How Businesses Like Yours Should Be Using TikTok

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks of all time, and with 1 billion active monthly users, it’s no wonder that many businesses are jumping on the short video trend.

TikTok has been so popular that Instagram and YouTube have even created their own answers to the short video obsession, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

So how can you and your business capitalise on this TikTok trend?

Before you say that your industry can’t benefit from TikTok, here’s a list of all the industries covered in this article. We went out of our way to choose accounts that are from more niche industries. There will be some that genuinely surprise you.

  • Property Advice & Surveying
  • Museums and Public Spaces
  • Car Detailing and Cleaning
  • Charity
  • Dentistry
  • Pool Cleaning Services
  • Law
  • Veterinarian
  • Clothing
  • Homeware

It’s all about thinking outside the box – what’s normal to you, may in fact be very interesting to your audience. If you’re still unsure of who your audience is, here are 6 questions you can ask to define your target audience.


What is TikTok?

TikTok describes itself as “the leading destination for short-form mobile video” with the mission of inspiring creativity and bringing joy.

Popular types of videos on the app include comedy, fashion, makeup, music, dance, art and sports, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for your business. You might need to be clever about how you make content about your business fit natively in the app.

Videos range from between 6 seconds and 3 minutes, although the app has recently been trailing 10-minute videos

Who Uses TikTok?

Before we dive into some examples of businesses that are using TikTok to raise brand awareness and build an audience, we should take a look at some of TikTok’s stats.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of all time, amassing over 3 billion downloads in less than four years. According to Backlinko, one-third of all social media users have a TikTok account.

TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users, and parent company Bytedance was valued at $353 billion in December 2021.

The average user spends 52 minutes per day on TikTok, and 90% of their active users access the app on a daily basis.

According to Statista, in the USA 25% of TikTok users were between the ages of 10 and 19. The next largest age group at 22.4% is 20-29, followed by 21.7% of their users being aged between 30 and 39. Users aged 40+ make up 33.3% of the platform’s user base.

Graph - Distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of September 2021, by age group

Graph showing distribution of TikTok users in the United States as of September 2021, by age group

Even if your ideal customer is on the older side, you can always use a “younger” platform like TikTok to connect with your customers of the future.

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Businesses Who Have Mastered TikTok

Here are some examples of businesses who have mastered the art of TikTok. If you’re thinking about using TikTok for your business, this list is the perfect place to find some inspiration.

Please note – the average view counts in this blog are based on the view numbers on the last 5 videos at the time of writing.

The Homebuyer Coach

Followers: 105,000
Niche: Property
Average Views: 19,000

Screenshot of thehomebuyercoach's tiktok

Screenshot of The Homebuyer Coach’s TikTok

Who is The Homebuyer Coach?

Run by mortgage broker Joe Bartlett, the aim of this account is to educate the masses about house buying and mortgages.

Joe uses trending TikTok audios to make mini comedy skits about the struggles that may come with buying a house, while also promoting his mortgage broker service.

@thehomebuyercoach How much d’ya need? #mortgagebroker #mortgage #deposit #thehomebuyercoach ♬ original sound – Britishcomedycentral_1

The Homebuyer Coach has also amassed a following on 31,000 on Instagram, likely in part thanks to him repurposing his TikToks as Instagram Reels which have garnered a similar level of popularity to his TikToks, with his last 5 videos receiving an average of 20,000 views each.

Why is The Homebuyer Coach so popular on TikTok?

Despite most of his videos being 15 seconds or less, Joe manages to get his point across in a way that connects with his audience. Because of TikTok’s demographics, it’s likely his audience is on the younger side, so he simplifies his content down to appeal to them.

Don’t be put off that the TikTok audience can lean towards the younger side – think of them as your customers of the future. Joe is building an audience of young people who are likely to want to buy property in the future, and if he has been their source of education they will be more likely to want to work with him when it comes to buying a property.

Judging by his comments, some of his audience is older and is interested in specific advice from him, so we can also assume that his content also appeals to an older demographic who may be closer to purchasing a house.

Screenshot of a Homebuyer Coach comment 

Screenshot of a Homebuyer Coach comment 

How The Homebuyer Coach Earns Business from TikTok

As mentioned previously, The Homebuyer Coach isn’t just engaging customers of the future, but his video comments also show a portion of his audience are ready to buy a property, they’re just not sure where to start.

