#209: The Monday.com Marketing Strategy That Generates £236M in Revenue

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In This Episode

Monday.com is one of the hottest project management tools in the market today. 

Founded in 2012, the Tel Aviv-based SaaS company achieved a valuation of $6.8 billion in June 2021 — the highest valued IPO in Israel’s history. The cloud-based provider now generates $236 million in annual revenue and boasts 128,000 users as of 2021. Monday.com was also one of the few SaaS names to scale their organisation and services amid the pandemic.

Much of that success can be attributed to Monday.com’s slick marketing strategy, which encompasses all their digital channels. 

But how did they do it?

Join us as our Head Ninja Tim takes a deep dive into Monday.com’s digital marketing strategy and breaks down their tactics for standing out in the highly saturated world of project management software.

This video focuses on four areas:

  • Positioning and messaging
  • Website conversion flow
  • Traffic
  • Potential areas of improvement

1. Positioning and Messaging

Screenshot of Monday.com homepage.

Monday.com’s website is beautiful and filled to the brim with trust signals — as one would expect from a SaaS company of this size and market position.

However, the heading “Work Without Limits” isn’t as descriptive as we’d like and doesn’t do anything from an SEO perspective. 

While Monday.com styles itself as more than a project management tool, “project management tool” is the keyword people ultimately use to look for their product — not the proprietary term “Work OS”. 

Go ahead and compare the search volumes for both terms (watch the video for Tim’s comparison).

2. Sign Up or Website Conversion Flow

Screenshot of Monday.com sign-up form.

Apart from a weak call to action on Monday.com’s homepage that says “Contact Sales” (a better alternative would be “Book a FREE Demo”), the sign-up process has many things we like.

These include trust signals in the form of big brands that use Monday.com and the number of teams on the platform.

3. Traffic

A quick look at SERanking shows that Monday.com gets most of its traffic from paid search. In fact, the company spends an estimated $1.5 million in paid search ads — and for good reason.

The world of project management software is highly competitive and Monday.com competes with names like Asana, Trello and Buffer among others. Be sure to watch the video to see how Monday.com positions their ads in this market.

4. Potential Areas of Improvement

As successful as Monday.com’s marketing strategy is, their campaigns still have plenty of room for improvement.

For starters, the company’s marketing team can do a lot more to promote marquee content assets, such as their latest eBook, What are marketing leaders focusing on as we close out 2021?there’s not even a lead magnet to capture emails.

On their Twitter, Monday.com sent out one tweet about the eBook and did nothing more to promote it — a massive wasted opportunity. They could’ve at least gone with a quote, a juicy statistic or any other finding to pique their followers’ interest. 

Watch the Video or Listen to the Podcast

Learn more about the other marketing tactics Monday.com uses by watching or listening to the full episode!

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00:00 — Introduction
02:12 — Key Messages on the Website
07:19 — Sign Up/ Conversion Flow
13:20 — Traffic
14:46 — Traffic: PPC
21:55 — Traffic: SEO Strategy
27:26 — Traffic: Social Media
37:45 — Actionable Lessons from Monday.com

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