What Content Should I Post on My Business’ Facebook Page?

Let's take a look at what's working for businesses right now.

By now you’re looking at your business’ Facebook Page and wondering why sometimes you’re getting tonnes of Likes and sometimes none at all. “Am I doing something wrong?” “This worked yesterday!” Both thoughts pass through the head of every Facebook Page owner during the beginning stages of building a new account. It can be hard to determine what’s good content and what’s not so good.

Usually when a business hasn’t made much headway on Facebook, you’ll notice that the majority of their posts are overtly self-promotional. They’ll talk about their own services, post links to their website and share the occasional “10% off!” deals. It’s all about as enticing as talking to a bad used car salesman on the last day of the month. People will avoid it like the plague because there’s nothing in it for them. No one goes on Facebook to find out information about people’s new websites, all they care about is getting closer to their goals, having fun and feeling significant. So that’s what your content should do for them.

The simplest way to think about good Facebook page content is to treat your feed like a magazine. A magazine exists primarily to sell adverts, but a book of adverts won’t get many readers. So the magazine publishers have articles to entice the reader and hold their attention long enough for them to read the ads. If the mixture is too ad-heavy, readership goes down. A profitable Facebook business page seeks to strike exactly the same balance: it gives people enough useful, interesting or entertaining content to keep them interested for the commercial messages.

The Innocent Drinks Facebook page finds a great balance. A mixture of jokes and entertaining pictures balance the sales messages nicely, and even these sales messages are positioned in an entertaining way:

Notice how the first comment immediately reestablishes their fun and quirky personality and kick started the conversation with their audience.

Posts that reinforce your business’s uniqueness or differentiation can be both entertaining and promotional. Notice how Savills Barbers in Sheffield differentiate themselves on Facebook with professional quality photos of their team in action. Their personality comes through in the posts, and they get a fantastic response because of the extra effort they put in:

This quality of content elevates the perception of their business far above any of their local competitors. Sharing photos of haircuts, behind the scenes banter and ‘day in the life’ videos means that they’ve acquired 60,000 facebook fans and trainees flock to their training academy from around the world. It just goes to show the power of doing something different and committing to showing a high quality face on Facebook.

Choosing to showcase the best of your own in-house created content and a mixture of well researched and curated content from outside sources can increase the quality of your updates and increase your follower’s view of your business positively, which in the long term can be nurtured into lifetime customers and sales of your product.

What’s the best piece of content you’ve shared recently?

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