How Businesses Like Yours Should Be Using YouTube

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Video platform YouTube is a social media powerhouse. With 1.9 billion active monthly users, YouTube takes the title of the second most visited site in the world, second only to Google.

So how can businesses make the most of this huge user base, and how can you avoid getting lost in the crowd?

This guide covers 14 different businesses using YouTube effectively and 12 ways you can use YouTube for your business.

Thinking about adding video marketing to your business?

Learn how to create a video marketing strategy for your business, no matter your size or budget.

How Businesses Like Yours Are Using YouTube

We’ve collected together some of our favourite examples of businesses doing great video marketing on YouTube. We’ve selected businesses of all sizes and industries, so there’s sure to be one here that will inspire you.

Please note — all YouTube channel stats are from Social Blade

Accounting Stuff

Subscribers: 384,000
Total Video Views: 31 million
Niche: Accounting

Who Is Accounting Stuff?

Accounting Stuff is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping bookkeepers, small business owners and students learn the basics of accounting for free. The channel is run by James, a qualified accountant with over six years of experience.

His most popular video is titled “ACCOUNTING BASICS: Debits and Credits Explained” and has over 1 million views.


Why Is Accounting Stuff Popular on YouTube?

Nearly all of James’ content focuses on explanations and making accounting topics easy to understand. This is absolutely his USP when it comes to YouTube. He has established a target audience of those who are new to accounting or have a small amount of experience, and has covered as many topics as he can relating to the basics of accounting.

James has even gone as far as uploading a five-hour video teaching accounting from scratch.

How Is Accounting Stuff Getting Business from YouTube?

In the description of his videos, James promotes his shop, which sells accounting cheat sheets to help his audience improve their accounting skills even further.

By building up trust with his audience, giving them free advice and proving his expertise, James can direct this audience towards his shop.

They will be a fairly well-engaged audience, as it’s unlikely that people who aren’t interested in accounting will watch his videos.


Subscribers: 353,000
Total Video Views: 23 million
Niche: SaaS

Who Is Slidebean?

Slidebean offers pitch deck software aimed at all business sizes and types. One of their main focuses is helping businesses raise money from investors.

Their YouTube channel focuses on other aspects of business, such as how to start your own business, team management and company finances. They also look into successful startups, as well as ones that failed after funding and what caused that failure.

Slidebean’s most popular video is titled “Startup Pitch Video: How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors” and has over 900,000 views.

Why Is Slidebean Popular on YouTube?

Slidebean takes a great approach towards their YouTube content, focusing more on the type of questions their target audience will have around starting a business as a whole, rather than just focusing on Slidebean’s products.

Those who are very new to business may not be asking questions about pitch decks just yet, but they are drawn in by other aspects of Slidebean’s content, such as how to grow their business.

Another side of their audience is those who have been running their business for a while but want to follow in the footsteps of larger brands, hence the “Forensic” series focusing on companies which either had amazing success or crashed and burned.

How Is Slidebean Getting Business from YouTube?

By offering advice to small businesses, Slidebean is creating content that appeals to their target customer without making their content all about their product.

Instead, the videos reference the Slidebean product and how it’s a great asset to small businesses, but it makes sense in the context of the video, rather than the entire video being focused on the product.

This approach is perfect for a business that wants to connect with its target customer while searching for other information relating to their business.

Once they’re ready to invest in pitch deck software, they’re likely to want to give their money to the company that gave them free advice to help them start their business.


Subscribers: 346,000
Total Video Views: 41 million
Niche: Construction and waste management services

Who Is Ashville?

Ashville is made up of three companies — Ashville Inc, Ashville Aggregates and Ashville concrete. They upload weekly vlogs to their channel, as well as other videos based around the construction and waste management industries, such as testing out new equipment, how-tos and challenge videos.

Their most popular video is titled “A Day In The Life of a Construction Entrepreneur” and has gained over two million views.

Why Is Ashville Popular on YouTube?

