Podcast #81: How To Become a Published Industry Thought Leader

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Becoming a published author on big sites such as Forbes, Inc and Business Insider is a sure way to create credibility for your personal brand and make yourself into a thought leader in your industry. As this week’s guest puts it, “the root of ‘authority’ is author and nothing will do more for your business”. If you wonder how one can go about making their way to these top publications, then this podcast is for you.

In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Head Ninja Tim chats with Kevin Kruse, Founder and CEO of LeadX, an online learning platform that provides free leadership training. Kevin is a NY Times bestselling author and keynote speaker and has written hundreds of articles and nine books in the past 15 years. Today, he shares with us his magic formula to becoming an author and building brand authority.

It’s important to understand that being published on Forbes or Inc is not for backlinks – in fact, it’s not possible to get links in some bigger publications. What it will give you, however, is incredible brand awareness and credibility, and ultimately generate leads such as speaking gigs.

The formula is pretty simple: start small to earn your chops on your own website, then slowly make your way to publications such as Medium and Huffington Post. From there, move on to the bigger publications, paying close attention to what the most-read articles are on each site, and surfing on that same wave to optimise visibility.

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