Exposure Ninja’s Greatest Hits: Infographics Edition

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Infographics are the internet’s answer to text. They’re used in governmental reports, in top-notch blogs and they’re all over social media. So how could they help your business to grow its online reach?

Read on to find out what on Earth an infographic is used for, and then take a look at Exposure Ninja’s snazziest and most successful infographics. This Nottingham digital marketing agency has created a fair few winners in its time…

What are Infographics?

An infographic is a way of representing information through an image. They’re used to connect with audiences that prefer visuals to plain text (which is around 40% of internet users).

They can be stuffed with stats or be a little more text-heavy, depending on the topic. The reason they’re so popular is because they present often complicated information in an attractive, easy-to-digest package.

Infographics are also super shareable. Pinterest is jam-packed with them, meaning that even infographics on niche topics can get shared thousands of times. Here at Exposure Ninja, we also post our infographics to image sharing websites, which builds backlinks and improves SEO performance.

As a Digital PR company, we create infographics for clients ranging from cruise holiday providers to chartered accountants. Below, you’ll find some of our most epic wins in infographic history.

 Exposure Ninja’s Most Successful Infographics

This is the bit I love about working for a digital marketing agency: writing about our biggest wins and best work. Call it an ego trip. Since Exposure Ninja started making infographics for clients, we’ve produced some pretty snazzy work for a bunch of different businesses. Here’s a selection of our greatest hits:


First up, we’ve got an absolute corker for a web hosting company. This client was hoping to push their reseller hosting services, so we created an infographic on how to start a reseller hosting business. We kept things simple, helpful and visually appealing.

Infographic showing how to start a reseller hosting business


We also create infographics for ourselves, because we hate being left out of the fun stuff. Our latest one looks at a day in the life of a Digital PR Consultant, showing our clients — and the world in general — what our Ninjas do on a daily basis. We think it’s another beaut; then again, we would say that, so check it out for yourself!


infographic, a day in the life of a digital PR consultant


Just because we’re trying to build backlinks and create shareable content, doesn’t mean we work within creative limits. Far from it! Our clients trust us enough to push the boat out and produce awesome infographics on a bunch of weird and wonderful topics.


infographic on how to buy a death star



Take this recent Star Wars infographic, for example. Our client is a chartered accountant who isn’t afraid of going intergalactic when it comes to Digital PR. With a new Star Wars film on the horizon, we set about creating an infographic that brought the dual worlds of the Galactic Empire and accountancy together. The result is quite spectacular, as you can see.


infographic, a guide to the most fantastical doors



And when it comes to infographics related to door furniture, our Ninjas are full of creative ideas. This infographic looked at some of the most iconic doors and portals in fictional history, including 221b Baker Street and Platform 9 ¾. Who says front doors can’t be fun?


One of our top priorities is to create infographics that people will share around. Not only does this improve brand exposure; it also generates backlinks that help our clients’ search engine rankings. Our biggest sharing success story comes from a racking inspection company. Mitch, our resident racking expert, created this infographic about the most dangerous fictional workplaces. To date, it’s had over 300 shares and counting.


infographic of the 4 most dangerous workplaces



The secret to creating a shareable infographic is finding a topic that your target audience care about. That doesn’t just mean writing emotional headlines that pluck on readers’ heartstrings (although that does help). Half the fun of sharing things online is to spread joy, so we’re never afraid of going a little off-piste. Exposure Ninja is a Digital PR company that gets results and has fun doing it.

Could My Business Benefit From Infographics?

You’d be surprised at how many businesses could benefit from using infographics in their digital marketing strategy. In industries such as HR, where people are always looking for the latest information, infographics are a surefire winner. We’ve even created infographics for businesses that supply block paving, and a few zingers for a cottage holiday company.

Infographics have a number of amazing benefits, so we always recommend that our clients include them as part of their digital marketing package. Even if you’re not in a visual-heavy industry, the SEO benefits and shareability of infographics are two big wins in our book.

If you want to challenge our Ninjas to come up with a slick, shareable infographic, get in touch. We’ll even give you a free SEO review to get the ball rolling.

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