Screenshot of the Homebuyer Coach's Linktree

Screenshot of the Homebuyer Coach’s Linktree

In his Linktree, The Homebuyer Coach has included links to multiple parts of his site, including booking a mortgage appointment and getting a credit report. He’s also included some links for his colder leads that want to learn more about getting a mortgage but aren’t ready to convert yet, including a Homebuyer’s plan, journal and a budget planner.

Black Country Living Museum

Followers: 1.3 million
Niche: Museum
Average Views: 59,000

What is The Black Country Living Museum?

The Black Country Living Museum is an immersive, open-air museum located in Dudley, UK. The museum is made up of rebuilt historic buildings from around the country and uses actors to make the experience all that more realistic and immersive.

Screenshot of The Black Country Museum's TikTok

Screenshot of The Black Country Museum’s TikTok

The BCLM uses TikTok to show different aspects of their museum and provide historic education. They are also not afraid to jump on current trends and trending TikTok audios.

This video shows exactly how they use their amazing setting and actors alongside current trends to not only educate their audience but also produce viral hits.

@blackcountrylivingmuseum They really had the entire country’s back #learnontiktok #womenshistory #ww2 #1940s ♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Why is The Black Country Living Museum so popular on TikTok?

The BCLM have found the perfect way to show exactly what they offer – by recording videos, with their actors, in their rebuilt historical buildings and surroundings. This makes them stand out on the platform, as the videos really bring you into their world.

@blackcountrylivingmuseum Guess who’s back 👀 #foryou #fyp #blackcountrylivingmuseum #valentines ♬ This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

They have recurring characters that people enjoy seeing. Where they can, they answer audience comments which helps build a bond with their community by making them feel included.

Screenshot of a Black Country Living Museum TikTok comment

Screenshot of a Black Country Living Museum TikTok comment

How The Black Country Living Museum Earns Business from TikTok

Thanks to their huge reach on TikTok, we can assume that many of these TikTok fans turn into customers who visit the museum. They will want to see the different “sets” from the videos in real life and meet the characters they are fans of.

If just 1% of their followers convert into visitors to the museum, that results in 13,000 museum visits.

Mad Detailing

Followers: 1.4 million
Niche: Car Detailing and Cleaning
Average Views: 213,000

Who is Mad Detailing?

Mad Detailing is a company that specialises in cleaning cars. Since finding fame on TikTok, they have launched their own car cleaning products under the Mad Detailing name.

They specialise in cleaning extremely dirty cars, which seems to be what has made them stand out on TikTok.

@maddetailing Nasty seat extraction! #maddetailing #detailing #cardetailing #trending #satisfyingvideo #oddlysatisfy #asmr #satisfy #cleaning ♬ original sound – M.A.D.DETAILING

Why is Mad Detailing so popular on TikTok?

It’s likely that Mad Detailing found success on TikTok thanks to two different TikTok trends – satisfying videos or cleaning videos, and as a result, satisfying cleaning videos.

TikTok views for cleaning hashtags

TikTok views for cleaning hashtags

TikTok views for satisfying hashtags

TikTok views for satisfying hashtags

TikTok views for satisfying cleaning hashtags

The cleaning hashtag has had 28 billion views and the satisfying hashtag has had nearly ten times that with over 215 billion views. The satisfying cleaning hashtag has had over 112 million views.

As you can see, this niche that may seem oddly specific from the outside actually garners a lot of views.

Mad Detailing decided to combine satisfying cleaning with something we all know – cars – and made short videos chronicling their experience cleaning these very dirty cars.

If your business lends itself well to “satisfying videos”, for example, cleaning or a manufacturing process that is satisfying to watch, don’t be afraid to share short videos of this to TikTok. What is an everyday occurrence to you could be very interesting to your audience.

If you don’t know where to start with finding trending hashtags that suit your business, why not start with some keyword research? Although this is normally used for SEO purposes, it will also give you a place to start with social media hashtags too.

How Mad Detailing Earns Business from TikTok

Mad Detailing has the chance to promote two different services on their account – their detailing service and their product line. They cover both of these in their videos by cleaning dirty cars, and using their own products to make the job easier.

This is an excellent approach, especially for a small labour intensive business. People who are local, and who don’t mind joining a waiting list if the demand is high, can get their car detailed with Mad Detailing locally.

If someone is not local but wants to achieve similar results at home, or is local but can’t afford the service, they can instead invest in the Mad Detailing products. So no matter where their customers are based, Mad Detailing can reach them in one way or another.

Looking at the Linktree link on their TikTok profile, we can see that Mad Detailing is mostly pushing products in these links rather than their car detailing service. It’s possible that they started TikTok in the hopes of getting more leads for their detailing service, but found it more profitable to push their products there instead.