Despite the channel being named after the company, the channel’s main focus is the owner of the business, Daniel Ashville Louisy. He has built this channel on his personality and expertise, giving the company a more personal feel.

His weekly content gives a great insight into his day-to-day work, but the intros are what we want to focus on here. In the first 10 seconds of these weekly videos, Daniel covers what will be in the video in a short and snappy way, followed by a compilation of his best quotes from the video. This draws the viewer in and keeps them watching to see what unfolds throughout the week. The rest of the video is split up by each day and covers the day-to-day goings-on at the company.

Working for a construction company might not have that many moments that feel “exciting” or “video worthy”, but Ashville combats this by breaking up the video with cool edits, music, different camera angles and banter between Daniel and his employees.

How Is Ashville Getting Business from YouTube?

The Ashville YouTube channel is mostly focused on building the brand’s presence online, bringing in an audience of potential customers but also people who just want to see behind the scenes of a business like this.

This means that even if they don’t get lots of customers from their content, they may still be making some extra money thanks to YouTube’s partner program, where creators receive ad revenue from their videos.

Daniel has a great camera presence and is good at what he does, meaning YouTube could be a passion project for him.

It also gives him the chance to build trust with his potential customers. If someone is comparing a few different companies to work with, they may well go with Ashville simply because they can see Daniel’s knowledge and passion in these videos.

The P00l Guy

Subscribers: 528,000
Total Video Views: 185 million
Niche: Pool cleaning

Who Is The P00l Guy?

The Pool Guy made an appearance in our TikTok article, but he’s worth mentioning here too.

The Pool Guy is a professional swimming pool cleaner. He mostly cleans pools in domestic settings and films his work. Many of his videos include a voiceover, but some just include sounds of him cleaning. He uploads full-length videos to his channel, as well as making use of the YouTube Shorts feature.

Many of his most viewed videos are YouTube Shorts, but his most popular full-length video, “Satisfying Pool Cleaning Compilation”, has over 15 million views.

Why Is The P00l Guy Popular on YouTube?

Although The Pool Guy uploads short videos to his TikTok account, he directs his TikTok audience to his YouTube channel to watch full-length videos of his pool cleaning work.

Over on YouTube, he can upload longer, more detailed videos that show the full pool-cleaning process at length. This is a great way of repurposing longer content across multiple channels.

You can upload shorter teaser content on TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts and include a call to action in this content to direct viewers to your longer content on YouTube.

By doing this, you build an audience of loyal fans who are dedicated enough to watch your longer content and can be converted into customers in the future.

TheP00lGuy Positive Comment

Screenshot of a comment on The Pool Guy’s YouTube channel

How Is The P00l Guy Getting Business from YouTube?

YouTube’s longer video format allows The Pool Guy to show his full cleaning process to potential customers. These videos can then help answer any objections potential customers may have about the process.

There’s also the potential to get leads from those looking on YouTube for how to clean their pool and, seeing how much work it takes, opt to hire someone instead.

If they came across The Pool Guy’s videos while on their DIY search, they may well contact him as they can see in the videos that he does a good job.

In addition, if leads have questions about the process, he can easily send across one of these YouTube videos to help the lead learn about the process and what is involved.

YouTube is just one of the ways you can get more leads for your business. If you need more ways to get leads, check out this video.

Davie Fogarty

Subscribers: 150,000
Total Video Views: 6.8 million
Niche: Business and entrepreneurship

Who Is Davie Fogarty?

Davie Fogarty is the founder and owner of The Oodie, as well as 10+ more brands, and is currently worth $270M. He uses his YouTube channel to craft his personal brand while giving advice to budding business owners and prides himself on his unfiltered approach.

His most popular video is titled “The Life of a 26-year-old Millionaire | The Oodie’s Founder” and has over 400,000 views.

Why Is Davie Fogarty Popular on YouTube?

Davie has gone for an educational route on his YouTube channel, as well as an aspirational one. His main draw is that he is successful, has lots of money, and can teach you how to be as successful as him.

