#261: THIS Is Why Your LANDING PAGES Don’t Convert

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In This Episode…

Every week I see 100s of landing pages that are letting conversions slip through their fingers.

Their creators have created them with good intention. They’ve tried to highlight their product or service and they’ve, in most cases, highlighted their value proposition.

What they’re missing are the finer points of high-converting landing pages. A strong call-to-action. Good copy. Social proof. Testimonials. FAQs. It’s the little things which, if included in the landing page’s design from the beginning, should result in a high-converting landing page.

But, they’ve been missed, so the page doesn’t convert.

It’s easily remedied.

In this episode (and in the video above), I review a couple of really strong landing pages that you could go away and almost copy (borrow, don’t steal).

Plus, I list out exactly the format you should be following, using the CLOSER framework.

Listen (or watch) along and learn how to create high-converting landing pages for your website.

By the way, you catch watch my breakdown of the Quooker website (mentioned in the podcast) here:

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