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Our team of experienced Facebook Ad Management Specialists work across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network to find your target audience and show them killer creative to deliver the growth you know your business is capable of. Find out how we can boost your business with Facebook Ads management services by requesting a free digital marketing review.

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An Award-winning Facebook Ads Management Agency That Cares about Your Business

Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to grow online by increasing the leads and sales through their websites. We’ve done this through a range of pay-per-click marketing channels, but always focusing on one thing: growing leads and sales.

We’re an enthusiastic and ambitious team, and love pursuing and hitting aggressive goals for our clients. There’s no better feeling than smashing that CPA target two months early, seeing our clients’ businesses grow and getting such positive feedback from them. That’s what keeps us energised and that’s why we love working with companies and brands where we can make a real and noticeable difference to the ROI.

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Since 2013, our book, “How To Get To The Top of Google” has been helping business owners and marketing managers to learn about the business-changing benefits of Search Engine Optimisation.

Cemented in bestseller lists for eight years, the book continues to explain how businesses like yours can rank at the top of Google and earn increases in traffic, leads, and sales — and we’d like to give you a copy for free.

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How We Do Facebook Ads Management

Our approach to Facebook Ads management starts with the belief that no two businesses are the same. Understanding the nuances, key messages and the particular audiences for a product or service is vital to ensuring that the ads don’t just get clicks, but the right clicks to turn into conversions.

Our team can handle as much of the process as you need. With our in-house Copy, Design and Development Teams, we’re perfectly set up to handle landing pages, website changes and creative. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that we’ll be viewing the entire conversion funnel, rather than just focusing on driving traffic and washing our hands of what happens after that.

Each campaign also has a dedicated Account Manager, who acts as your primary point of contact across every marketing channel we’re working for you. So no matter how much is going on “behind the scenes”, you will get regular updates and video call opportunities with a single person.

Interested in Working with Us?

The first step is to request a free website and digital marketing review. During this review, we’ll identify areas of opportunity and lay you out a plan to hit the growth goals you give us.

Our review is completely free and there’s no obligation to work with us. Although it does make a very compelling case…

What Our Facebook Ads Clients Say about Us

“I can summarise my dealings with Exposure Ninja with just one word: "slick". Staff members are polite and professional and have a wealth of ideas on how to help market your business. They have a deep understanding of Facebook Advertising, SEO and marketing overall — this is reflected in marked improvements in my website traffic. Exposure Ninja stands out from the crowd when it comes to digital marketing and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.“
Alex Bodsa, Dental Law Claims
Alex Bodsa, Dental Law Claims

Not Sure If Facebook Ads Are Right for You?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants will be happy to record you a free marketing review.

This review will analyse your digital marketing as a whole, and point out areas of opportunity that we identify to help hit your growth targets. If Facebook is the right channel for that growth, we’ll let you know. If there are other priorities, we’ll show you what those are as well.