How To Increase Your Mailing List in 30 Days

Increase mailing list 30 days

In 2021, most people who use the internet have at least one email account. The problem is that the majority of them have more than one.

But how is that a problem, you may ask?

It becomes a problem when they subscribe to email lists but don’t engage with the content. Did you know that your email list is getting smaller every year? And the exact number is 22.5%, which is a significant number if you don’t take action.

Marketing teams need to ensure that their campaigns always add new email contacts to the list so that the company keeps getting better numbers and a higher return on investment. 

But how can a list of emails have so much power? 

Let’s start from the beginning…

What is an email list?

An email list is a pool of email addresses that a brand can create through lead-generating campaigns by engaging with potential customers. Email lists are dynamic in the sense that they can shrink as members unsubscribe or grow as the brand accumulates more contact information from website visitors.

The email list is one of the best ways to build a relationship with potential customers and, as a result, is a crucial element in every marketing strategy. The more people you have on your mailing list, the more potential buyers see your marketing messages.

Here are some actionable tips for growing your email list if you’re not working on building one already or you’ve run out of creative tactics.

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Use your Email

Content is key

The most profound way to increase your email list is to create valuable content for your subscribers. A great piece of content is a great asset, and most of your subscribers would love to share it with their network. 

Word of mouth is essential and can significantly increase your click-through rates and, thus, the number of your subscribers. Entertaining or informative content tends to work best in this kind of scenario. 

Here is a video with some more ways to increase your click-through rate:

Encourage subscribers to share your emails.

Another great tip for growing your email list is by adding an “email to a friend” button and social sharing buttons in your emails. This comes hand in hand with the tip above and makes it easy for your subscribers to take action.

Having a “Subscribe” CTA at the bottom of the email that encourages new users to subscribe when they receive the forwarded email can further improve conversions

Screenshot example of an 'Email to a Friend' email button

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Leverage your employees’ signatures.

A creative way to grow your email list is to have hyperlinked email signatures that can lead people to landing pages. When your marketing team reaches out to people or is in the middle of an email conversation, subscribing to your email list sounds like a natural next step.

Create New Content

As we mentioned above, content is a significant factor in growing an email list. Having valuable content makes it easier for people to subscribe and stay engaged, but there are some more actionable strategies for you to implement. The only problem is that you will need some writing skills for most of them, but don’t worry, I got you covered.

So, when it comes to new content…

Develop a lead magnet so that you attract more potential customers. Lead magnets should be free and can be a diversity of elements. Ebooks to educate users, tools to help people’s lives, or even content upgrades are crucial tools in your arsenal.

Create a well-crafted landing page or add these led magnets to your blog using the online form builders out there. Ask for your users to subscribe to have access to these resources. People want free stuff, so make sure to provide them with a couple of them.

A pro tip would be to create an online course. It can be time-consuming, but the value is probably the highest of all. Finish your course and try to provide as in-depth information as possible. Give some episodes to your audience for free in exchange for their email.

This can help you grow your email list but also has the potential to drive sales and acquire new customers. 

Infographic with lead magnet ideas

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Use Social Media

Social media are part of our society, and marketers who don’t leverage their power to grow an email list miss a great opportunity.

Creating an online contest can be a great starting point. Host a free giveaway and encourage users to enter by signing up using their email address.

Social media is great because users share content. Take advantage of this feature and promote offers that require an email address. Your followers can sign up and have access to discounts, gifts, or seasonal offers.

To take it to the next level, add social sharing buttons to your landing pages and your thank-you pages to encourage subscribers to share your offers to their networks.

The last two points, regarding social media, are about design customization. Go to your Facebook Business Page and add a “Sign Up” call-to-action button. 

Link this button to a landing page and offer a resource to make users opt-in. This can create a new source of leads coming directly through your social media channels.

For video marketers out there that use Youtube as their primary social media channel, a great way to encourage people to enter your subscriber’s list is hyperlinked “end cards.” At the end of your videos, you have the opportunity to send users to other pieces of content. 

You can also include text captions below your videos to send users to relevant landing pages. Take advantage of these opportunities and send potential customers to pages that convert well. 

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Improve Your Website

Apart from the tactics above, your biggest asset is your website itself. By importing some of the strategies below, you will ensure that your email list will only get more subscribers.

Online subscription forms.

Subscription forms are the most effective way to increase the number of subscribers in your email list. Here are some of the forms that can skyrocket your lead generation process:

  •  Welcome (mat)

A welcome mat is like full-screen CTAs that users get when they visit certain pages. It’s like a giant popup that covers the whole screen.

