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Step 1: Claim Your FREE Lifetime Book Updates

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I write a new updated version of the book usually every 6 months or so. If you sign up for free lifetime updates, each time a new version is released we’ll send you an electronic copy along with a summary of the new points that we’ve covered, so you don’t have to read the whole thing again!

You’ll also have the opportunity to buy a physical copy at cost price so if you’re the type that prefers the feel of real paper, you can stay up-to-date too.

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Step 2: Get a FREE Review of Your Social Media and Online Marketing

What's Covered in This Free Review?


Social Media

We’ll share tips to boost your social following and engagement. We’ll also recommend the best networks for your business, and suggest the type of content most likely to bring you a high ROI.


Your Website

We’ll take a look at your website and give you actionable tips to boost conversion rate, user satisfaction and search ranking. But please be warned: we will be totally honest – we’re here to help, so if things need to change we’ll let you know!



We’ll dissect your search ranking and show you which website tweaks and offsite promotion strategies you can implement to boost visibility and bring in more qualified traffic.


Competitor Analysis

If your competitors are doing well online, there’s always a reason. We can unpick their campaigns and show you which pieces to copy and which to improve on in order to match – and exceed – their results.

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