#189: 15 Ways To Increase Your Leads

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With so many tactics, tips, tricks and tools involved in digital marketing, no-one would blame you for losing sight of what it’s all in the name of – generating more leads and making sales. Whatever path you go down on your online marketing journey, every step you take should be in the name of encouraging users to invest in your service, product, company or business.

If you want to learn how to generate more leads for your website, then this episode is for you. I will be talking you through 15 of the most recommended conversion rate optimisation strategies that our expert consultancy team suggests to people who request our free digital marketing review.

Increase Your Leads Through Conversion Rate Optimisation

The tips we will be looking at today focus on conversion rate optimisation and how we can get more of your current traffic to convert, rather than aiming to increase leads by increasing the volume of traffic to your site.

Here at Exposure Ninja, we are BIG fans of improving your website performance, as it is a sustainable strategy for improving the performance of any traffic that visits your site. If your website is turning more of its traffic into leads, then your digital marketing strategy overall becomes more profitable including, your paid ads, social media and SEO.

15 Ways to Increase Your Leads

Let’s dive straight in!

  1. Set-Up Conversion Tracking

Make sure you have conversion tracking correctly set up for your website and that you are able to clearly see where all of your conversion is coming from. This visibility will provide you with all the information you need in terms of what works for your website visitors and what doesn’t, as well as what traffic channel is the one most likely to perform.

2. Add a Call-To-Action On Your Website Header

Adding your main call-to-action (CTA) at the top of your website page, next to the menu, makes it extremely visible.

Website headers are normally sticky, which means they remain in place on the screen even as someone scrolls further down the page. This makes your CTA obvious and visible whenever someone is ready to convert. This makes the sales process on your site straightforward for your customers. make it sticky so they can see it.

3. Add Lead Generation Forms Above The Fold

Whenever someone lands on your website, you want to make sure they see a lead-generation form, i.e a contact form, an enquiry form etc, that shows them the next logical step they can take within your sales process. For those people who are at the end of the sales funnel, having an immediate and obvious action they can take increases their chances of converting.

4. Showcase Awards, Accreditations and Prominent Clients Above The Fold

As soon as someone lands on your website, they are looking for proof that your website can be trusted to do what they need it to.

Having a list of previous prominent clients that they might recognise, awards your business has won and/or accreditations that your business is a part of can be a great way to provide social proof that your organisation can be trusted. People are more likely to convert if they know that your business has a reputation for excellence and has previously worked with other firms that they recognise.

5. Add a Clear Benefits Proposition Above the Fold

A great benefits proposition summarises what your business does to traffic that is landing on your website. You want this to be immediately visible to anyone who has just landed on your website, to communicate to them instantly that they have come to the right place to find a solution to their needs.

Not only that, but it entices them to stay browsing your website for longer and helps you identify the main areas that set you apart from your competitors.

6. Use a High-Quality Featured Image

The featured image of your website is often the background image behind the main CTA. In other words, it is the first image that visitors see when they land on your website.

As a result, this image plays a vital part in people’s first impression of your website and whether it is trustworthy or not. To appear to be a good-quality, professional business, your website needs to have good-quality, professional photos.

You should avoid using any low-quality images that look amateur, as well as overly generic images. Your image needs to fit in with the design of your website, as well as the other images you have. You can use stock photos, as long as they apply to your website and don’t look computer-generated.

7. Use Credibility of Third Party Reviews

One further way to increase people’s trust in your website and cement their initial first impression of your website and business is to include third-party reviews. Review sites, such as Google My Business and Trust Pilot, show reviews of your business from previous customers. You should embed these above the fold of high traffic landing pages.

Good ratings give your website great credibility and answer any initial objections your potential customers might have to your business. It can also help set you apart from your competitors and build trust with potential leads who are initially sceptical of your services.

8. Add Additional CTA’s Throughout Your Website

There are two types of visitors who will land on your website page. The first is the impulsive buyer, who is already at the end of the sales funnel and is ready to convert immediately. The other visitor is still in the research phase of their buying journey. They are going to take longer to convert and will spend more time on your site researching and building an impression of your business.