Screenshot of Mad Detailing's Linktree

Screenshot of Mad Detailing’s Linktree

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Citizens Advice

Followers: 95,000
Niche: Charity / Advice
Average Views: 18,000

Who is Citizens Advice?

Citizens Advice is a charity that offers confidential advice to people about topics such as worker’s rights, debt and money, housing, family, law, immigration and health. According to their website, in 2020-21 they helped over 2.4 million people and their online self-help services had over 60 million views.

Screenshot of the Citizens Advice TikTok

Screenshot of the Citizens Advice TikTok

Why is Citizens Advice so popular on TikTok?

Their simple explanations are easy to understand so they appeal to a very wide audience. They manage to fit a lot of information into a short time frame but still keep it succinct.

Citizens Advice also jumps on current trends to help their videos reach a bigger audience. This 6-second clip jumped on a sound trend while also explaining in the simplest terms that landlords should give their tenants 24 hours notice if they want to visit their property.

@citizensadvice #LearnOnTikTok #renting #landlords ♬ you belong with me – sia

How Citizens Advice Earns Business from TikTok

By raising more awareness about the types of issues Citizens Advice can help with via their TikTok, we can expect that they will be earning new callers and website traffic from this audience.

These will be people who are new to Citizens Advice and didn’t realise the services were out there, or those who knew about Citizens Advice but didn’t realise they covered a specific area.

The link in their TikTok bio goes directly to their website, with a call to action above the fold asking “How can we help?”. This fits the tone of their TikTok where they offer advice and come across very helpful.

Screenshot of Citizen's Advice homepage

Screenshot of Citizen’s Advice homepage

Their TikTok bio also includes the line “Charity providing free, impartial and confidential advice.”, which helps to answer any objections the visitor may have – for example if they need to pay for advice or have worries that it may not be impartial. This text is included in the TikTok bio which is above the link, so potential clients will see this before clicking through to the site.

Screenshot of Citizens Advice's TikTok bio

Screenshot of Citizens Advice’s TikTok bio

Dr Shaadi Manouchehri

Followers: 172,000
Niche: Dentist
Average Views: 5,900

Who is Dr Manouchehri?

Dr Manouchehri is a dentist from London who shares videos on TikTok about her experiences as a dentist, as well as reacting to teeth videos on TikTok, such as people getting badly done veneers, or exposing misinformation.

Her presence on TikTok has meant that the press have reached out to her for her professional opinions on dentistry-related topics, giving her the chance to get some high-quality backlinks to her website.

@drshaadimanouchehri #learnontiktok #crowns #veneers #cosmeticdentistry #extrememakeover #londondentist #dentist #londonfashionweek ♬ original sound – Dr S Manouchehri

Why is Dr Manouchehri so popular on TikTok?

Dr Manouchehri gets information across quickly, using video to provide a visual tutorial for something like cleaning your retainer, or how to properly clean your teeth.

She hops on current trends as well as using trending audios and background music, even if she isn’t partaking in the trend itself.

She also reacts to teeth videos, where people have gotten dental procedures but they have been done incorrectly or gone wrong. Since these are popular procedures, such as having veneers, Dr Manouchehri uses her platform to educate people about the risks involved and what these procedures should look like, as well as debunking myths about teeth and dentistry as a whole

@drshaadimanouchehri #dentist #dentistry #fluoridetoothpaste #fluoridefree #londondentist #xyzcba #trending #buffering #bufferingchallenge ♬ Right Round – Flo Rida

How Dr Manouchehri Earns Business from TikTok

As Dr Manouchehri has built up trust with her audience, it’s likely some of these viewers will convert into clients.

As mentioned above, many of the videos she reacts to are of popular procedures done badly. Since these procedures are popular, it could be that someone came across her videos on TikTok while researching these procedures and the risks. If they are local to Dr Manouchehri, they may opt to have the treatment done with her as they can see that she knows her stuff and is an expert in her field.


Followers: 12.6m
Niche: Pool Cleaning Services
Average Views: 1.5m

Who is TheP00lGuy?

The Pool Guy is a swimming pool cleaner. He makes videos of himself cleaning pools and has amassed over 12 million followers on TikTok. His videos regularly get millions of views.

Screenshot of The P00l Guys tiktok

Why is TheP00lGuy so popular on TikTok?

When it comes to The Pool Guy, there are a few things that make his content so watchable.