Rather than promising riches to everyone who watches his videos, he gives his honest opinion and isn’t afraid to share his mistakes. This down-to-earth approach makes him a likeable person to watch and makes it clear the information he’s sharing comes from a place of experience.

How Is Davie Fogarty Getting Business from YouTube?

The next question is, why isn’t his YouTube channel dedicated to The Oodie or one of his other businesses?

The answer is personal branding.

People are more likely to buy from people and can often feel a stronger affinity towards a personal account rather than a heavily branded one.

If we look at another brand channel, ASOS, we can see that they have 89,700 subscribers compared to Davie’s 150,000 subscribers. ASOS’s content is a mix of promotional videos and fashion advice, but it hasn’t reached the same subscriber count as Davie, likely because it’s missing that personal element.

Screenshot of ASOS’s YouTube Channel

Screenshot of ASOS’s YouTube Channel

Although Davie Fogarty’s account isn’t dedicated to his brands, people will be more likely to purchase his products because they have a connection with him.

If they’ve gotten value from his videos, the next time they want to buy an oversized hoodie blanket…thing, they’ll be more likely to go with The Oodie as they feel connected to the founder and his story.

Nelson Treehouse

Subscribers: 66,500
Total Video Views: 8,000,000
Niche: Construction

Who Is Nelson Treehouse?

Nelson Treehouse is the YouTube channel of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, a company that builds bespoke luxury treehouses.

Their YouTube hasn’t been updated for the past 11 months, but their account is an interesting case study, so we still decided to include them.

Their most popular video is titled “Timelapse: Library Treehouse in Texas Hill Country”, with over two million views.


Why Is Nelson Treehouse Popular on YouTube?

Nelson Treehouse and Supply were the stars of the Animal Planet TV show “Treehouse Masters”, which ran from 2013 until 2018.

They didn’t start their YouTube channel until 2015, and it’s likely that the TV show played some part in the success of their channel. At this point, they’d already been on the show for two years, meaning they had been able to practice being in front of a camera, learn what goes into making content like this and what their audience enjoyed about the show.

This is a great example of someone who took the opportunity handed to them and created their own space where they could share their treehouse building content and continue to connect with their audience if the TV show got cancelled.

As seen on clips of Treehouse Masters, there are a lot of fans of the show that wish it continued, and the Nelson Treehouse YouTube channel helps fill that gap.

Comments on an Animal Planet video of Treehouse Masters

Comments on an Animal Planet video of Treehouse Masters

How Is Nelson Treehouse Getting Business from YouTube?

The Nelson Treehouse YouTube channel shows a variety of aspects of the treehouse building process, and it’s likely there will be some people searching on YouTube for how to make their own treehouses, see how much work goes into it on the Nelson Treehouse channel and decide to hire a professional service instead.

The YouTube channel allows the company to show the quality of their work as well as the process behind the builds to grow trust with potential customers.

They are also likely to get some business from those who were fans of the show and have decided to invest in their own treehouse, as well as people who have come across them through their YouTube channel who were not familiar with the show.

The Futur

Subscribers: 1.9 million
Total Video Views: 186 million
Niche: Marketing, motivation, business

Who Is The Futur?

Originally founded by designer Chris Do, The Futur is a YouTube channel dedicated to mindset, marketing, sales and negotiations, pricing and motivation. Although they began as a more graphic-design-focused channel, they’ve moved away from that over the past few years.

The channel’s most popular full-length YouTube video is “Pricing Design Work & Creativity” and has over four million views, although they have found great success with the YouTube Shorts feature too, with four of their top five videos being YouTube Shorts.


Why Is The Futur Popular on YouTube?

The Futur has grown in popularity thanks to their expertise. From their first video, uploaded eight years ago, the channel has been dedicated to helping others in the design and business space.

Over the years, The Futur have presented themselves as thought leaders in this space, creating detailed videos about topics such as pricing your work and how to negotiate effectively, which are invaluable skills.

One common format they use is the Ask Me Anything, or AMA format, but rather than just answering audience questions by posting them up on the screen, they include a live audience in the video which asks those questions to the host, Chris Do. This means there is more back and forth, more discussion, and gives the videos a unique twist.

