#183: How to Write Blogs That Rank Top of Google

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In This Episode…

If you, or someone in your business, writes blogs for your website but they don’t seem to be having any impact on your traffic or conversions, then this is the podcast episode for you.

I will be taking you through the process you can use to write blogs that rank well on Google. The benefits of having high ranking blog posts, of course, include generating traffic for your website, increasing leads and conversions, giving your website authority on particular topics, but high ranking blogs are a great way to generate additional links to your site.

Why are High Ranking Blogs Important?

When I refer to the term ‘blog’ I am using it interchangeably to cover any page of content on your website which is informational. This could include a news item, an actual blog, user guides and any other content that is designed to rank or help you users in some way.

For many businesses, creating blog content feels like a pointless exercise. They feel as if no one reads it or don’t know why they need to do it.

Well, this ends today.

High-performing blogs can contribute a huge amount of a website’s traffic, typically around two thirds, which is what we experience on the Exposure Ninja website too. They can be a great way to answer questions your customers have, as well as help you to target customers at different stages of the sales funnel.

In order to achieve these types of high ranks from your blogs, you need to be committed. Building up these top ranks in search engine results pages takes time and it is important to note that not all your blogs will achieve this level of success. We tend to find that 20% of businesses blogs generate 80% of their organic traffic, meaning that only 20% of your blogs are likely to get to the top of Google, no matter how good they are.

The more competitive your industry is, the harder you will have to work to get your blog outranking the prominent players in your market. But with hard work, great content and our process, it is very possible.

Let’s explore the process you can use to write high-ranking blogs.

Step One: Blog Topic Selection

The first step to creating your high-ranking blog post is to brainstorm topic ideas.

The key to finding a great topic to write about lies in targeting the questions your target audience ask at different stages in their buyer journey. These stages are the curiosity stage, where your customer is just gaining awareness of your product or service, the research stage where they are seeking out further information to guide their purchasing decision and the intent phase when they are ready and looking to make a purchase. Usually, blog content is aimed at customers who are at the curiosity and intent stage, but not ready to make a purchase yet.

In order to decide what question to answer in your blog, you can use tools such as the Google search bar and AnswerThePublic to validate your ideas and provide more insight into the pain point of your customers.

Once you have a topic in mind, it is also worth checking the search volume of the keywords you are targeting, using software like SEMRush (visit thankyouninjas.com for a 30-day free trial). This helps to ensure there is demand out there for what you will be writing.

Step Two: Competitor Blog Research

The next step in the blog writing process is to search in Google for your blog topic to see what similar content has already been written on the subject by your competitors.

In order to outrank the other blogs on your topic, you need to produce better content than they have. When carrying out your competitor research, it is worth considering the below and planning out how your blog could do better on these points:

  • How long are their blogs?
  • How in-depth are their blogs?
  • How are their blogs formatted?

Step Three: Format Blog Posts

Generally speaking, the bar has been raised in terms of blog content. You need to do a lot more to get to the top of Google than you did a few years ago.

You need to ensure your content is enough to stop your blog visitors bouncing back to the search results page to get the answer to their question as this will negatively impact your ranking. Having a high bounce rate and low average time spent on the page will tell Google that your blog is not the result people want for their search, and so the search engine will bump you down.

The format of your blog will greatly help with this. You want to ensure you are keeping people on your page as long as possible. Good ways of doing that are by ensuring you are answering the main question they might have with regards to your product or service, as well as related ones, that you can answer through sub-sections, using subheadings.

If you are writing a long-form blog or a long guide, it is recommended that you have a linkable table of contents, so that your blog visitors can easily find the information they are looking for.

It also recommended that you add different and engaging media types into your post where applicable, to make it interesting and visually stimulating. Embedding videos and adding infographics and images can help keep visitors bouncing off your blog.

Step Four: Writing Style of Blog Posts

When it comes to writing and picking the best tone of voice for your blog a great tip is to imagine you are your best salesperson talking to your best customer.

If your audience is very savvy and tech-minded your language in the blog post you write should reflect their knowledge level. That being said, don’t be afraid to be conversational in your tone as this is likely to be a much more engaging style to read than a jargon-heavy, formal blog.

Once your blog post has been written, it is worth running it through Grammarly and the Hemingway App which will help identify spelling and grammatical issues before your post is published. Visitors to your blog are likely to trust your brand more if your blog is spelling-error free.

Further Ranking Tips

It is important to remember that once published blogs take a while to rank. To get true ranking value there is likely to be a time delay.

To make your post appear more authoritative to Google it is worth doing some link building outreach. This involves reaching out to other websites to try to get them to link to your blog as a source of information. These may be press websites, review websites, or any other site that is applicable. You can learn more about how to build links by checking out our blog post, Link Building Strategies That Actually Work.

Find Out More

Watch or listen to the video or podcast to gain further insight into how you can create blogs that rank top of Google and if you want more suggestions and advice, then request a free review of your website via this link: https://xposureninja.com/review/


00:00 — Introduction
00:51 — Why are High Ranking Blogs Important?
08:57 — Step One: Blog Topic Selection
16:05 — Step Two: Competitor Blog Research
17:12 — Step Three: Format Blog Posts
19:27 — Step Four: Writing Style of Blog Posts
23:38 — Helpful Tools and Ranking Tips

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