Podcast #99 How Disney Use Magic Leadership To Sell 52m Tickets a Year

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“All it takes is faith and trust, but the thing that’s a positive must, is a little bit of (Disney marketing magic) pixie dust!”

Boy, are we excited for this week’s instalment of the Exposure Ninja Podcast as we welcome a living legend, Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations.

In this episode, Lee and Tim discuss the marketing processes that Disney used while Lee was in charge and reveal just how they managed to drive so many people to their resorts, including a look at the inner workings of their TV advertising funnel.

But mainly, in a slight change to our usual focus on digital marketing, we talk to Lee about Leadership. While Lee was at Disney, he brought about a whole new world of leadership that propelled Disney World from being good to great (or rather great to greater), when he designed and implemented the Disney Great Leader Strategies to a cast of 40,000 people!

So, if you want to build a snowman successful business and take your marketing to infinity and beyond, buckle up and grab a pen because this episode is the go-to guide on how to Disneyfy your marketing plan and implement a leadership strategy amongst your team that is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Connect with Lee Cockerell
Website: www.leecockerell.com
Creating Disney Magic Podcast: http://blog.leecockerell.com/
Lee’s Books: www.leecockerell.com/books.cfm
Twitter: @LeeCockerell

Disney Great Leader Strategies
Download: Disney Great Leaders Strategies PDF
Listen: Implementing the Disney Great Leadership Strategies

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