Exposure Ninja’s Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

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Every day the Covid-19 crisis multiplies and worsens across the world and millions of people are affected by the spread of the virus.

The way of life in many countries has drastically changed, almost overnight, with the entire global economy coming to an absolute standstill and steady decline.

Many people are affected and businesses are suffering too.

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking internally about how best Exposure Ninja can help those we care about. We’ve been thinking through how we can help our Ninjas with their mental health and well-being, and how we can aid our clients as they contemplate difficult decisions about the safekeeping of their employees. We’ve also been talking a lot about how we can help businesses in the wider community to keep their businesses running during this tumultuous time.

Internally, we’ve worked together to build a step-by-step plan to help our Ninjas as best as we can, including the formulation of small internal communities for at-home physical fitness, reading, gaming, and a parenting channel (where parents support each other through first-time homeschooling, amongst other things).

We’ve been working with all of our clients to help them prepare not just for this period of uncertainty, but also for the period of calm that’s sure to follow. We’ve researched and helped some clients to pivot their business to offer new services, including a Covid-19 Deep Cleaning service for one client.

We’ve also been doing our best to support our clients as best as we can to transition to being unexpectedly fully-remote, using the lessons we’ve learnt from eight years of being a 100% remote digital marketing agency.

Since 2012, we’ve learned a lot about the difficulties going remote can present, from trying to stay in contact with people in your team, to monitoring and tracking project management, through to the challenges presented with trying to lead a team you may not have ever met.

To aid businesses to go remote, our founder, Tim Cameron-Kitchen, ran a webinar about the lessons we’ve learned the hard away about the challenges of being remote and how to either bypass them or ride through them to the other side.

You can watch a recording of this webinar below.[/vc_column_text]

To help businesses rapidly transition to remote working we’re currently offering remote work consultations to businesses.

Spaces are limited as we’re currently working through the enquiries we’ve had through the “How To Survive (and Thrive) Transitioning to Remote Work” webinar, so if you’re interested in speaking to our team about how to have a hassle-free and rapid transition to remote working, please get in touch.

Book a consultation with our team.

We’re at a unique point in time where we could be heading to a global recession because of our need to pause life to save life.

Unfortunately, some businesses will suffer and may not come out the on other side. If you’re able to help a business to make it through to the other side of this crisis, then please do, whether that’s supporting your local restaurant as they transition to a temporary takeaway delivery business instead, or buying what you can from independent stores rather than larger shops and supermarkets.

Some businesses, however, will thrive and are already thriving.

Companies who can afford to continue with business as normal will (and should) see this as an opportunity to catch-up to the market leaders ahead or to hit the reset button on their business model or marketing strategy to come out of this in an even stronger position. Business is business and, even with a halt in the machinery of our global economy, even now there’s an opportunity to thrive.

If you’re currently contemplating the options available to your business consider this:

  • Are there any products or service you could offer to make up any decreased sales or leads you may have for your core products/services?
  • Are your competitors halting their marketing? Could you increase your brand’s position during this lull in marketing spend?
  • Are there any businesses you could partner with so that you could increase your reach?
  • Are there other types of marketing that your audience may be more responsive to now that they wouldn’t have before?
  • Could your business merge with or purchase another to increase your reach?

Whilst mergers and acquisitions at this time may feel cut-throat and leave a sour taste in the mouth, by purchasing those businesses you may be able to stabilise the income of people far away down the chain (not just the employees, but any contractors that business has, as well as all the suppliers their staff and their own contractors and suppliers).

Hopefully, before too long, life will return to normal and we can go back to planning our holidays and our long-term business plans — but whilst we are here, consider what you can do to help those around you, whether through a phone call to a friend to see how they’re doing or by supporting your local economy by buying from corner shops and takeaway restaurants.

Again, if we can we’d love to help you and your business to transition to remote working as easily and hassle-free as possible. If you’d like to speak to our team about how to do that, please request a consultation. Spaces are limited, so we ask that you please be patient as we try our best to call everyone who gets in touch.

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