Firstly, it’s aspirational. He’s based in the UK, meaning many of his videos will get pushed to UK TikTok users, and it’s rare to have a swimming pool in the UK unless you are fairly well off.

This is then counteracted by The Pool Guy’s down to earth commentary and the casual way he describes his work.

Not only that, as discussed when looking at Mad Detailing’s account, satisfying cleaning videos are very popular on TikTok. Many of the pools in these videos are very dirty, meaning that the transformation you get to see in these videos is very satisfying. This also means you want to watch to the end of the video to see what the pool looks like when it’s clean, adding to that all-important video watch time.

@thep00lguy #thep00lguy #hollayaboy #satisfying #fyp #cleantok #swimmingpool ♬ original sound – thepoolguyml

Even though he’s not your typical influencer, The Pool Guy has worked with several brands and recently collaborated with Toby Carvery.

@thep00lguy #ad Getting fuelled up @Toby Carvery for a big job[AD] #thep00lguy #hollayaboy #breakfast #fyp ♬ original sound – thepoolguyml

How TheP00lGuy Earns Business from TikTok

The Pool Guy also tackles pools that look like they’re too far gone, which could potentially help lead to business from those who thought their pool was uncleanable.

He always includes “holla at ya boy for the pool work” in his videos, which has not only become his catchphrase but is also a straightforward and memorable call to action, and reminds those watching to get in touch if they need work done to their pool.

The Pool Guy often directs his viewers to his YouTube where he goes into more detail about the specific jobs he works on.

Those people going from TikTok to YouTube are likely to be a more dedicated audience, and potentially include hotter leads who want to learn more about the process before they get in touch.

By uploading longer videos on YouTube, The Pool Guy also gets the chance to answer some objections, such as how long a job takes, whether he also does work on the pump systems for the pools, and more points that pool owners may want to know about before they decide to work with him.

New Home Quality Control

Followers: 503,000
Niche: Housing
Average Views: 360,000

Who is New Home Quality Control?

New Home Quality Control is an account dedicated to showing common problems with newly built homes, with the goal of educating the masses as to what they should be looking out for if they decide to purchase a new build.

They’re another example of a “boring” business who has nailed the TikTok space.

According to their website, they are the UK’s number 1 snagging company, which is the term used to describe a company who surveys new build properties to look for issues such as bad brickwork, poorly made damp courses, broken roof tiles or slow leaking hidden pipes.

Screenshot of the new home quality control tiktok

Screenshot of the New Home Quality Control TikTok

Why is New Home Quality Control so popular on TikTok?

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to buying a house and don’t realise the different things they need to look for when buying a house in terms of structural issues and defects.

Alongside this, lots of younger people are attracted to new build properties as they are modern, and can often be purchased by those without a huge house deposit because of government schemes like part ownership. With TikTok’s audience being on the younger side, New Home Quality Control’s content directly appeals to them.

There’s also some shock factor to these videos, and the person behind the camera doesn’t hold back on making his disdain for the issues he finds at new builds known. He brings a lot of humour to the videos and the amount of times he says “shocking” in his videos has turned into a bit of a catchphrase to his audience.

@newhomequalitycontrol Major amount of issues at this Uk New Build! #snagging #snag #newbuild #construction #shocking #newhomequalitycontrol #fyp #uk #viral ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) – Dusty Sky

How New Home Quality Control Earns Business from TikTok

Their title of “the UK’s number 1 snagging company” could well be in part due to their success on TikTok, especially considering their next largest social media is Instagram with just 40,000 followers compared to their 500k+ following on TikTok.

On their Linktree we can see that they have the option to Instagram message them as their first call to action, this is potentially for those people who prefer to direct message businesses rather than call or email. This is followed by their contact number and email for those who prefer these methods.

Screenshot of New Home Quality Control's Linktree

Screenshot of New Home Quality Control’s Linktree

They could combine both these call to actions into one by adding an automated chat bot to their website, as well as including a form above the fold that allows people to enter their details in, such as location, type of property and contact details.

Screenshot of New Home Quality Controls website

Screenshot of New Home Quality Control’s website

Wise are masters of above the fold calls to action, and you can see examples of that in our blog, “How Wise’s Marketing Strategy Lead to Their Success”.

Erika Kullberg

Followers: 8m
Niche: Law
Average Views: 680,000

Who is Erika Kullberg?

Describing herself as “TikTok’s Number 1 Lawyer”, Erika Kullberg shares videos about money and law. Many of her most popular videos show people how to save money because of fine print clauses and consumer rights.

