#174: How To Create Landing Pages That Convert at 43%

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In This Episode…

Today, I’m sharing the framework we use for creating high-converting landing pages for all of our clients, with some pages converting anywhere from 4% and 18%, and sometimes as high as 43%.

At Exposure Ninja, we use the CLOSER framework when creating or optimising landing pages.

The CLOSER framework makes sure that pages are given the best opportunity possible to convert highly — and they do.

Graphic of the Exposure Ninja Closer Framework

High-converting pages need to have:

  • Credibility
  • Lure
  • Objection Handling
  • Social Proof
  • Ease of Use
  • Result

Credibility is important because people aren’t ever going to convert on a website they don’t trust.

Every page needs an attractive lure, something that makes people think, “Oh, that’s awesome. I want some of that”.

Objective Handling is necessary for addressing a person’s doubts about the service or product they’re being offered. It involves answering questions and highlighting unique selling points that will put a buyer’s mind at ease.

Social Proof is the human element. Social proof, such as testimonials and reviews, help people to build their trust in the website they’re on. It helps them to believe that, if someone else trusts the website, maybe they should too.

Ease of Use. Hard to use websites won’t ever convert. The easier it is to convert, the more people will do so. The mechanism for converting needs to be simple to use.

Result. The result of the page’s call-to-action should be clear and obvious so that people know what they’re getting.

This is how simple it is. Following this framework is how we build landing pages and websites that convert so well, and you can too.

In the podcast and video, featured above, I not only take you through the framework I also show you some examples of high-converting landing pages from our clients and from high-value search queries you can find in the wild.


00:00 — Intro
00:48 — Understanding the Terminology
02:09 — Why Landing Pages Are So Important
03:49 — Example Landing Pages
06:35 — Example Landing Page for Expensive Search Queries
10:48 — Principles of Highly Effective Landing Pages
21:02 — What Does a Good Conversion Rate Look Like?
23:06 — Recap

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