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A content marketing campaign is like a spider’s web, and at the centre is your on-site blog. If you’re going to catch some flies — i.e. attract visitors — it’s important that you think of some awesome blog topics to write about. That’s why you need to know how to write a blog post which will pull in customers. With the right strategy and some Ninja tips, you’ll be able to do just that with a whole host of exciting and unique blog ideas.

If you know how to write a blog post the right way, your blog will be a treasure trove of information for potential customers. Whenever your customers click on your blog, they should find something useful and shareworthy. So, where do you start? On this page, you will get you a few ideas for generating interesting, customer-friendly blog topics to write about.

Ninja bonus tip!

A few of our previous content marketing tutorials have mentioned “target keywords”. If you haven’t already, check out our in-depth guide to SEO keywords before you get blogging.

4 Great Ways To Create Unique Blog Ideas Which Will Generate Leads

1. Start with a Google search

What search terms do you want to rank for on Google? These keywords will be the starting point for blog topics to write about. Your target customers will be searching for them and they’ll also enable you to write fun, engaging and relevant blog posts.

Let’s say you’re a beautician who offers a bunch of different services. You’re a dab hand at nail art and a pro at waxing. Stick these words into Google and some suggestions will pop up right before your eyes.

When I type in “nail art”, Google suggests “nail art design”. Good start. From here, I get “nail art design ideas for short nails”. Bam! There’s a blog topic to write about. As an expert in the nail art field, you’ll easily be able to reel off your top 10 designs for short nails. Not only will this be a straightforward post to write; Google has shown us that people are searching for it. And we know what that means: traffic!

Repeat the process, mixing up the search terms and thinking of slightly different angles for each topic. The last part is particularly important for thinking of unique blog ideas. After all, you don’t want to just go over the same ground as everyone else. You want to bring something new to the table.

Soon, you’ll compile a huge list of blog topics to write about and be home in time for tea.

2. Find out what’s trending

Piggybacking current events and trends will open your blog up to a whole new audience. Your potential readership will skyrocket if you can pull this one off.

As with most things in life, start with a Google search. Use a keyword from your industry — such as “haircut” if you run a salon — and type it into Google News. Filter the results so they’re relevant to your country and only recently posted (i.e. in the past week).

Your results will be a mixed bag, but with a bit of sifting, you’ll find a golden nugget the size of your head. For our salon, we can almost guarantee that there will be articles about celebrity hairstyles and haircuts gone wrong.

Once you’ve found a topic with decent coverage, don’t just rehash the content on your blog. Remember that the aim of the game is finding unique blog ideas. Knowing how to write a blog post doesn’t mean knowing how to plagiarise someone else’s work.

So, find a new angle using your expertise. If a Kardashian is spotted with an avant-garde mullet, you could write a blog post on how to pull off that haircut in winter. Provide some tips on blow-drying and conditioning that will keep it looking fresh throughout the chilly months.

Make sure you’re adding quality every time you pick up on a news story — and don’t wait weeks to comment on a story. Otherwise, you’ll look off the pace.

Our best-selling content marketing book goes into this in even more detail. Plus, if you pick up a copy, you’ll get a free website and marketing review. Win-win!

3. Answer your customers’ questions

You’re an expert in your field, but not everyone is. It might be obvious to you that organic children’s clothing is better than non-organic, but that’s not the case for everyone. Your content marketing strategy should aim to bring in traffic by being super helpful.

Put yourself in your target consumer’s shoes and think about the questions they might have about your product or industry. Alternatively, look at the questions you’ve received from customers — are the same ones cropping up again and again?

Let’s say our beautician from earlier on has had questions from customers about the effects of waxing. What does this give us in terms of topics to write about? Let’s see:

  1. Why does waxing make my skin red?
  2. Is waxing too often bad for you?
  3. How often should I wax?
  4. How long do the effects of waxing last?
  5. Is waxing more effective than shaving?
  6. Is waxing better than epilating?
  7. Which direction should you pull a wax strip?
  8. Does waxing cause pimples?

From one customer query, we’ve pulled out eight blog topics. Repeat the process with some other questions and you’ll have a list of unique blog ideas as long as your freshly-waxed arm.

4. Get answers from the public — the easy way!

If you don’t have access to your customer’s innermost thoughts, there’s a nifty tool called Answer The Public that will show you questions related to your keywords.

Let’s use our beautician example again. If they write “waxing” into the search box, it’ll show the most common questions about waxing. 149 questions, in fact. Cherry-pick the best ones and you’ve just sourced a whole bunch of new blog topics to write about. As always, make sure that you add something different to the mix in order to create a unique blog idea.

The prospect of writing an on-site blog might have been daunting a few minutes ago, but hopefully we’ve put that to bed. Using these tips, you should be able to generate tons in blog topics to write about in no time. I mean, you’re an expert — share the wealth!

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