100% ROI from Month 1 for PPC Ads for MCS Cleaning

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: PPC

What You Need to Know

  • Our Google Ads campaign turned a profit in the first month.
  • The business was inundated with qualified leads.
  • We decreased the website’s bounce rate by 43.61%.

What Our Client Says

Working with Exposure Ninja has allowed us to grow the business exponentially over the last twelve months.

We started on a small package that included creating fresh content for the blog but once we saw the quality of how these guys worked, we moved up to a bigger package.

The biggest results have come in the last six months that have seen us secure a number of major cleaning contracts with large local businesses.

Our experience with Exposure Ninja has been fantastic and we look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with the team.

Tim Blacknell, Managing Director at MCS Cleaning & Maintenance Limited

The Business

MCS Cleaning is a family-run business providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in Leicester and the East Midlands.

Our Objective

When MCS Cleaning came to Exposure Ninja, they were generating 0-2 leads per day across all marketing channels. Our target was to increase the number of leads over time to a consistent 15 leads per month from PPC and generally help them find a consistent stream of revenue and new high-value contracts.

How We Achieved It

The Package

Our client started on a small Google Ads campaign with a limited ad spend. Once we demonstrated that lead volume was increasing due to our work, the client increased their ad spend to scale the results.

The Strategy

Given the limited campaign budget, we knew we would need to keep the targeting and structure of the campaigns extremely tight. With CPCs for some commercial cleaning terms we wanted to test at over £3, with a <£20/day total account budget, we knew we would have to be laser-focused.

Before our campaign setup, we had no previous data for how users would interact with the website and our ads, so we conducted some competitor analysis and benchmark research as a basis for setting up the initial campaigns. We focused on writing some strong ad copy that demonstrated the client’s unique selling points and strengths of the business.

We identified that their most profitable keywords were around cleaning companies, window cleaning, and other bottom-of-the-funnel terms searched for by potential customers looking for professional cleaning. We spotted that their website lacked content around these highly commercial terms, so our content team increased the amount of information about their services while also increasing their website conversion rate.

We ran PPC campaigns targeting these terms. Clicks in this market have a high cost, so we monitored conversions closely and prioritised the terms likely to bring higher-value conversions while reducing or eliminating the phrases driving traffic but minimal conversions.

Screenshot of a MCS Cleaning landing page with keywords highlighted.

The Results

When the client first joined us in November 2020, their website had a very high bounce rate of 70.50% across all channels. After a year, we had decreased the bounce rate by 43.61%, down to 45.28%.

Screenshot of the bounce rate of the MCS Cleaning website.

While this happened, we also increased the monthly website visitors from 390 in November 2020 to 794 by November 2021, an increase of 68.24%. At that point, our client had higher website traffic, and the quality was much better.

Screenshot of MCS Cleaning's users report in Google Analytics.

Our Google Ads increased leads to an average of 20-40 leads per month by month three, quickly beating our target of 15 leads per month! The PPC campaigns were profitable from month one of our management, and we have managed to maintain these results each month after that for a full year.

Screenshot of the Google Ads conversions report for MCS Cleaning.

These leads have included large and highly lucrative, long-term cleaning contracts that have strengthened the company’s position within its local area. We helped them attract such a large commercial client that they can no longer continue servicing new customers.

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