#181: How To Double Your Conversion Rate Overnight

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In This Episode…

Here at Exposure Ninja, conversion rate is probably our favourite metric.

In this episode, we are going to be exploring how you can generate more leads and sales through your website with three actions that you can take to help your conversion rate double overnight. Though, major caveat alert, in order to achieve that dramatic improvement quickly we will be targeting the low hanging fruit of your website.

What is Conversion Rate?

Your website’s conversion rate defines the performance of your whole site.

It measures the percentage of people who take the action on your website that you want them to take, whether that be making a purchase, filling out an email subscriber form, making a download and much more.

A high conversion rate shows that your website is performing in the way you want it to, as it demonstrates that a high proportion of your visitors are taking the action you want them too, generating a high amount of leads or sales. Having a low conversion rate, however, is a major problem. It means that no matter how much traffic you are getting to your website, your visitors are not taking the action you want and so your website is not generating the leads or sales you need.

So your conversion rate is REALLY important.

Three Ways to Increase Conversion Rate

In order to be able to see dramatic improvements to your conversion rate in a short space of time, there are a couple of conditions that have to be met.

The first condition is that your website has to be performing poorly to begin with. If your website already has a high conversion rate, it is unlikely that you will be able to double this metric overnight. We do have suggestions for longer-lead time conversion rate improvements in our blog #179: 8 Reasons Why Your Conversion Rate Is Low.

The second condition to dramatically improving your conversion rate is having targeted traffic coming through to your website already. Without good quality traffic, it will take longer to see increases in your conversion rate.

If your website meets both of those conditions, it is possible to double your conversion rate overnight by troubleshooting these three conversion blockers:

  1. People can’t find your call to action.
  2. People don’t like your call to action.
  3. Your call to action is too risky.

People Can’t Find Your Call To Action

This issue occurs when people land on your website but can’t find your call to action, which is the action you are asking them to take. In order to correct this, we recommend using a couple of tools that will help increase the visibility of your call to action to your visitors.

Using a live call widget can help increase your conversion rate as it enables your potential visitors to easily request a call with you. This in turn can increase your website’s conversion rate by getting more callbacks. We have also seen it increase the conversion rate of non-call conversions on sites, possibly because having a prominent telephone number displayed clearly increases your visitors’ perception of trust of your website.

Live chat is another tool that can help make your call to action clearer, by allowing you to answer customer objections and recognise and fix any recurring site issues.

We also advise making your call to action, whether it be a buy now or a request for a free consultation button, sticky on your website’s landing pages. The implementation is simple and it means that your visitors can always see it, making conversions much more likely to occur.

People Don’t Like Your Call To Action

This is when the people on your website can see you call to action, but they just don’t like it – sorry.

It might not be compelling enough for them to click on, or help them reach their goals, meaning you end up missing out on leads and sales.

In order for lead-generation businesses to increase the appeal of their call to actions, they need to consider what it is their customer wants. They need to ensure that they are selling the benefits of clicking the call to action. The most effective way of doing this is to offer something of value for free to customers who take the desired action, for example, a free consultation.

For eCommerce businesses, how to make their call to action more appealing is to offer incentives to customer purchases, such as gifts with purchase when customers spend a certain amount of money. Not only will this make buying products more compelling and therefore lead to an increase in conversions, but it also has the added benefit of increasing other metrics, such as average order value, because customers will want to meet the minimum spend requirement to receive the free gift.

Your Call To Action is Too Risky

Another way you can double your conversion rate overnight is by de-risking your call to action.

Your call to action might be risky if there is a blockage stopping your visitor from taking that leap and carrying out the desired action. For example, your call to action might be viewed as risky if it is confusing or doesn’t meet your visitors’ needs.

The risk for the customers for committing the desired action is relative to the perceived reward they get for doing it. You want the reward for your site visitors to be high, in order to incentivise them to act.

The easiest way to de-risk your call to action, in order to increase your conversion rate, is to make it as easy as possible for people to carry out the conversion, by ensuring it meets all of their needs and offering a reward to them for carrying out the action.

Increase Your Conversion Rate Overnight

What is YOUR favourite call to action?

Watch or listen to the video or podcast to gain even further insight into how you can see fast and dramatic increases to your conversion rate and if you want more suggestions and advice, then request a free review of your website via this link: https://exposureninja.com/review/


00:00 — Introduction
00:33 — What is Conversion Rate?
02:58 — Three Main Conversion Rate Fixes
04:09 — Make Your CTA Stand Out
09:49 — Make Your CTA Likeable
14:57 — De-Risk Your CTA

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