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Exposure Ninja is a leading influencer marketing agency that connects businesses to new audiences through social media influencers. We find new target customers who love your products. Want to see how we’ll hit your goals with influencer marketing? Request a free digital marketing review.

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An Honest Influencer Marketing Agency That Really Cares

Since 2012, we’ve created and executed several successful influencer marketing strategies to promote hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe, and the USA.

We’re authors of the best-selling book, How to Get to the Top of Google, where you can read about the influencer marketing strategies and techniques we use to get businesses featured by top influencers.

You won’t find a team anywhere else out there that cares as much about your business as we do. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust, and we’re genuinely invested in getting you results.

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Since 2013, our book, “How To Get To The Top of Google” has been helping business owners and marketing managers to learn about the business-changing benefits of Search Engine Optimisation.

Cemented in bestseller lists for eight years, the book continues to explain how businesses like yours can rank at the top of Google and earn increases in traffic, leads, and sales — and we’d like to give you a copy for free.

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How We Do Influencer Marketing

No two Exposure Ninja influencer marketing campaigns are the same. Every brand, product, influencer and audience is different, so we design your campaign around your business and business goals.

We find the right influencers for your brand, from top creators with a global reach to niche and micro-influencers renowned for authenticity. We make sure content creators share your brand values, have a high engagement rate and an audience that is a perfect match for your business.

Then, we work with influencers to plan creative and captivating campaigns that engage, inspire and inform their audience. 

We know how to leverage the most effective types of influencer marketing campaigns, from giveaways to product outreach and sponsored social content.

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They’ll review your marketing efforts and suggest an exciting influencer marketing strategy for your business.

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What Our Clients Say about Us

“Exposure Ninja is fantastic! No matter which member of the team I deal with I am always talking to a true expert. They are passionate about their field, fun to work with and are brilliant at what they do.“
Sarah Willingham
Sarah Willingham, Entrepreneur and "Dragon" on Dragon's Den

How Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Will Start

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Step 1 — We Review Your Goals

Before we start creating an influencer marketing strategy for your business, we first want to understand your goals.

We want to know what your business’s growth goals are so we can create an influencer marketing campaign that can achieve them.

The partnerships we create with influencers are going to help you smash your targets and increase your revenue.

Shinobi doing research

Step 2 — We Review Your Industry

Not one social update gets posted until we know what your competition is doing.

We want to know what other businesses are doing, but what we really care about is what your target audience is engaging with.

Social media influencer marketing is about conversations. Once we find out the type of content your target audience engages with and who they love to share it with, we’ll then start forging your first influencer marketing partnerships.

Shinobi with whiteboard reviewing graphs

Step 3 — We Review Your Competitors

Now we know the content your audience is engaging with, we’ll look at how your competitors are engaging with them.

We’ll look at what’s working; we’ll look at what’s not — and put together a list of opportunities and weaknesses we can exploit within your influencer marketing campaigns. Before long, you’ll be challenging your industry, making a name for your brand, and achieving your revenue goals.

Implement a strategy

Step 4 — We Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy

We’ve done our research. We know who we want to reach, the language they use, the people they love to follow, and the good (and bad) things your competitors are doing.

Now we put your strategy together.

We’ll create an influencer marketing strategy that’s focused entirely on achieving your goals — not putting more screenshots of status updates into a monthly report nobody will ever read.

By now we’ll have a list of influencers we’d love to work with, so that’s what we’ll do next.

Shinobi promotion

Step 5 — Influencers Promote Your Brand

From here the influencers are the stars of the show. We’ve done some of the hard work connecting with influencers who will help promote your brands, but it’s influencers themselves who are going to do the necessary content creation and promotion.

Depending on the type of influencer marketing your strategy requires, these influential social media profile owners will create interesting images, entertaining videos, or host highly-engaging giveaways that put your brand in front of more and more people.

We’ll keep in contact with the influencers as the campaign progresses to track results and see how we can take each partnership further as the results start coming in.

Achieve Goals

Step 6 — We Achieve Your Goals

Social updates get posted. Your brand gets seen again, and again, and again.

Consciously and subconsciously, more people are considering your products or services and thinking about getting them.