These videos have become a staple on The Futur’s channel and have evolved over the years to include better camera work and the inclusion of a whiteboard to explain topics in more detail.

How Is The Futur Getting Business from YouTube?

In previous years, The Futur’s YouTube channel was used to share design advice and, at one point, shared a video series about building the design of a brand from scratch.

At this time, it was all about helping designers for free as well as selling courses to them. They also shared a series featuring the design company Blind, owned by The Futur’s founder Chris Do, which was likely in part to help Blind get more design clients.

Recently, The Futur has been fully dedicated to offering “courses, coaching and community for creatives”, which is reflected in their YouTube content.

Screenshot of The Futur's Website

Screenshot of The Futur’s Website

Most of their content today is short, snappy videos with calls to action pointing viewers towards courses and content on their website.

Screenshot of one of The Futur’s CTA’s on YouTube

Screenshot of one of The Futur’s CTA’s on YouTube

Kylie Jenner

Subscribers: 11.8 million
Total Video Views: 720 million
Niche: Beauty

Who Is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity and social media influencer who became famous thanks to her family’s show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her cosmetics company was valued at around $1.2 billion during a deal with Coty in January 2020.

Her most popular video, “To Our Daughter”, garnered 105 million views and despite not being related to her business, truly shows the power of personal branding.


Why Is Kylie Jenner Popular on YouTube?

If you’re wondering why someone as famous as Kylie Jenner is on our list, it’s all because of her marketing strategy. So let’s frame this question slightly differently — how is Kylie’s YouTube channel a part of her overall marketing strategy for her makeup brand?

It’s not uncommon for popular beauty YouTubers to launch a beauty brand after their YouTube channel becomes successful, but Kylie took a slightly different approach.

From the start of her YouTube channel until the launch of her makeup brand in 2015, Kylie created beauty content on YouTube that didn’t focus on a specific brand.

Through her “Kylie Glam” video series, she built herself up as someone who has a genuine love for makeup.

How Is Kylie Jenner Getting Business from YouTube?

Through building this community of makeup enthusiasts, she identified a space in the market for “lip kits” — makeup kits including a lip gloss and lip liner, and used this as her first Kylie Cosmetics product which reportedly sold out in less than a minute on launch.

We recorded an entire deep dive about Kylie’s success in the makeup world and how, without her carefully planned strategy, she wouldn’t have ended up where she is today, as one of the world’s youngest billionaires.

Blacktail Studio

Subscribers: 1.5 million
Total Video Views: 172 million
Niche: Woodworking

Who Is Blacktail Studio?

Blacktail Studio, run by Cameron, is a channel based on the craftsmanship behind fine furniture and home décor. Cameron uses his channel to share woodworking projects, techniques, tool reviews, DIY tips and tricks and How-To videos.

Thanks to this impressive range of content, as well as Cameron’s skill, he’s built up a popular YouTube channel.

The most popular video on the channel is simply titled “Fire + Epoxy” and has over 25 million views.

Why Is Blacktail Studio Popular on YouTube?

Cameron’s most popular video gives us an insight into why his content is so popular — in the first 14 seconds, he shows some key points in his crafting process without showing the finished piece, drawing the viewer in to see what will happen at the end.

The product Cameron is sharing is unique, which also helps to bring viewers in, as even if the furniture is not something they would buy, the crafting process is enjoyable and interesting to watch.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which started in 2020, there was a big increase in searches for “resin”. Many people began using resin to make crafts at home or starting small businesses selling resin-related products.

Google Trends graph showing an increase in searches for “Resin”

Google Trends graph showing an increase in searches for “Resin”.

According to Social Blade, Blacktail Studio gained 45,000 subscribers in one week at the start of June 2020, not long after lockdowns began to happen across the world. It’s likely some of Blacktail Studio’s success was down to an increase in people doing resin-based crafts during lockdown and coming across his channel while looking for inspiration.

