide everything we do, and when we’re unsure of what to do in a situation, we consult our values to discern the best possible course of action.

We're Honest and Responsible

We’re tired of companies being sold dishonest digital marketing by opaque agencies that deliver no return on investment.

We don’t hide behind wordy jargon, and we always speak in plain English, keeping our clients continually informed as to what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what the measurable results are. We don’t lock clients into lengthy minimum-term contracts either. We let our results ensure client retention, not solicitors.

Above all else, we’re always respectful to our clients and our people, staying honest with them and accepting full responsibility for any mistakes, not just the successes.


We're Committed to the Success of Our Clients and Our People

We help our clients through long-term relationships that see an increase in their marketing investments as we help them grow. Our team couldn’t be more dedicated to our clients’ success, and we are dedicated to our team’s success in turn.

Our time on this earth is limited, and we don’t take it for granted that our team chooses to spend it working at Exposure Ninja. In return, we’re committed to producing a high-performance environment free from prejudice, discrimination and intimidation so our employees can do their best work and live happy lives. And that’s why the work we do for you is nothing short of the best.

We Listen

We Listen

We listen to our clients because every business is different, and nuance matters. Everyone is heard, and everyone feels heard. We don’t interrupt or behave arrogantly, and we give our full attention during meetings and calls — contributing 100% to the goal of the meeting.

We don’t shy away from difficult conversations, appreciating that they are a necessary and important part of growth for our clients and for us as an agency obsessed with improvement.

We listen to each other because we believe everyone’s contribution is valuable. We expect our clients to show us the same courtesy, and we believe this foundation is what successful marketing partnerships are built on.


We're Obsessed with Improvement

We believe that constant improvement is the only viable option for our clients, our Ninjas and Exposure Ninja.

We’re always hunting for feedback, and we recognise that every single improvement and innovation resulted from a piece of feedback at some point. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and better ways to do things and regularly work from first principles to identify solutions, unconstrained by “how things are usually done.”

With clients, Ninjas and Exposure Ninja, we believe in unlimited potential, but the route to achieving this potential is built on relentless, constant and obsessive improvement. This may look weird to most people, but we’re okay with that too.

Our Team Is Diverse
and Inclusive

Our team comprises over 100 Specialists working 100% remotely (aside from an ill-fated office experiment in 2014) across the UK and the rest of the world. We take pride in the diverse, inclusive and fair workplace we’ve built together.

Exposure Ninja welcomes people from many walks of life to work in a safe and open environment. We want to enable people to be their best selves without the risk of discrimination based on their gender, race or any disability they may be living with.

Our Future

Our Future

Our journey doesn’t end by being the best digital marketing agency in the UK. Our mission is to make Exposure Ninja the best digital marketing agency in the world using the six criteria we measure our definition of “best” by.

This means blowing up results for more clients, hitting more conversion goals, running more amazing campaigns, slashing more CPAs and building more visibility than anyone else.

By making our people, our clients and our commitment to diversity, inclusion and improvement our obsession, we’ll continue to deliver the high-quality, results-earning, investment-returning digital marketing that hundreds of businesses have found with Exposure Ninja.

Your Future

If you think we might be a good fit because you’re looking for an ambitious, hard-working and honest digital marketing agency, let’s talk.

Request a free digital marketing review today, and our Digital Marketing Consultants will send you a 15-minute video showing you how we’ll help your business to reach your marketing and business goals. From there, we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your goals in more detail and put together a plan for world domination.

Your Future