There may be immediate results, but in our experience influencer marketing builds brand relationships over time, resulting in repeated custom over the long term.

As people become familiar with your brand and make their first purchase, they’ll grow to love you and follow your social accounts too. Be sure to keep them busy and filled with content they’ll love.

We’ll achieve your goals. And when we do, we’ll raise them higher and start again, continually helping your business achieve your growth and revenue goals.

Get Started Today

Order a digital marketing review

Step 1 — Order Your Free Digital Marketing Review

Getting started is easy.

All you have to do is request a free marketing review.

Our Digital Marketing Consultants will review your marketing and website and record a video detailing how we think your digital marketing could be improved.

Our Marketing Consultants aren’t just going to tell you how great influencer marketing is for your business. You probably know that already.

What they are going to do is point out ways your marketing could be improved, which will increase your traffic, leads, or sales even more.

We believe your business needs much more than “oh, you definitely need influencer marketing; here are our rates”.

Your business needs a digital marketing agency that wants to improve every single part of it, from front to back.

That’s our commitment to you — all in one free digital marketing review.

Watch your review video

Step 2 — Watch Your Marketing Review Video

We record our marketing reviews as videos rather than documents for many reasons, but these three are the most important.

  1. Text reports are boring and (probably) include the same copy/paste reports every business gets sent.
  2. Video reports have way more contextual explanations within them.
  3. You can watch them on double-speed if you’re in a rush.

We get hundreds of review requests a month so it may take up to five days for your review to arrive. But once you watch it, you’ll soon see why people choose us for their influencer marketing.

The video will contain our suggested digital marketing strategy for your business, but beware — it might not include influencer marketing if we don’t think that’s the best fit for you. We’re not in the business of selling marketing services to companies that won’t see the benefit of them.

Then it’s up to you if you want to implement the strategy or not.

Implement a strategy

Step 3 — Choose to Implement Our Recommended Strategy

Our review and recommendations for your business are based on your marketing budget and revenue goals. We’ve designed it so you can implement it yourself if you want. But we’d be delighted if you choose us as your digital marketing partner to implement it for you.

If you have the time to implement the recommendations yourself, brilliant. Please come back and let us know when you reach your goals. But if you haven’t the time or you’d rather outsource your influencer marketing and wider marketing campaign, then just get back to your Exposure Ninja Marketing Consultant and we’ll take you through the next steps.

Watch your traffic and leads increase

Step 4 — Watch Your Traffic, Leads, or Conversions Increase

If you follow our strategy to the letter, then you’re going to see the traffic, leads, or sales you need.

Just take a peek at our most recent results and you’ll see we’ve no reason to lie.

But if you’re too busy running the business to implement it yourself, or you don’t fancy the idea of all the research and writing that goes into doing your own digital marketing, let us know and we’ll show you how we can help.

All of our teams, including our Influencer Marketing Team, are at hand to do what they do best — be awesome at digital marketing, so you don’t have to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is a type of advertising that relies upon people with significant social clout to advertise a business’s services or products in the form of endorsements, reviews, or product placement.

Before the invention of social media marketing, companies would approach celebrities and pay them to appear in their adverts. The high profile and glamour of these celebrities would draw the attention of their fans to the adverts, increasing brand awareness.

The companies, or their advertising agency, would have complete creative control of the ads.

Today, creative control is in the hands of not just celebrities, but anyone with a large enough audience, or “following”, on social media.

Businesses that want to reach their target market are now paying social media influencers to promote their business’s services or products within their updates.

The type of promotion varies depending on the type of social media account. One account may create very clearly sponsored reviews of products, whereas others will do product placement (putting products in the background of their regular updates).

Product giveaways are also common in influencer marketing, using competition rules (such as following a brand’s account for a chance to win) to increase brand visibility — and paying the influencer for the opportunity to reach their audience.

Some companies will go further, creating new products in partnership with the influencers and run long-term ambassador programmes with influencers in exchange for regular promotional content.

With worldwide internet users spending an average of 144 minutes per day using social media, influencer marketing is a brilliant way for companies to increase brand exposure, traffic, leads, and sales.

Not Sure If You Need Influencer Marketing?

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