#196: 5 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Generate Leads

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Pick up any guide about digital marketing and you’re guaranteed to see something about writing blogs being a key requirement. But how exactly do you write blog posts that generate leads and bring in customers?

Many brands and marketers make the mistake of writing blog posts geared towards one thing: sales.

Sure, all marketing is about generating profit. But blog writing offers an organic, if not indirect, approach towards that goal. As counterintuitive as it sounds, salesy content has a much lower chance of capturing leads than content that’s purely informative.

Our Head Ninja Tim breaks down five basic tips to effectively write and format your blog posts into lead-generating machines.

But first, let’s touch on a crucial step before you even think of writing content.

Understand the Customer Journey

When people become your customers, they go through something called a customer journey (also known as a consumer journey or buyer’s journey). While there’s no single accepted breakdown of what this journey looks like, most people will agree that it consists of three fundamental stages:

  1. Curiosity: This is the stage when a person realises they have a problem. For example, you just moved to a new home with a patio that’s seen better times. You want to know the fastest way to clean it.
  2. Research: At this stage, the person is looking at information to solve their problem. Going back to the previous example, you’d now be looking up information on how to clean a patio. You see something about pressure washers — how to use them and the pros and cons of hiring one vs buying your own.
  3. Intent: Finally, the person has made the decision to make a purchase that solves their problem. So, to clean your dirty patio, you’ve decided to buy a pressure washer and you’re now comparing models by price and features.

Which Stage Should Your Blog Posts Target?

Generally speaking, blog posts should be targeted towards the curiosity and research stages of the customer journey.

So, if you’re a company selling pressure washers, your curiosity topics would talk about things like:

  • How to clean your patio
  • How to remove black spots from your deck

These topics address patio problems that people have, even if they’re not considering a pressure washer at the moment.

On the other hand, topics for the research phase can include:

  • Five best pressure washers for patios
  • Features to look for in a pressure washer
  • Are used pressure washers worth it?

But what about content for the intent stage? This is where your product and service pages come in. These landing pages provide essential product information, such as features, benefits, and pricing. In other words, things that customers need when making a purchase decision.

Check Out the Episode to Learn More

Here’s a quick look at the tips for writing lead-generating blog posts we discuss.

  • Tip #1: Write about a Clear Pain Point or Problem 
  • Tip #2: Start with a Strong Headline
  • Tip #3: Open with a Catchy and Descriptive Paragraph
  • Tip #4: Include a Compelling Call to Action (CTA)
  • Tip #5: Link to Relevant Products and Services

Watch or listen to the episode above to get a detailed walkthrough of each tip.


00:00 — Introduction
01:15 — Understanding the customer journey
05:43 — Tip #1: Write about a problem people have
06:48 — Tip #2: Write a compelling headline
07:34 — Tip #3: Start with a catchy opening paragraph
08:51 — Tip #4: Include a compelling call-to-action (CTA)
11:24 — Tip #5: Link to relevant products and services
16:15 — Recap

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