Screenshot from Social Blade showing Blacktail Studio’s subscriber increase

Screenshot from Social Blade showing Blacktail Studio’s subscriber increase

How Is Blacktail Studio Getting Business from YouTube?

According to an interview with UpFlip, Cameron makes around $15,000 a month from his woodworking business, but recently he’s spent more time on content creation and social media.

To start with, he was worried that sharing his entire process on YouTube would hurt his business, as people would just use his videos to make their own tables. He was surprised to find that many people watch his videos with the intent of building their own tables, but once they see how much work it takes, they convert from viewers into customers.

In the interview below, Cameron explains further how YouTube changed the way he does business, how he prices his products and how it’s helped him get customers.

Girl With The Dogs

Subscribers: 1.3 million
Total Video Views: 396 million
Niche: Dog grooming

Who Is Girl With The Dogs?

Vanessa is a professional pet groomer with over 10 years of experience. She runs a salon in Ontario, Canada, and uses her YouTube channel alongside other social media sites to share her experience as a pet groomer. Her videos focus on the pets she comes into contact with on a daily basis and how they behave while being groomed.

Her most popular video is titled “Hilarious angry Cat wants revenge on his groomer | Mayonnaise is back” and has over six million views.

Why Is Girl With The Dogs Popular on YouTube?

Vanessa’s funny voice over and calm demeanour, even when pets are lashing out, has helped her grow a big fanbase on YouTube. She’s not afraid to say it how it is and regularly shares her most difficult clients.

Her videos are entertaining as well as educational — her jokes are interspersed with insight into the grooming process and why the angrier pets tend to lash out, as well as the steps she takes to calm them down.

Vanessa’s videos are never longer than they need to be — she likes to keep things short and snappy, and her videos rarely go above 10 minutes.

It’s likely her account is enjoyed by pet owners, animal lovers and trainee animal groomers worldwide.


How Is Girl With The Dogs Getting Business from YouTube?

There are several reasons why someone may end up on the Girl With The Dogs channel and why they may become a customer.

The first type of viewer is searching for advice on grooming their pet themselves. They may decide after watching Vanessa’s videos (and if they are local) it’s easier just to take their pets to her.

Another type of viewer is one who has a pet who hates going to the groomer. They may be looking to move to a groomer who can handle their pet, and if they are in Ontario, they will be more inclined to go to Vanessa after seeing how well she handles troublesome pets.

So what about Vanessa’s more global audience? After all, there are only so many pet owners in Ontario.

Vanessa remedies this by selling popular products from her videos on her website, such as the Equigroomer and Happy Hoodie.

She also sells merch with some of the funny catchphrases she’s coined over the years, for example, one well-known cat she refers to as “Spicy Mayo” and how she calls the dramatic noise huskies make “the song of their people”.

Including products on her site also helps her make some money from those who watch her videos as tutorials for grooming their pets and want to use the same products Vanessa does.

Screenshot of the merch on Girl With The Dogs website

Baumgartner Restoration

Subscribers: 1.6 million
Total Video Views: 130 million
Niche: Art restoration

Baumgartner Restoration is run by Julian Baumgartner, who uses “only the finest archival and reversible materials and techniques to conserve and restore artworks for future generations.

The channel is entirely dedicated to documenting the restoration process of fine art pieces.

Julian’s most popular video is titled “The Restoration of Ave Maria Narrated Version”, with over six million views.

Why Is Baumgartner Restoration Popular on YouTube?

Baumgartner Restoration is dedicated to showing a skill that not many people have. Not only that, but Julian is very good at what he does.

The videos are long, with a slow pace and a gentle voiceover, but that’s all part of the appeal. Art restoration takes time, and that is reflected in the video style.

It also helps that the paintings are nearly always very dirty or damaged, and Julian almost makes the repairs look easy because of his skills.

Screenshot of a comment on the Baumgartner Restoration YouTube channel

Screenshot of a comment on the Baumgartner Restoration YouTube channel

His videos are enjoyable to watch and also even inspire others to pursue the same career path.

