#166: How These 3 Shopify Stores Are Making $10+ Million a Year

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In This Episode…

Today, I’m looking at three successful Shopify stores, the (not so) secret marketing strategies they’ve used to earn up to $100 Million Dollars a year, and how you can do the same for your store.

I’m looking at Shopify stores today because they’re part of the reason that these three businesses are so successful. They’re simple stores built on an easy-to-use platform. Anyone can build one.

In fact, Shopify is the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world, both in terms of the number of people using the platform and their stock price too.

But you don’t have to be using Shopify to replicate the success of the three stores I’ve investigated in today’s podcast.

Listen or watch the podcast above to learn their secrets so you can use them too.

Did you know?

Did you know that Shopify 2.0 was released in 2021?

There are dozens of big improvements to the eCommerce CMS, including changes to the backend and how themes work.

You can read all about changes in our full breakdown here: Everything You Need to Know About Shopify 2.0 (and What to Do)

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is the most searched for fashion retailer in the US and a huge eCommerce success story, but they actually started life as physical shops back in 2006 (remember them?) before transitioning to an online retailer in 2013.

Their success today is built on their approach to digital marketing. Instead of focusing on building a website which ranks at the top of Google (which I wrote a bestselling book about) for “maxi dresses” and “bodysuits“, Fashion Nova instead focuses on reaching their audience through influencers.

Using influencers like Cardi B, Fashion Nova built a network of influencers who promoted their clothing and sales (which are neverending, but if it works, it works) to their hundreds of thousands of followers. And it doesn’t end there.

As well as working with influencers, they also do a lot of community building too. Using hashtags like #novababe to encourage their followers to share photos of themselves wearing their Fashion Nova purchases — and it’s a huge success, with over 1.3 million tagged posts on Instagram by September 2020.

Every brand can use influencer marketing to reach their target market. It’s not unique to the fashion industry. If you sell goods online, you can use it too.

BestSelf Co

I love BestSelf Co. I love their product. I love their branding. I love their journals and action planners too.

What I love most of all about BestSelf Co is their website.

Their website’s design is slick. Design is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked parts of eCommerce success stories. There are many great templates you can use on Shopify and WooCommerce, but truly great eCommerce stores go beyond that use high-converting designs.

The design is simple, uses colour well, and the product pages are fantastic.

A mega part of what makes the website a sales machine is that it’s full of photos and video reviews from happy customers, and we’re talking thousands of reviews.

They use price triggers and discounts to convince people to purchase more items than just a single journal. For example, they use a 15% discount offer to convince people to purchase four journals at a time, rather than just one.

They also cross-sell quite well to related products, and they’re adding new products all the time so that there’s always something extra people can add to their cart which pushes up the average order value.

Because their product is time-based, once they get people to commit to using their journals, those customers are effectively locked-in for years as people get so used to the effectiveness of the journals, that only a very slim number of people move away from it. We’re talking a LONG lifetime customer value here.

Admittedly, they could be doing better with their ranking in Google (they need some SEO TLC) and with their Google Ads (they should speak to our experts), but understandably they’re doing so well with other marketing channels that they aren’t at the top of their priority list.

Best Self Co is using influencer marketing really well. They have endorsements from people like Tony Robbins and Daymond John which appeals to people who follow them who are highly enthusiastic about productivity and entrepreneurship, which these journals are designed to help with.

Their social media marketing is pretty strong too. They have a dedicated audience who engage pretty well with their posts, always happy to jump on board when new products are launched.


Ben Francis has built a multi-million-pound athleisure wear brand in just seven years and I’m a BIG fan of their work.

I’ve dug into Gymshark’s marketing strategy in an hour-long video special before, which you can watch below, but if you haven’t seen it before the secret to their success is influencer marketing.

I know, influencer marketing yet again, but it’s just that powerful.

Influencers are incredibly powerful. They tend to have highly-engaged followers, so when they’re showing off something they’re enjoying, their followers tend to check it out too. If you’re lucky — or put in the same kind of community building Fashion Nova has done too — you can see that system replicate itself all way down from social account to social account.

  • You work with the influencer to promote your goods
  • Their followers buy it
  • You encourage people to share photos of themselves with the goods
  • They do so
  • Their followers see the goods and want it for themselves as well
  • They buy it, share it, and the cycle repeats itself

Influencer marketing takes a bit of time to organise and maintain, much like any high-delivering marketing strategy, but the results have been phenomenal for Gymshark — and they can be for you too.

Listen or watch the podcast for much more detail on Fashion Nova, BestSelf Co, and Gymshark’s marketing success story secrets.

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