Exposure Ninja’s Digital Marketing Mentorship Programme Reopens for 2022

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Hey Wayne,

Hope you’re doing well!

Got a few updates for you:

I’ve finally hit the £8k a month goal! (3 month’s late but we made it happen)

I’ve also hire someone part-time to help with the current client work (8 clients as of now), 2 days a week. The plan is to bring her in full-time in August.

I’ve been making a lot of internal changes to support the massive growth I want to achieve these coming 6 months.

Last year, Wayne was part of our Digital Marketing Mentorship programme and made a life-changing impact on a fellow marketer’s life.

When we launched our mentoring programme in 2021 our objective was to make an impact, in accordance with our values.

  • We’re obsessed with positive impact.
  • We’re relentlessly proactive.
  • We enjoy the journey.

Our values start with our Ninjas.

We’re obsessed with making an impact on their lives. We’re obsessed with our clients and making a positive impact on their businesses. And we’re obsessed with making a positive impact in our industry.

Unfortunately, not all marketers have the same support network we aim to provide to our Ninjas. Not all marketers have a network to rely upon or connections to help them advance in their careers.

Disappointingly, some marketers are denied the opportunity to start or advance their careers because of their background, gender, disability, finances, or location.

The objective of our first digital marketing mentoring programme’s 2021 intake was to provide that support.

We’re delighted to share that it was a success.

Here are a few examples from our mentees:

Final session complete with my mentee Frank. He surprised me at the end by telling me he has took a full time job as a Digital Marketing Manager for a start up company!

So proud and what a great way to end our time together.

Andrew, Account Manager

I just wanted to let you know I managed to score a job a week or so ago – a digital account manager in a small agency which focuses on not for profits.

I am beyond pumped because this role/place has an emphasis on relationship building (which is a professional strength of mine) but also 100% digital marketing.

You might recall I was trying to move into the industry in a full time capacity but was having problems due to the lack of experience.

You were helping me understand/realise my experience to assist with that.

Feedback from the mentee of Victoria Lane, our Head of People

Fast forward to today, only 5 months after we set those goals, he’s left his job and is running his own digital marketing business full time!

He has a bunch of clients on retainer and does paid ads, email marketing and web builds for his clients.

Emma Lamont, Content Marketing Strategist

Following the success of the 2021 intake, we’re delighted to share that we’re today taking applications to join our 2022 programme.

Our digital marketing mentoring programme has been designed to help digital marketers or business owners who are:

  • In the first few years of your marketing career
  • Studying at college or university
  • Unemployed
  • Working in a temporary or zero-hours contract role

The programme includes:

  • 6x 1-hour phone calls over six months
  • Structured sessions to help you get answers from people who’ve done it before
  • Access to support and advice from our team of specialists
  • The opportunity to expand your network and meet more people in the digital marketing community
  • Confidence building and coaching
  • Creation of an actionable development plan

The 2022 programme will run from December to May.

If you’d like to apply to the programme then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page: Apply for the Mentoring Programme.

The closing date for applications is October 21st 2022.

We look forward to reading your application.

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