Screenshot of a comment on the Baumgartner Restoration YouTube channel

Screenshot of a comment on the Baumgartner Restoration YouTube channel

How Is Baumgartner Restoration Getting Business from YouTube?

As Julian is already a well established and skilled paint restorer, he has the opportunity to share restorations of paintings that look too far gone.

Because of this, someone searching to see if their very damaged painting can be restored is likely to come across his videos.

After seeing the care he puts into his work, learning about the process of restoration and how Julian only uses products that can be removed at a later date, as well as seeing the final results, they will feel comfortable with Julian’s skill level and trust that he will do a good job restoring their artwork.

If you work with a restorer who does a bad job, you could spend a lot of money to get something worse or more damaged in return. Julian’s YouTube channel proves to potential customers that he is legit and that his work is to a very high standard.

English Like a Native

Subscribers: 816,000
Total Video Views: 43 million
Niche: Language

The English Like A Native channel is run by Anna, who shares a combination of funny but educational content based on learning to speak English.

Anna covers British-English pronunciation, everyday English vocabulary, English grammar, British culture and traditions, interview practice, confident speaking, and much more.

Her most popular video is titled “British Accents: LIVERPOOL / SCOUSE” and has over three million views.


Why Is English Like a Native Popular on YouTube?

Anna creates fun but educational videos always filmed at a high quality. She often covers topics that an ordinary teacher wouldn’t, such as idioms, swear words and more casual or regional phrases.

Not only that, but Anna also uploads roleplays of situations a non-native English speaker may encounter in an English-speaking country.

This type of content is especially useful and helps viewers practise their English even if they can’t afford to go to a class.

Anna also uses YouTube’s live stream feature, which gives her community the chance to ask questions and offer feedback in real-time.

Anna’s community also leave feedback and questions in the comments of her videos, which are regularly positive.

Screenshot of comments on the English Like a Native YouTube channel

Screenshot of comments on the English Like a Native YouTube channel

How Is English Like a Native Getting Business from YouTube?

Anna is a great example of someone who gives away information for free to show how great her skills and services are while directing her viewers to learn more from courses on her website.

Anna sells courses for those who want to advance their English skills and offers additional support such as group video calls where customers can practise their English with people of various levels.

For those who have learnt a lot from Anna’s YouTube but want to advance their skills further, purchasing a course from her is the natural next step.

They already know that she is a good teacher who has helped them for free, so they know the course content will be just as good, if not better, and help them improve their skills even more.

Exposure Ninja

Subscribers: 23,000
Total Video Views: 1 million
Niche: Marketing

Who Are Exposure Ninja?

Yes, we included ourselves here because our YouTube channel is one of our greatest assets when it comes to our own marketing strategies.

We, Exposure Ninja, are a digital marketing company that delivers digital marketing campaigns that make a significant impact. We’re experts in website design, search engine optimisation, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and other digital marketing services. We drive online growth using digital marketing for businesses in the UK and across the globe.

The most popular video on the Exposure Ninja YouTube channel is titled “How To Write Perfect* Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO (2022)” and has over 90,000 views.


Why Are Exposure Ninja Popular on YouTube?

One of our goals at Exposure Ninja is to provide marketing advice in plain English, with as little jargon as possible. We want to help everyone do their best marketing, even if they aren’t a client of ours.

This type of video content appeals to many business owners who want to make a start on their marketing, those who want to pursue marketing as a career, and those who work in marketing but want to advance their skills.

We share a variety of content focusing on different types of industries, not just the “fun” ones, and also do weekly live streams so that our audience can interact with us directly.


Subscribers: 1.1 million
Total Video Views: 77million
Niche: Saas, content creation

Who is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a SaaS company whose product helps YouTube creators optimise their YouTube content by sharing data about every video on YouTube.

Their YouTube content focuses around educating new creators while sprinkling in mentions of their product throughout.

Their most popular video is titled “How to Download a YouTube Video 2020 (New Method)” and has nearly seven million views.


Why Is VidIQ Popular on YouTube?

