How to Use Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Sell Your Brand

Use your facebook photo cover to sell your business

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business is now a basic and necessary requirement for every company looking to utilise social media for a combined brand awareness and advertising campaign.

You only need to spend five minutes searching for the top five market leaders in your industry to find that every single one not only has a well-maintained page that works for them and their goals.

Your business can be amongst those top five.

All that is required is following their model to turn your own business Page from just another social media profile into a targeted Landing Page that engages with your audience and converts them into regular buying customers.

How To Perfect Your Facebook ‘Landing Page’

When setting up your company website you create pages for users to land on that have great sales copy that reinforces the benefits of your product so that the reader converts their interest into a sale. You can tailor the design and the copy repeatedly until it matches your brand voice and style until you find something that works — but Facebook is far more limiting. So what do we have to work with?

  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Company Description
  • Linked Pages

There are only a few seconds from when a user lands on your Facebook page in which you can make a deep enough impression to have them stick around, so the area at the very top is most crucial to you.

Your profile picture worth taking some time over, but in this piece we’re going to explore the cover photo.

Cover Photos That Work

The most effective cover photos instantly communicate one or more of the reasons people like your business or products. When someone lands on the page, this image is your chance to stir up those feelings and reinforce the benefits of what you do.

Notice how Tough Mudder (muddy assault courses with a team focus) plays on the participation and teamwork angle in its cover photo here:


Tough Mudder Facebook Page Cover Photo - How to Use Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Sell Your Brand

While St Jude Children’s Hospital seeks to elicit an emotional response from their very well designed cover image, with a nod to their call to action:

St Judes facebook cover photo

E-commerce sites can use their cover photo to showcase their products with pictures that effectively communicate the voice of their brand.

Women’s fashion retailer Missguided immediately convey their play hard, party hard attitude:

Missguided Facebook Page Cover Photo

Whilst menswear subscription service Trunk Club focus more on the rugged yet classic:

Trunk Club facebook page

These cover images all do a good job of selling the benefits of the business, even if they don’t always explicitly state them. They’re also all good quality: no pixelated and stretched logos, strange crops or key elements of the image cut off by the profile photo.

Sounds basic, and it is — people spend social media time looking at attractive things.

Choosing the right cover photo for your business will take more time and effort than most people realise, but done properly it will set you apart from your competition enough to increase your total follower count and also your sales.

What does YOUR Facebook Cover Photo advertise right now?

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