@erikakullberg Save money on flights easily 🤯 #lawyer #money #travel ♬ original sound – Money Lawyer Erika

Why is Erika Kullberg so popular on TikTok?

Although Erika covers complicated topics, she covers them in a way that makes them accessible to everyone. Her money-saving hacks are often to do with things like holidays or online shopping, which many people want to save money on.

A majority of her videos have the same format. They often show a person asking for a discount and a sales employee turning down the request. Both characters are played by Erika. Erika then speaks directly to the camera mid-way through and says, “They have no idea I follow Erika, watch this”, followed by her revealing the clause that is going to save her money.

She often ends these videos with the call to action of, “I learnt it from Erika, she’s a lawyer and reads the fine print so I don’t have to, that’s why I follow her” while pointing to the follow button.

This blog is a great place to start unsure where to start with writing great calls to action, for your website or for social media content.

Her videos draw the viewer in by showing someone acting in a way you wouldn’t expect, for example, asking for a full refund on a product they have already used. Many people have been in this same situation, so they keep watching to see what happens next.

As the resolution is often unexpected, revealing a line in the fine print that the average person wouldn’t know about, this can potentially draw people into watching more of her videos to see other elements of the fine print where they may be able to save themselves money.

As the “follow me” call to action is right at the end, if the viewer has committed to watching the full video and gets value out of it, this CTA will make them think about following rather than just scrolling to the next video.

@erikakullberg What Amazon doesn’t want you to know about delays 🤯 #lawyer #amazon #money ♬ original sound – Money Lawyer Erika

How Erika Kullberg Earns Business from TikTok

On her More Links page, Erika is promoting many different courses and guides, including some for free and some paid. The free courses and guides help get more potential customers onto her mailing list, as well as further building that trust and connection with her audience.

Erika also includes a call to action to work with her, as well as a YouTube growth course. As someone who has made content based around multiple income streams, Erika is certainly practising what she preaches.

Screenshot of Erika's YouTube course

Screenshot of Erika’s YouTube course on her website

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Followers: 3.3m
Niche: Veterinarian
Average Views: 159,000

Who is Dr Tom?

Dr Tom is a vet whose most popular content focuses around making nervous pets feel comfortable in a veterinary office. He shows the good and the bad and helps people understand why their pets may get nervous at the vets and how they can overcome it.

Screenshot of DrTom89s TikTok account

Screenshot of DrTom89s TikTok account

Why is Dr Tom so popular on TikTok?

TikTok is often full of loud personalities, whereas Dr Tom’s approach is more soft-spoken with calm and relaxing background music, which matches the calm way he acts around his scared patients.

Pets being scared at the vet is not a new thing, it’s so common that some veterinary surgeries offer appointments for dogs to come in just for fun, to let them get used to the environment and people.

It also helps that his videos feature cute animals, who start off scared but end up happy and calm and pull on the heartstrings a bit. Getting an emotional response from your audience is a way to build a further connection with them.

@drtom83 No fear! #drtom #veterinarian #DealGuesser #foryou #viral #vetlife #fyp #veterinariansoftiktok #vettok #pets #love #fypシ #vetmed #pitbull ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

How Dr Tom Earns Business from TikTok

Dr Tom uses his TikTok to help pet owners understand how they can make the vet experience less stressful, and also help them understand that their experience is normal and can be made easier.

This is likely to help him get more clients, as those who have had bad experiences with vets in the past will feel comfortable taking their pets to him. In past videos, there are moments where you hear a client saying “we didn’t know where else to go”, so we can already see that this approach is working, and he is establishing himself as the vet that can help any scared pet calm down.

Nice Shirt Thanks

Followers: 346,000
Niche: Clothing
Average Views: 24,000

Who is Nice Shirt Thanks?

Nice Shirt Thanks is an apparel company who makes custom shirts based on a simple description given by the customer. The customer doesn’t know what the shirt will look like until it arrives. Some are cute, some are random, and some are just weird.

@niceshirtthanks #greenscreen we make shirts based off the words you give us #niceshirtthanks ♬ men – OT even

Why are Nice Shirt Thanks so popular on TikTok?

Nice Shirt Thanks take advantage of the unexpectedness of their final designs – they often start their videos with the description the customer has given them, and then reveal the final product at the end.

This keeps viewers watching till the end so they can see what the designers come up with based on the vague description.

Like many video platforms, the TikTok algorithm rewards users who have a high viewer retention rate, i.e. how long their viewers watch the videos for, by pushing these videos out to more users.