Rather than only focusing on their product, VidIQ has found another avenue to success — offering advice to those who would benefit from their product.

They create a wide range of YouTube content, from the most important YouTube settings, to how to get your first 100 YouTube subscribers. They also target the more advanced creators in their audience, with videos focused on how to increase your subscriber count if you’ve hit a plateau.

Screenshot of VidIQ's Website

Screenshot of VidIQ’s Website

VidIQ’s approach is effective because they’ve taken the time to research the type of content their audience will be interested in that isn’t just focused on their product and then made genuinely helpful content for this audience.

VidIQ are also masters of creating great thumbnails and titles to draw the viewer in. Their thumbnails are bright, clear and use a couple of words to grab the viewer’s attention. The titles describe the videos accurately but aren’t afraid to indulge in a bit of clickbait.


How Is VidIQ Getting Business from YouTube?

VidIQ knows it’s likely that new creators are looking to get the best start they can, and if they suggest their tool and get those creators invested right at the start, they’ll hopefully keep using the tool as their career advances.

They also offer a free version of their tool, with the option to upgrade to the paid version for more features. Creators who grow thanks to the tool and begin making some money from YouTube are likely to stick with the tool they know and upgrade to the paid version to further their progress, rather than looking around for a brand new one.


  1. If you’re an expert in your field, like The Futur or English Like a Native, could you create informational content that helps your audience learn more about your field of expertise? Those who get value out of your content and are in your target audience will be more likely to remember you in a positive light when it comes to making a purchase.
  2. Could your target audience benefit from seeing your full work process in video form, like how The Pool Guy uses his YouTube channel to demonstrate his pool cleaning process. Think about how you could use this to answer potential customer objections or questions.
  3. Think about repurposing your longer content into short vertical videos that you can share on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok for extra reach.
  4. Can you create content related to your target audience’s interests but that isn’t solely focused on your product, like VidIQs videos? Teaching your audience a new skill but explaining how your product will make their lives even easier is a great way to promote your product without being too pushy.
  5. Make great thumbnails and titles for your videos! Look at what your competitors are doing and take inspiration from successful channels.
  6. If you have a niche you want to focus on but aren’t sure exactly what product your audience is after, why not create a YouTube channel focused on your niche and use community feedback to understand what people actually want, like Kylie Cosmetics? Starting completely from scratch is a bit more of an out-there idea, but you could also use this to add a new product to an existing product line or fill gaps in a service you provide.
  7. You might be surprised by how many people want to see behind the scenes of your business, like Ashville. Take a look at the type of content you could film around your workplace. Take inspiration from channels like TheP00lGuy and Ashville to see what type of behind the scenes content audiences enjoy, which will help build a bond with your potential customers. If they feel like they know you, they’ll be more likely to choose you over a competitor.
  8. Is it possible for you to share free information with your audience, like ourselves at Exposure Ninja, Accounting Stuff or English Like a Native? This is a great way to build a relationship with your audience, who will likely come to you in the future when they need your services. Include plenty of calls to action in your content, directing your audience to more free resources on your website or towards a lead magnet tool that will be useful to them.
  9. Does your business play into a current trend, like how Blacktail Studio’s YouTube channel focused on resin furniture when resin craft became more popular? If your business ties into a trend, especially one with DIY, sharing videos showing your process can get more customers — those who don’t have the time or skills for a DIY project.
  10. Can you add humour and a voice of reason to a service that may be stressful, like Girl With The Dogs? You can use video to put the minds of potential customers at rest by showing that you do a great job, even with clients who have had bad experiences in the past.
  11. Does your work require a lot of skill? Why not share a video of your process, like Baumgartner Restoration or Blacktail Studio, which shows potential customers your skill and the results of your work. This may also help customers understand why you charge the prices you do for your services.
  12. Once you’ve built up a presence on YouTube, there are further opportunities for revenue, including YouTube ad revenue, affiliate/referral links, or even your own merchandise. This is especially useful for businesses that only serve a local area but gain a global audience on YouTube.

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