This kind of form can be quite obtrusive, so you need to make sure that you don’t overuse it. According to research from Sumo, welcome mats can improve your conversions three times as high.

  • Exit-intent pop-ups.

Similar to regular popups, exit-intent popups have a unique characteristic. The exit pop-up will appear before visitors click the “Return” or “X” button on their browser.

Those seconds are our chance to take action. It is our last chance to make them stay, so to make our lives easier, most exit pop-ups have an incentive. 

Discounts, special offers, or some free stuff may do the trick. Once new users sign up, you have to set up a sequence of emails.

For example, you could use email marketing services to create an automation workflow such as a Welcome email sequence to welcome new subscribers and highlight your brand’s values.

  • Time-based pop-ups.

As the name indicates, time-based pop-ups show up when a user browses for a specific amount of time. Time-based pop-ups need a lot of trial and error to ensure that they appear at the right timing.

Our good friend (Google Analytics) can help us in this effort. Analyze the average time users spend on your website and show time-based pop-ups at about half that time.

Giving them some time to read your content and browse can be what they need to fill that sign up form with their contact information. 

Remember that this category of leads is vital for your brand because there are many engaged users. Create a separate list for them and continue to give as much value to convert them to superfans.

  • Inline pop-ups.

As we mentioned above, engaged users are valuable to our brand. With inline pop-ups, we can do precisely that. This kind of form appears between the text while reading. 

Forms like these can be an excellent strategy for brands with a blog. Encourage users to subscribe when they are already committed to your content.

Inline forms are a very efficient way to increase the number of your email list with quality leads. What else could you ask for?

Subscription forms are the most effective way when it comes to lead acquisition. Try to avoid overusing them as they can be quite obtrusive and have the opposite result. 

Choose the most appropriate for your kind of content, and using Google Analytics, gather all the necessary data to place them efficiently throughout your website.

  • A/B test different campaign copy.

Testing is one of the parameters that can skyrocket your email list to unprecedented numbers. Small changes can improve your campaigns and transform them for the better.

Your design or your copy, for example, are elements that need some kind of testing. Maybe they don’t drive as much traffic, or users don’t engage with the content.

Try some A/B testing to test various aspects of your campaigns. These elements can be your call-to-action, the font of your text, the colors you use, or the content itself.

Changing only one variable at a time will ensure that you know what causes the problem. A small change can be the reason for hundreds of more conversions.

  • Include customer reviews.

Social proof is always one of the main factors that push people to take action. People need to be part of a group; that’s why they want to make similar choices.

Adding customer reviews can be super beneficial for converting users into subscribers. It’s different to have your happy customers highlight your product’s advantages, service, or value in your newsletters.

It is that extra push to help them subscribe to your email list. So, publish some of the best reviews from communities and let the world know your real value right before that sign-up form.

Don’t forget Traditional Marketing

Collect email addresses at offline events

Events are an excellent way to increase the number of your email list. Keep in mind that people that put in the effort to come to your events are more engaged users. Leverage this physical presence and showcase your new products, excellent customer support, and traits as a brand.

Collect sign-ups in-person for demo experiences with your products or the opportunity to win discounts and special offers. Once you’re back at the office, gather all the contact information and import them into your contact database. 

To take full advantage of the situation, greet them with a welcome email sequence, and provide them with some useful resources from your website.

Host an online webinar.

Webinars are another great tactic for you to shine and talk about your industry. Having access to an audience of potential customers is like a dream. 

To make the best out of webinars, you need to collect as many emails as possible.

The best part? 

In most cases, webinars are typically registered for via email, making your audience more susceptible to later communication. Yeah, I know, it’s exciting.

Add QR codes everywhere.

A QR code is a pixelated image that can link to a website. Incorporating such a code to print material that people can receive is a brilliant idea that many companies used in the past.

Things have changed, and now you can upgrade this technique by importing this kind of visuals to videos and social media to guide your audience to a landing page. 

For this to work, have a valuable resource and ask them to opt-in using their email. To create QR codes, some online editors can help you make your life easier. Add this little extra to your arsenal.

The Takeaway

Marketing is about using the necessary tools to make your life easier. An email list is one of those assets, and the way you build it directly impacts the return on investment.

Use all of the strategies above to collect as many leads as possible but keep in mind that quality is better than quantity in most cases. After all, you need all this contact information to convert subscribers to customers.

More engaged users are more likely to become customers. Add value through your emails and help them understand what you stand for as a brand.

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