How Important is Social Media for My eCommerce Website?

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Social media is an online platform which can be used for marketing your eCommerce business. How? eCommerce marketing agency Exposure Ninja tells all!

Social media has exploded in the past decade and given us a new way to think about online marketing and communication. With over 1500 million people using Facebook, you can see why it’s so important. For eCommerce businesses, interaction on social media can have a dramatic effect. If it’s not already on your radar, you may need to start thinking about it.  

Social media can be used to your advantage for optimising and promoting your eCommerce website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, plus many others can all play a key role for your eCommerce website.

As an eCommerce marketing agency, we would recommend you set up social media pages for your business. However, we know that it can take the time to keep these pages regularly updated, and having inactive pages can let your business down. Start to think about if you need it, and what you would use it for.

How To Decide if Your eCommerce Website Should Use Social Media

  • Do your competitors use it? If they are, and they’re getting engagement from their accounts, you should sign up right away. If they are reaping the benefits of social media, you should too!
  • Do your customers use it? It’s not just about customers using social media, but also interacting. The key to using social media is making sure your target audience are engaging with you.
  • Will you use it? Perhaps you know you don’t have the time or aren’t very tech-savvy. Having an empty page is very unappealing to potential customers, and it may even cause them to think you don’t exist as a company anymore. Hiring an eCommerce marketing agency or a social media consultant to take care of your social media profiles could be the solution to this.
  • Are you already being mentioned on social media? Twitter and other social networks have become platforms for people to mention services and products, for both good and bad reasons! If people are complaining to your non-communicative social media page, it looks very bad. You need to rectify this as soon as possible. In the same way, if people are praising you but they have no account to praise directly, you need to give them one to communicate with (this way others can easily find you online)

If your eCommerce website is selling products which are praised on social media and people are passionate about it (food and fashion, for example), getting yourself on social media, even if your competitors aren’t, is a good idea. You have expert knowledge about these products, so if you post interesting and insightful things, you should generate engagement.

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How Can I Use Social Media for My eCommerce Website?

Firstly, you may not need to use all of the social media websites on offer. We recommend choosing specific social networks to work with based on your product. You don’t want to set yourself up on lots of channels and then not have time to work on all of them. Stick to a few which work best for you, and work from there.

Share Your Blogs

Keeping an up-to-date blog on your eCommerce website is essential. Digital marketing agencies can write top quality, keyword-rich blogs for your website, then use your social media networks to promote these blog posts. It links straight back to your website, so if it gets shared or clicked on, it goes directly back to your blog post.  

Post Good Content

Post things that are likely to get engagement and shares. Try and find a viral angle about the products you sell which can engage customers. Engagement is the real key with social media. Remember to always use hashtags as well — this will help you keep on top of trends.

Build an Audience

Don’t spend every three hours posting a link to a different page of your website; that’s ‘audience killing.’ You should aim to make everything you post interesting and entertaining. This doesn’t always mean posting about your product or linking to your website. You can share articles from others as well, which is great for building relationships.

Fashion Brand ASOS use their Instagram account not only to model their latest clothes and accessories, but post other things which their target market would like and can relate to.

Instagram from ASOS. Utilise an eCommerce marketing agency for fantastic results

ASOS don’t sell dogs, but posting a photo of this puppy along with their packaged products grabs followers attention and engagement.

Generate PR Leads

Using Twitter to interact with journalists can be a great way to get your brand into high-profile newspapers, magazine and websites. Journalists looking for comments, interviews, or products to feature in their articles will use the Twitter hashtags #journorequest or #prrequest. Responding to these requests can get you and your products featured.

So, how important is social media for your website? If you create a kick-ass Ninja social media strategy to engage your audience, it can do wonders for your eCommerce business and play a key role in your online success.

eCommerce marketing agency Exposure Ninja offers unbeatable social media services. Let our talented, experienced Ninjas take control of your social media and improve your eCommerce optimisation. Get in touch to find out more.


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