Digital Marketing Strategy Increases Revenue 534% for Regain Hearing

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Service: PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • Revenue increased from £3,369.50 to £21.360.15 (534%) within a year.
  • Leads increased 334% in a year, up from 54 to 216 leads per month.
  • We reduced the CPA by 47.88% within the first three months.

What Our Client Says

[Before working with Exposure Ninja] only approx 20% of our leads came from our website and SEO, 1 year later more than 80% of our appointments are being made through online bookings! Quite a considerable achievement! This growth has enabled us to expand our business from a single premises operation to 6 locations in a relatively short period of time.

We were assigned Andrew as our Account Manager, who now feels like part of our own team and really has our back.

We meet weekly to discuss SEO and outcomes, KPI’s marketing campaigns, blog posts, social media activity, etcc

Exposure Ninja are ever evaluating and evolving what they do to maximise sales opportunities for our business and can back it up with their meticulous analysis.

We benefit from the expertise and skill set of the full team at Exposure Ninja, something that we wouldn’t benefit from if we employed one person to head up our digital marketing. We therefore can highly recommend Exposure Ninja to anyone looking to outsource their digital marketing and can safely say that they have lifted a huge weight off our shoulders and we wouldn’t be without them!

Lee and Lindsay Fletcher, Directors at Regain Hearing

The Business

Regain Hearing is a private hearing clinic specialising in helping people with hearing loss. They are award-winning audiologists based in London, Essex, and Kent who provide several services, including earwax removal, hearing tests, tinnitus hearing tests and hearing protection.

What the Objective Was

Regain Hearing’s long-term goal is to be the market leader in the audiology sector. To start with, we set a target to increase their lead volume to 22 leads per month within 12 months, as their first step toward this long-term vision.

How We Achieved It

The Package

The first two months of the campaign were dedicated to building a new website for Regain Hearing to ensure we would have a well-optimised website that would convert traffic into leads.

After their new website launch, Regain Hearing began a minimal 5 Action monthly marketing campaign covering Google Ads and SEO.

After the SEO groundwork was laid and initial setups competed for Google Ads, Regain Hearing increased their package to a healthy 11 Actions. In this package, they added Paid Social advertising (e.g Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads) and Organic Social Media management to drive more traffic to the website.

The Strategy

Regain Hearing has ambitious goals to be a market leader in its sector. Before starting with us, their website was generating no leads, and the business relied on local traffic. We recognised that they would need a new website, so we spent the first two months of their campaign building this.

This was a strategic decision to ensure there would be no wasted PPC ad spend once we set our ads live and to increase revenue generated from their website sales. The client was doubtful that PPC could be profitable for them based on their previous experience, and we knew a strong website conversion rate was a necessary first step to ensure we could hit the client’s goals.

Our PPC campaigns had a tight budget spread across many locations, so we knew we would need to be very surgical in our targeting. We set location targets around their five branches with tighter radius in the more populated areas (e.g. Eltham, where we limited location to the SE9 postcode) and wider radius in the less populated areas (one of our best-performing locations was actually “all of Kent” for their Kent branches).

We identified their most profitable keywords for our client included “hearing aids,” “wax removal,” “hearing tests,” “tinnitus,” and other bottom-of-the-funnel terms searched for by potential customers. We optimised the website for search using these keyword phrases.

During our research, we identified that wax removal was no longer available on the NHS, providing us with an opportunity to push for business in this market. We anticipated that there would be a high demand for this service and that slower competitors wouldn’t have spotted this void or thought to target it because of the lower average order value of “wax removal.” The client confirmed that wax removals were often booked by people with hearing problems and therefore had a good conversion rate to hearing aid purchases.

We prioritised focusing PPC ad spend budget on search terms relating to ear wax removal and optimised campaigns to focus on target demographics. Once we gathered enough data, we could spend the budget more efficiently — applying bid adjustments and iterating versions of our ad copy to be highly targeted towards our target customers.

Increasing the budget was a key strategic component to achieving the lead target and increasing the client’s market visibility. The business continued to gain more leads at the same cost per conversion, and we began to allocate the new budget to the top-performing campaigns and expand our reach.

The Results

Our initial target was 22 leads per month by April 2021. We achieved 83!

By September, we had 10Xd our target, hitting 219 leads. We were working with 2.5X the ad budget, but we had also reduced the CPA by 64% from £60.06 in month 1 to just £21.73;

We increased the conversion rate from 3.22% in month 1 of the campaign to 8.85% in November 2021.

The campaign saw a 334% total increase in leads over the 12 month period! Translating this into revenue, the increase in leads resulted in a 534% increase in revenue for the business.

Screenshot of Regain Hearing's conversion rate.

In 2 years, Dec 2019 vs Dec 2021, we increased total traffic to the website by 1090%, organic by 2738%, paid by 407% and social by 1543%.

Screenshot of the traffic increase of Regain Hearing.

The following graph shows the organic traffic increases:

Screenshot of the organic traffic increases for Regain Hearing.

The following graph shows the paid traffic increases:

Screenshot of the paid traffic increases for Regain Hearing.

The following graph shows the social traffic increases:

Screenshot of the social media traffic increases for Regain Hearing.

Conversion increases for the same period can’t be measured because the site didn’t convert a single user in Dec 2019. In Dec 2021, however, it converted 364 people (180 organic, 144 paid, one social).

The following graph shows goal completion increases:

Screenshot of the goal completion increases for Regain Hearing.

The following graph shows Google Ads completion increases:

Screenshot of Google Ads conversions increases for Regain Hearing.

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