Takeaway Packaging Business Sees 478% Rise in Search Traffic in 9 Months

Business Type: B2B
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: SEO

What You Need to Know

  • Organic visibility increased by 478%.
  • Organic traffic grew by 361%.
  • Organic conversions increased 811% YoY.

1. Background

An established sustainable takeaway packaging business was previously driving websites conversions through direct traffic and brand awareness but failing to capture the organic search market. Launching an eCommerce store, this client came onboard with Exposure Ninja looking to secure higher levels of sales through organic search to ensure a stable and reliable source of long-term revenue.

2. Objective

Our objective was to secure Takeaway Packaging more leads through a high-consumer-impact campaign. The Exposure Ninja team was tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy to improve search engine rankings and attract new organic and qualified customers to the business’s eCommerce store. However, the goal was not simply to rank this website well but also ensure a strong representation of brand voice and ideals — specifically, its commitment to sustainability and environmentalism.

3. Strategy

In order to meet our objective, which was primarily to reach targeted consumers who were looking for both quality services and sustainable products, we had to develop a strategy that put optimised content in front of the right Google user. This meant employing a variety of different optimisation techniques to create a comprehensive user-focused campaign.

Our first step was to identify the keywords and search queries organic customers were using to find related products. We conducted an analysis of popular terms and their viability for our client, establishing which best served their needs when it came to both commercial intent and consumer targeting.

Once we had our keywords, we started to revise the copy of the client’s landing pages. In doing so, we were not only able to provide keyword-targeted content that would support Google’s understanding of our client’s offering but also engage with the audience once they were on the website and improve the chance of converting. We achieved the latter by injecting brand voice and story into on-page content, as well as optimising calls to action to point to enticing and commercial sales copy. We provided further on-site support to drive up organic search acquisition by optimising title tags and meta descriptions and carried out a technical website audit, which allowed us to perform essential updates and fix internal issues that were negatively impacting search visibility.

While on-site efforts would be key to increasing traffic, off-site content would also have an important role to play in creating a complete and comprehensive strategy to ensure the strongest results. Our primary focus was on the acquisition of backlinks, which would help boost this sustainable packaging client’s online authority and drive up keyword visibility as a result. We did this by submitting business information to industry-relevant online directories and search portals and publishing guest post articles to highly targeted and authoritative websites within the sustainability and lifestyle niches.

The implementation of both these backlink strategies allowed us to not only raise Takeaway Packaging’s authority by increasing the volume of referring domains pointing towards their website but also secure enhanced visibility for eco-friendly and sustainability-related keywords. The end result of our link-building campaign would mean better ranking for the right terms that would engage an audience was is more likely to buy.

4. Package

We started work in September 2018 on 6 Actions per month, split between SEO, Content Marketing and PPC (Google Search and Shopping). The focus on each area has evolved as the campaign progressed, with the Account Manager and campaign teams meeting each month to decide what the priorities are.

Whilst this market isn’t as competitive as some, we were targeting nationwide so needed to be as efficient as possible with our work given the smaller package size.

5. Results


The number of keywords the site ranked for increased 7.8X during the first year we implemented the SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

Organic visibility in the UK increased 8.86X.

And total organic traffic grew 361%, with monster accompanying increases in conversions:

This new organic traffic is highly qualified, too. Conversion rate from organic traffic is just shy of 8%, and monthly eCommerce conversions from organic traffic have increased 811% YoY.

Whilst year 1 results have been fantastic, there is still plenty of growth to be had and we’re looking forward to tucking in!

Implementing our comprehensive digital marketing campaign led to significant improvements over a period of just nine months. Through our strategy, we saw a 478% increase in organic visibility, achieving improved rankings for 20 targeted and competitive keywords.

Because our strategy of improving organic traffic involved optimising on-site content and increasing website authority, our new-found customer visibility was not only impressive but also sustainable. Through continued content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work, projections are that the client is set to increase search engine rankings and, therefore, organic visitor numbers further, as there is still room for improvement despite massive growth.

It is worth noting that organic traffic alone does not create a reliable source of revenue. However, because our campaign was devoted to attracting the right kind of customer and not just boosting traffic numbers, this client has been able to access a high-converting organic market, with traffic from search converting at a staggeringly high 11.1%.

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