Another tactic Nice Shirt Thanks uses is duetting any videos they come across that review their shirts. Duetting a video is essentially a way to react to another user’s video alongside it. By doing this, customers will upload videos of their shirts in the hopes they get duetted by the creator, meaning that Nice Shirt Thanks gets free advertising on their customer’s accounts.

That said, the duet reactions are often just as bizarre as the shirts.

@niceshirtthanks #duet with @historybycami ♬ original sound – Camila A

How Nice Shirt Thanks Earns Business from TikTok

Thanks to the viral nature of their videos, and the unique offering of mystery t-shirts, nice shirt thanks have been able to build a customer base as well as an audience.

According to the Internet Archive, They launched their website on 28th November 2020, and since January 2021 they have had a notice on the site that reads “NOTICE: Due to an excess of orders we expect a MINIMUM one-week turnaround from when we receive your order, to when your order is shipped.” This has not been removed since January 2021, so it’s likely they are receiving a high volume of orders because of their success on TikTok.

Screenshot of the nice shirt thanks website

Screenshot of the Nice Shirt Thanks website

My Korean Home

Followers: 1.7m
Niche: Homeware
Average Views: 1.2m

Who is My Korean Home?

My Korean Home is a bit of an outlier here, but we decided to include them because of the pure virality of the account.

My Korean Home sells a variety of smart home products and advertises these products by demonstrating them outright or including them in short videos of a person’s evening routine.

@mykoreanhomeClean home tidy and smart♬ son original – MyKoreanHome

Why is My Korean Home so popular on TikTok?

The videos often draw the viewer in by being a bit excessive – such as including fake snow in the hallway of an apartment building and showing many products being used. The videos are nearly always sped up, which also helps to keep the viewer’s attention as the video doesn’t linger on any single product for long.

@mykoreanhomeSmart home is always pleasant to live in♬ son original – MyKoreanHome

How My Korean Home Earns Business from TikTok

Nearly all the products you see in the videos are available to buy on their site, and if anyone asks about the products in the comments they are immediately redirected to the website.

As visitors to the site from TikTok have already seen the products in action and can see how they work, they are going to potentially have less objections than someone who arrived on the site without seeing these products in a video.

Screenshot of the My Korean Home website

Screenshot of the My Korean Home website

How Your Business Can Use TikTok

Each of these TikTok accounts come with insights into how you can replicate their success on your own account. Here are eight different types of content you could use for your own TikTok account.

  1. Can you give your audience advice and position yourself as an expert in your field like The Homebuyer Coach, Erika Kullberg or Citizens Advice? Extra points if you can answer questions your audience may have in a way they can clearly understand.
  2. Showing your day to day work may just be “normal” to you, but if you work in an industry that can result in satisfying videos like Mad Detailing or The Pool Guy, then you could be onto viral success. Many of these popular, satisfying videos include manufacturing, construction or cleaning.
  3. Think about how you can add CTAs to your own videos which remind the viewer to follow, like how Erika ends all her videos with “I learnt this from Erika, that’s why I follow her”. Keep it short, snappy, and playful. This will help you convert viewers to followers, hopefully to future fans, and even better, turn them into long term customers.
  4. How can you find a way to bring your audience into your world, like My Korean Home or the BCLM? You could show your products being used in a real life setting, rather than just demonstrating them on a blank table, or show your service in action, like The Pool Guy.
  5. If your customers often have fears surrounding your services, for example, being afraid to visit the dentist, you can use short videos to put their fears at ease and make them feel like they are understood, as Dr Tom does with his veterinary patients and Dr Manouchehri does with her dentistry videos. If their nerves are calmed watching your videos, they’ll be likely to use your services too as they know they will be in a safe and comfortable environment.
  6. Find ways to build up suspense to keep your viewers watching your content, like Nice Shirt Thanks or The Pool Guy. Make time to respond to your audience in the comments section and duet their review videos to build a sense of community.
  7. Do you work in an industry where people’s trust may have been compromised by others when it comes to your services? For example, New Home Quality Control exposes bad building work, and Dr Manouchehri debunks dentistry myths. Could you be the person in your industry to build that trust back up?
  8. Can you include recurring characters or staff members in your videos like BCLM? This can be as simple as asking a member of staff with an infectious personality to record your videos. This helps build a community, and might even result in a catchphrase. This might sound silly, but some of the above creators even sell merch with their catchphrases on – The Pool Guy sells “Holla at ya boy for the pool work” merch.

Screenshot of The P00l Guy's merch

Screenshot of The Pool Guy’s merch

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