What’s The Point In Blogging?

What's the point in blogging?

Despite being a part of almost every modern website, many companies don’t know how or why to use their blogs effectively.

All too often you’ll see a well-designed business website with lots of features and good functionality, but the blog page is an abandoned wasteland which was last updated years ago.

The blogs usually end up in a vicious cycle, as a lack of good content leads to less customer activity, making the writer think there is no point in continuing to write, which leads to even less response.

What many fail to realise is the blog should be the central hub of all your online business activity, being used to share information with your customers, as well as helping your SEO and marketing campaigns.

Instead of seeing a blog as a pointless page, see it as this:

Blogs Are The Middle Ground Between Website Content And Social Media

Your blog needs to be high-quality content that’s regularly updated, interesting to read, and well optimised with whatever keyword you want to promote for your business.

Blogs Can Increase Your Website’s SEO

Updating websites is something very few do regularly, — if at all — and it’s easy to see why. Website content can be tricky to get right and the last thing you want to do once you’ve finished is to change it around every few weeks so Google has something new to read.

Here’s where blogs come in.

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Google Loves Fresh Content, And Blogs Are As Fresh As It Gets

Writing a decent quality blog effectively gives you another web page of optimised content that helps to show Google what your website is all about and that you’re still active, without having to change your website text around regularly.

It’s a great tool for starting conversations with other blogs or websites,  and if your regular blog starts to look like the main authority on a subject, you can quickly build a dedicated following of fans and customers.

All of this can boost your rankings on the search results page through high incoming traffic, low bounce rates, and building links. Even if you think your business is as dull as watching paint dry, it’s still worthwhile to keep a blog for the SEO benefits alone.

Blogs Are A Big Part Of Your Social Media Outreach

We’ve all been stuck for something interesting to talk about on social media sites.

A regular blog gives you a decent chunk of interesting and useful information on a topic of your choice, to share across any and all the social media sites you use, which gives your friends and followers a new reason to come back to your site.

Not only that, but it also presents the opportunity for your website to be shared with their friends. Not many people will share a service page from your website, but a blog article that they find funny or interesting might be shared, driving traffic to the site and leading to potential sales.

Are People Really Going To Want To Read About My Job?

…You’d be surprised.

If you write genuinely interesting content that provides people with information instead of advertising, you’re more likely to get people reading. For example, a plumber might write about some thoughts he’s had on new government legislation that requires all plumbers to have the new certifica…. Zzz.

Great for other plumbers, not so great for the average customer.

Or, he might write about the 10 worst plumber jobs he’s ever seen online, something that is easily shared on social media.
How about “The top 10 tips for a quick pipe fix” that shows his customers a quick solution to a problem they might be having?
Maybe he could then sell his services to those people to fix it permanently through use of an online discount?

What about that video he took of an apprentice doing something silly that went viral, netting millions of views?

No matter how mundane you might think your work is, there will be something interesting for somebody if you spend time talking about it. The worst thing you can do is let your blog fall apart.

If you’re really not sure where to start, this site is really handy. Just type in your keyword and it’ll give you a bunch of blog topics you can write about that topic.

From then on, it’s up to you.

This is only a quick look at the potential benefits of blogging, if you’d like to find out more, we go into more detail in our best selling SEO book, How To Get to the Top of Google.

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