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eCommerce is what makes the internet go round. The world would look very different without it. As an eCommerce marketing agency, we know all of the best eCommerce marketing strategies that will get your target customers salivating over your products. Here’s a list of our six favourite eCommerce marketing tricks you can pull off to promote your eCommerce business:

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1. Blogger Outreach

Bloggers are today’s equivalent of a cultural review section of the Sunday papers. Get them saying nice things about your product or service and you’ll be unlocking a whole new audience. Good bloggers have a voice that their readers trust, so reaching out to them could have an instant effect on your website traffic — and, hopefully, sales. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: blogger outreach for eCommerce businesses can be absolutely kick-ass.

You could be using blogger outreach to:

Increase brand awareness

Bloggers with a decent following are all over the place. They’ve worked hard to build an audience who, after a few nice emails, could be your new customers. You might have to send the blogger a free sample and/or pay them with cash, but you’ll benefit in the long run.

Build your customer base

Your product might exist in a relatively small niche, but reaching beyond that can be great for sales. Those new bamboo socks could go down a treat with men’s fashion blogs as well as ethical clothing sites. Think outside the box when reaching out to bloggers.

Develop consumer trust

Blog readers trust bloggers because they identify with them. Think of the biggest beauty bloggers out there — most of them are young and female, just like many of their readers. The result? Well, the majority of people aged 18-34 rank bloggers as the most important source of information when buying a product. Get your product into a relevant blogger’s hands and you’ve got a tailor-made, trusting audience. There’s no eCommerce marketing specialist out there who would argue with that.

Blogger Outreach for eCommerce Online Marketing - Exposure Ninja

Product feature with Laura Jane Atelier


2. Social Media Competitions

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all about interaction. Your timeline is probably filled with the posts your friends have liked, commented on and shared. Getting people interacting with your company’s posts is the key to successful eCommerce marketing.

You could be using social media competitions to:

Share the love!

Your product is awesome. You know that, we know that. But how many people have tried it? Giving away your product as a prize gets people talking about it, because let’s face it: we all love free stuff.

Gain social followers

How many random pages have you started following in the faint hope of winning a prize? Probably lots. And how many of those pages do you still follow? Again, probably lots. As long as you’re not spamming people’s feeds and timelines, the likelihood is that they won’t unfollow you after the competition is over. More followers equal more potential customers.

Increase engagement

Unless you specialise in cute kitten photographs, getting people to like and comment on your posts is tough. Holding competitions is huge for increasing social media engagement, and you can set the terms for the competition. Like to enter? Not bad. Like AND comment? Better. Like, comment AND share? Perfect.

Social Media Giveaway - Blogger Outreach for eCommerce Businesses - Exposure Ninja

Instagram giveaway with Sebina Hussain


3. Offline Events

Once in awhile, online PR marketing folk like to do things in real life. Running offline events can be a killer eCommerce marketing strategy. Offline events get you up and close to people who are interested in your products and gain you lots of publicity online, including plenty of social media buzz and product features.

You could be using offline events to:

Make an impression

If your eCommerce business is new, an event is a great way of drawing attention and (loudly) announcing your presence.

Build your brand image

Letting your followers see the people behind their favourite new product is invaluable. Attaching a face to a brand name gives your company a personal feel, and if they like you enough, they might be swayed into handing over some hard-earned cash.

Boost your online presence

Holding a VIP party for your loyal online followers? Create a hashtag and get people to tag you in their Instagram photos. BAM. Right away, you’ve got dozens of the internet’s finest, armed with camera phones and ready to do your work for you. After the last champagne flutes have been collected, you’ll have a vast sea of posts with your name on ‘em.


Offline Promotional Event for eCommerce Marketing - Exposure Ninja

Hashtag we created for an offline marketing event


4. Promotional Videos

Varying your content output is great to keep people hooked. If you’re constantly pushing the same product photos, people are going to switch off. Short promotional videos are awesome for the casual scroller to engage with your brand. Videos are a simple but well-loved eCommerce marketing strategy.

You could be using promotional videos to:

Increase conversions

Visitors to an eCommerce store are 64-85% more likely to purchase after watching a video. Professional-looking videos are hard to create yourself, though, so hiring a team to do it is a good idea. You don’t want people to associate a poorly-lit iPhone video with your killer new product.

Increase time on site

Viewing videos on a site means that visitors stay an average of two minutes longer (comScore). That two minutes could be the difference between a sale and a closed tab.

Boost your traffic

Videos aren’t just there to look fancy. They generate 3x as many monthly visitors than other content. And when they arrive, they’ll stay longer and be more likely to make a purchase. Win win win!

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5. Laser-Targeted PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is like putting up a billboard in your target consumer’s front room. You only pay to boost your rankings for targeted keywords, so your money isn’t being wasted on the digital equivalent of door-to-door leafleting.

You could be using PPC advertising to:

Drive traffic to your eCommerce site

An AdWords campaign, no matter how small, can boost your traffic and sales. Once they’re on your site, you can use all the other Ninja tips we’ve given you to keep them there and turn their visit into a sale.

Hone your profitable keywords

There are a number of tools around to find valuable keywords related to your eCommerce business. Moz helps you find the best keywords to target, which you can then make bids on over at Google AdWords.

Reduce your ad spend

Using targeted PPC results in a $3 gain for every $1.60 spent on Adwords. So instead of casting a net in a vast ocean, hoping for a fish or two, PPC is like your own private pond. (DISCLAIMER: We are not suggesting you should catch and eat your customers.)

PPC Ads for eCommerce Businesses - Exposure Ninja

6. Remarketing

If someone visits your website and leaves without making a purchase, remarketing can help bring them back. By displaying your ads elsewhere on the internet, these stragglers are reminded of why they visited your site in the first place.

You could be using remarketing ads to:

Save money

Previously lost website visitors (who cost you money to attract in the first place) are tracked and retargeted for up to 180 days and gently nudged to return back to your website. Go on, give them a second chance. They didn’t mean it…

Boost sales

Remarketing is super-effective for boosting eCommerce sales. One Google case study claims that an online car tyre seller boosted their turnover by 22% by using remarketing ads.

Reach billions of people every day

Facebook has over 1 billion users and they can offer remarketing space for your eCommerce business. Yes, that’s a billion. A thousand million. The remarketing opportunities are mind-blowing.

An effective eCommerce marketing strategy should include all of the above techniques. Give them a try and let us know if you need a hand. Exposure Ninja offers a website and marketing review, so you can see where you’re killing it and where you need to improve.

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