#203: The 3-Stage PPC Strategy You Need to Maximise Your Ad Spend

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Have you ever wondered why Facebook and Google pay their people so much and how they can afford to do so?

A huge part of it is because hundreds of thousands of companies around the world with no clear pay per click (PPC) strategy are dumping literally billions of dollars into these ad platforms every year. They’re taking the “build it and they will come” approach, not knowing that PPC advertising isn’t just a matter of ad frequency and quantity but also quality.

These businesses and organisations end up spending more and more money hoping for better results. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

Now, if the idea of dumping your ad budget into Google and Facebook with very little return and not much strategy hits a little too close to home, then this episode is for you.

In this video, our Head Ninja Tim walks you through the three-stage process of designing a PPC strategy that maximises the return on investment (ROI) of every single click that you buy.

These stages are as follows.

1. Message

The “Message” stage answers this fundamental question of PPC advertising:

“What is the action that you want someone to take?”

While the goal of every PPC campaign is to make your business money, there are different ways to get there. For starters, your campaign will need to provide certain pieces of information, such as a limited-time or exclusive offer, to convince your audience to take action.

2. Market

The “Market” stage is about whom your PPC campaign is targeting.

Who is your target audience? What are their shared needs, challenges and pain points? What keywords are they searching for to look for your offering?

If you’re running social media ads, what are your audience’s interests and demographics?

3. Method

Finally, the last stage focuses on the process or logistics of reaching your target audience. This includes the particular channels to run your PPC ads on and the landing pages you’re driving someone to.

“Method” also covers the specific actions you want users to take when they arrive on your landing pages. Should they fill out a form? Sign up for a newsletter? Or redeem a voucher for a product?

Check Out the Episode to Learn More

Be sure to watch or listen to the full episode to learn more about each stage in our PPC strategy!

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00:00 — Introduction
06:36 — Doing Prep Work
06:44 — Goal-setting
07:50 — Identifying Your Metrics
10:02 — 3 Stages of a PPC Strategy
12:39 — Stage 1: Message
17:49 — Stage 2: Market
21:28 — Stage 3: Method
27:20 — Wrap-up and Key Takeaways

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