How To Film The Perfect Promotional Video For Your Business

Tips to film perfect promotional videos

A professional promotional video is an asset to any company. But creating a business video can feel daunting and overwhelming. “What should I say?” “How long should it be?” “What should it include?” “Does my bum look big in this?” “Why is my bum in the video anyway?”. All good questions, so let’s look at 7 tips to create the perfect promotional video.

Tip 1: Don’t DIY

Step 1 in getting a promotional video filmed is to find a video team who does this all day every day and pay them to do it for you. Your time is too precious to be faffing around trying to figure out how to make your badly lit video look semi-usable. If you don’t know any video teams, here’s how to find one:

  • Look for a quality professional company that travels to your area (we love New Fruit from Bristol)
  • If you’re on a budget, try searching for local wedding videographers. They are often available during the week and might be looking to build their corporate portfolio
  • If you’re on a really small budget, try local media colleges or University Media departments. They often have a lot of professional-quality gear and need to build their portfolios up. They might even be able to make your video as a course project, although this can severely impact deadlines.

Whatever you do, don’t iPhone it. That’s okay for Snapchat or Facebook live videos, but a ropey promo video filmed on an iPhone does your brand and image more harm than good.

DIY vs professional corporate video

Tip 2: Include Talking!

Yes, you (or someone on your team) is going to be talking in your video. Nice shots of your products are important, but a video containing nice product shots only is like a website with no text. Your video is an opportunity to tell your story in a compelling way that makes people want to buy.

Tip 3: Plan What To Say In Your Video Beforehand

A video team specialises in directing and shooting good quality videos. The best video teams also know how to create a compelling video which tells a story, but you still need to give them something to work with.

So spend a little time preparing the main messages that you want to get across, so that when the camera is rolling they come out effortlessly and naturally. Here are the main points to cover in talking parts of your video:

  • A one-sentence summary of exactly what it is that you do: “We’re Exposure Ninja and we help businesses get more customers from the internet”
  • A description of your typical client: “We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, from startups and one-man bands to celebrities and recognised brand names like DHL”
  • How and why you started the business (if you have an interesting or unusual story) “I got my mate’s plumbing business to the top of Google for a laugh and was gobsmacked by how it changed his life overnight”
  • How are you different to your competitors? If you are unsure, here are some suggestions (these all need to be backed up with tangible examples):
    • You have a small team so offer a more personal service. An example of this personal service might be “you know exactly who you’ll be working with”
    • You have a large team with a lot of collective and individual experience, so are able to offer the best service. For example “because we have so much collective experience, whatever your situation, chances are we’ve helped someone find a solution”
    • You are local. “You can pop in and see us anytime”
    • You work remotely online, reducing overheads and improving efficiency; “because you’re not paying for fancy offices and coffee machine refills, you know that your budget is going exactly where it should be – on great service”
    • You absolutely love what you do: “We eat, drink and breathe it. The benefits of working with someone who is so obsessed is that you get the very best, lovingly delivered with genuine passion. Not something churned out by someone who lost the will to live long ago!”
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Tip 4: Give A Clear And Compelling Call To Action

At the end of your video, tell your audience clearly what they need to do to move forward with you:

To claim your free consultation go to…

Let us design you your perfect kitchen, free of charge. Just call us to arrange a free appointment with our design specialist…

To view our exclusive range of hand made kitten jackets and claim free delivery, go to… and use voucher code VIDEO

Your call to action should be something that almost all of your potential customers will find compelling and attractive.

Tip 5: Keep It Snappy

A video about us and our business is the most interesting thing in the world… to us. The rest of the world has 1,000 things to do, screaming babies to tend to (either employees, clients or real babies) and half-friends they haven’t seen in years posting photos of their screaming babies on Facebook. You have to grab their attention and hold it long enough to get your message across.

Consider filming two versions of your video: a ‘full’ 1-3 minute version which those with more time will watch, and a shorter 30-second ‘teaser’ which you can use on social media

Tip 6: Put Your Video Where It’s Most Useful

Typically, you’ll want to pin your 30-second version to the top of your social channels, put it in your blog sidebar or put it anywhere that people are visiting who have more distractions than time. Your full version might go on your homepage, on your About page (Finally! Something to put on your About page!) and anywhere that people are going to be taking time to decide whether to go with you or not.

When you post your 30-second video on social media, it’s a good idea to add a captions file so that people watching on Facebook can follow along without having to tap for sound. You can either spend ages trying to figure out how to do this yourself, or pay someone on a few pounds to do it for you. If you’re using someone overseas, it’s a good idea to provide them with a script first. You’ll need to send them a script and the original video file. You want them to send you back a .SRT file. See Facebook’s guide here.

Tip 7: Just Do It!

Remember that most businesses never get round to doing a video and that done is (usually) better than perfect. Get it planned in, filmed and out there to the world!

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