New Weight Loss Consultancy Website Converts at a Whopping 15.04%

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Conversion Rate Optimisation, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • Our client needed a website that looked amazing and was also optimised for turning traffic into leads.
  • We worked closely with our clients to understand their business, target audience, and the voice they wanted for their brand.
  • After just three months, the website was converting at 15.04% — 12.5% higher than the health industry average.

Who We Worked With

Our client is an elite weight loss consultancy service that has supported hundreds of women to successfully overcome emotional and binge eating through transforming their mindset. The company is based in Dubai but works with clients globally.

Our client came to Exposure Ninja looking for marketing support and help with improving their website’s low conversion rates. We initially created a new landing page for the website to see what was possible. Soon after, our client decided to go ahead with a new website build to really ramp up their website’s conversion rate.

The Objective

Exposure Ninja’s objective was to create a website that represented their distinct brand and elite service, focusing on significantly increasing the website’s conversion rate.

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How We Achieved It

The Strategy

For this website development project, we used Exposure Ninja’s custom template designs, which are optimised for conversions and allow us to keep website development costs down for our clients who don’t require any custom functionality.

We spoke in detail with our client to understand the image and voice they wanted for their brand. Our website templates are fully customisable when it comes to colour schemes, imagery, design assets, and copy, so we ensure we’re fully focused on our clients’ brand image.

The new website was live within six weeks, including the writing of SEO-optimised copy for the website and SEO optimisation.

The Results

The new website looks great. Check out the images below, where you can see the above-the-fold area is well optimised and modern. The colour palette communicates the business’s professional service, balanced with the friendly, encouraging nature of the two business owners.

Most importantly, the website converts like a dream. Within a month, this site was converting at 10.04% and by month three, it was converting at a phenomenal 15.04%. This is a huge 12.5% higher than the average 2.9% conversion rate in the health industry.

Screenshot of the weight loss consultancy website.

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