How to Review Your Website’s SEO in Less than 9 Minutes [Infographic]

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Do you want your business to be the best it can be? Of course, you do! Our Digital Marketing Ninjas spill the beans on how you can improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website in less than 9 minutes.

At Exposure Ninja, our SEO review has helped so many companies to look at their websites in a whole new way. Tapping into what can be improved in terms of website design, functionality, keywords, and your online marketing are all part of the awesome service we offer!

You probably find yourself looking at your website frequently and analysing what you can do to improve it. After all, improving your website means getting extra customers and, in turn, more revenue for your business. So, if you’ve got a spare 8 minutes and 42 seconds, then this is all you need to do super quick free SEO review of your website.

How can you do something so awesome and beneficial in such a short space of time? Check out our infographic below for the breakdown.


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Step 1: Assess The Purpose and Message
You know what your business is about, but do the people looking at your website? This is particularly important on your homepage, which will often be the landing page for most people. What exactly are you selling? List your products, tell us about your business, and give some testimonials. Our SEO review can go into more detail and give an outside view on your homepage’s message and aim. This is a really crucial part of your website, though, which is why 2 minutes should be spent on reviewing it.

Step 2: Review Your Page Content

The content of your website is crucial to your online success. In order to categorise your website, Google needs to know exactly what you are doing or selling. This means being to the point and concise with the page content. Think of websites you’ve bought products from online, why were they good? I bet their content was clear and to the point.


The popularity of clothing website asos shows the importance of building something that’s easy to navigate. Notice how the search allows users to refine by colour and size to find exactly what they’re looking for. The photos are clear and consistent between products, because Asos has taken them in-house rather than relying on the brands to supply their own.


Step 3: Do You Have an On-Site Blog?

A regularly updated blog is a necessity for any website. Google likes a website which is adding new content. What’s more, potential customers can see that your business is active, and can find out a lot more about it. Writing an SEO friendly blog posts is key for your website’s rankings.

Step 4: Look Over Your Rankings

Type a few different keywords into Google to find out your position. Some words you may rank higher for than others, so try and think about why this is. Is there a specific keyword you would like to be at the top of Google for? Note down where you are at the moment, and when you claim a SEO review, mention this to Exposure Ninja. We can offer to help you move up those precious rankings on Google.

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Step 5: Check Out Links to Boost Your Online Presence

Moz Pro is a great tool for seeing where links are coming from to your website. You can see if you have any inbound links from spammy websites or from authoritative websites. The aim of digital PR in online marketing is to make sure there are links to your website coming from websites with high authority.

Step 6: Spy on Your Competitors  

Always spy on your competitors to try and find out what they are doing. Looking at competitors’ strengths and weaknesses is important. In-depth research into competitors’ backlinks can also determine which keywords they are aiming for. From this, you can then evaluate your keywords to try and outrank them.

Step 7: Evaluate Your Website’s Traffic and Bounce Rate

If you get to the top of Google but people go on your site and immediately leave, this is seen as bad by Google. This is why website purpose and content (#1 and #2) are so important. A SEO review will allow us to figure out why this is happening and offer some advice to help. The good news is that there are lots of ways to reduce your bounce rates.

Step 8: Investigate Your Mobile Website

Mobile phones are now used more for internet usage than laptops. This not only says a lot about how we as a society are changing, but it also has a big impact on digital marketing. If your website is one which people are more frequently reviewing on their mobile devices, this is something you need to think about. Is your website mobile friendly enough? This is a becoming a bigger and bigger part of digital marketing.

Step 9: Relax

Annnnnnd breathe. That was quick, huh? It’s a lot to take in when you break it all down like that. There might be areas you haven’t thought about, areas you are really excelling in, or parts which are desperately in need of some work.

And if you’re still not quite sure how to review your site yourself, then get in touch with us and we’ll do it for free!

So what are you waiting for? Apply online for your online marketing and website SEO review. One of our digital marketing consultants will get back to you with a video, going through each aspect we’ve spoken about above. We’ll give actionable points of what you can work on to help your business grow online.

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