What do Digital PR Consultants Actually Do? [+Infographic]

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If you’re intrigued about what an online Digital PR Consultant actually does — because it’s not just writing press releases — then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve mapped out an average day in the life of one of our ninja Digital PR Consultants, from drinking their morning coffee right down to executing an online content campaign.

Welcome to a day in the life of a Digital PR Consultant.

An infographic showing the day in the life of a digital pr consultant

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Client Consultancy

All of our clients have a dedicated Digital PR Ninja assigned to their account. Their Ninja will stay with them through thick and thin, working tirelessly to secure them more backlinks, create amazing content and improve their search engine rankings.

This means that our Digital PR consultants are always available for a consultancy call or to offer advice on email. Our clients are the experts in their business, so we regularly arrange calls with our clients to check-in and make sure everything is on track.

During consultancy calls, we advise clients about which products or services need help ranking in search engine results, and make recommendations for the direction of their Digital PR campaign.

Digital PR Outreach

The bread and butter of online PR is outreach. Digital outreach involves contacting bloggers, editors and journalists to pitch articles and get our clients featured in online publications. We do this through securing guest posts, sponsored content, press features, reviews, giveaways and more!

Guest Posting

Online magazines and newspapers are always looking for content — and that’s where we step in. A Digital PR Consultant will contact editors of publications that are relevant to your business and pitch an article contribution from you (the expert in your industry).

The aim of guest posting is to secure high-quality backlinks to your website, which improve your visibility in search engines and lead to clicks through to your website. Win win!

Our Ninjas have secured backlinks from some of the world’s most prestigious online publications, including About.com and Entrepreneur.

Press Features

For clients in fast-paced industries or who have newsworthy stories, our Digital PR Consultants will network with journalists to secure press features on major news websites. We’ve had clients featured on the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Securing a spot on one of these websites takes time, patience and a little bit of luck. Our Digital PR Consultants keep track of journalist requests, watch news stories that are taking off in each specific industry and make contact with journalists at the most opportune moments.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is like guest posting, but with a little financial incentive added in. In many cases, top-notch bloggers and online newspapers require payment to secure a backlink from their website. If the publication has a high domain authority and is relevant to our client’s target audience, it’s usually worth the investment.

Research has shown that web users are becoming increasingly intolerant (and unaware) of banner adverts. That means companies looking to promote their brand online need to think of new methods. Sponsored content is one of the best solutions and a Digital PR Consultant will be on hand to source opportunities and negotiate rates.

A pro Digital PR Consultant will make sponsored content articles so engaging and interesting that readers don’t even know it’s an advert for their client. Publications do still need to specify when content is sponsored (because, well, that’s now the law) but natural looking content works a charm.

Blogger Outreach

Bloggers and influencers hold a lot of clout. They game be game-changers for your business because they give you the opportunity to tap into a ready-made audience who could be in love with your products — providing you find relevant bloggers in the right niche to collaborate with.

Online Digital PR Consultants scout out the most relevant and authoritative bloggers in your niche and arrange sponsored content, product reviews, brand mentions and features, and giveaways. We check their stats, including domain authority, trust flow, social media engagement and blog traffic to make sure we get the maximum benefit from a blogger.

There are three big benefits of blogger outreach work. Firstly, precious backlinks. Secondly, referral traffic from their readers. Thirdly, the warm, comforting sense that the internet is starting to love you.

Write SEO-Optimised Blog Posts

Don’t underestimate the power of the humble blog post. Our Digital PR Ninjas don’t just write any old content, they work with the SEO team to make sure every blog post is optimised to shoot up the search engine rankings.

Our Digital PR Ninjas are able to concoct engaging blog topics for even the driest of businesses. Does your business sell paperclips? Our Digital PR Consultants will write about ten amazing things you can do with a paperclip. Need a blog post on grass? They’ll find an angle that even those pretenders who use artificial grass will love.

And within those awesome topics, a Digital PR Consultant will include a client’s target keywords — the words and phrases they most want to rank for on Google. Blogs are awesome tools for increasing search visibility, which is why they’re at the heart of every Digital PR strategy that we plan.

Our heroic Digital PR Consultants will tackle most of these tasks on a daily basis. What seems like a mammoth task to most people is a pre-breakfast snack for our Ninjas.

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