You want to make sure that your website caters for both these visitors’ needs. This means that as well as having a clear CTA at the top of your key pages for the impulsive visitor, you will also need to place CTAs throughout the page for the research visitor. This provides researcher types with an easy way to convert when they are ready, rather than straight away.

You’ll want to repeat or echo your main CTA on pages such as the homepage, services pages and content pages, as these are the pages visitors will be using to inform their decision on whether to provide their information to you or not.

9. Add Testimonials to the Key Pages of Your Website

A key page on your website refers to a page where higher rates of conversion happen. Adding testimonials from previous clients you’ve worked with is a great way to build trust and credibility with potential leads. It helps to mitigate the risk that potential customers might feel when deciding whether to convert, by showing people just like themselves who have taken the decision to convert on your website and have improved their situation as a result. Testimonials can also be used strategically to address key concerns and pain points your potential clients may have, making them more likely to want to convert.

Your website testimonials can take the form of text or video. Whilst video is much more impactful, text works just as well if you are unable to create a professionally edited video.

10. Optimise Your Sub-Pages

Many businesses make the mistake of just focussing on their homepage when it comes to creating a seamless user experience. With websites, traffic tends to arrive from all angles and often, the homepage isn’t the first page people land on. As a result, you need to make sure that every subpage of your website is optimised as much as possible and includes a clear headline, high-quality, relevant images, a CTA above the fold and testimonials. This will help increase the credibility of your website for those who don’t land on the home page and should lead to an increase in conversions.

11. Run Split Testing

Using a tool like Google Optimise, I recommend that you use split testing to work out what content and layout is the most compelling to your potential leads. When carrying out split tests, go bold. Test page layouts, different CTAs, different approaches to copy and putting testimonials above the fold. Testing big changes is likely to see much bigger results including a dramatic improvement in lead conversions.

12. Testing With Live Call.io

Live call.io is a widget that sits at the bottom of the page. It encourages visitors to your site to request a call back with your team. It has a proven record of greatly improving rates of call conversions with potential leads. In order for this to be effective, you do need a dedicated team to answer the phone calls and a sales script template to help the team direct the callers to the next stage of the sales process.

13. Supercharge Your Website Copy

You need to ensure your copy sells your business. Create a list of pain points or USPs regarding your business. You want to highlight what sets you apart from your competitors, as well as address the objections your visitors might have to convert with your business.

Remember to make your words compelling and meet the needs of your visitors at every stage of the buying funnel. Create a narrative that encourages conversion and add CTAs throughout the copy to make following this as simple as possible.

14. Run Lead Nurture For Top of Funnel Traffic

As we have already explored, not all visitors to your website are ready to become a lead. Some want more time to gather information and research your company before making a commitment. Due to this, you need to ensure that your site is optimised not just for those visitors ready to convert straight away, but for those who are also at the early stages of your sales funnel. You need to nurture these leads by offering them information on your business in return for their email address. What you offer them might include a buyers guide, ebook, case studies, brochure etc. Once you have their email address, you can take them through an indoctrination sequence (see point below) and guide them to the eventual point of sale.

15. Have an Automated Indoctrination Sequence

An indoctrination sequence refers to an email sequence that carefully guides potential leads through the sales process through education of your business and services until they are confident to commit to a conversion. Throughout this sequence, you want to ensure you are answering the what, how and the why of your business.

Find Out More

Watch or listen to the video or podcast to gain further insight into how to generate more leads for your website. If you want more digital marketing suggestions and advice, then request a free review of your website via this link: https://exposureninja.com/review/


00:00 — Introduction
02:15 — Tip One
03:12 — Tip Two
04:25 — Tip Three
05:24 — Tip Four
06:28 — Tip Five
08:21 — Tip Six
10:10 — Tip Seven
11:32 — Tip Eight
14:38 — Tip Nine
16:50 — Tip Ten
18:19 — Tip Eleven
21:06 — Tip Twelve
22:30 — Tip Thirteen
24:13 — Tip Fourteen
25:32 — Tip Fifteen

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