How We Increased PPC Leads by 325% in 60 Days for a Dental Clinic

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1. Background

This dental clinic is based in Essex, which is a competitive area for running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads for dental clinics.

The client has a website and was pointing PPC ads to it, but users were not opting for the client’s most profitable services. In the beginning, the campaign was generating around 10 leads per month at a cost of £154 per conversion. We wanted to increase the number of leads their ads were generating while lowering the cost per lead.

Despite having a good-looking website, visitors were simply not converting. We knew that visitors needed to be able to quickly and easily access the right service for them, so we created a landing page to provide all the information users needed and encourage them to make an enquiry.

2. Strategy

Upon reviewing the campaigns and website, we discovered that the campaigns had become stale and needed to be optimised to compete in such a highly competitive market. The website was looking good but not converting well. To understand where users were dropping off and which areas were acting as conversion blockers, we installed Hotjar, which allowed us to monitor and analyse user behaviour. From the recordings, we found that visitors were not able to find the information they needed about the client’s top-selling services and, as a result, visitors looking for these services were dropping off completely. We decided to create a landing page focusing on their priority, high-profit services: Invisalign and dental implant treatments. This way, people who landed on the page after clicking on an ad would have all the information they need to convert into a lead, and we could closely monitor and control the user journey.

As the client had previously been running a Google Ads campaign, we had a healthy amount of historical data to analyse, allowing us to experiment with advanced bidding strategies, which use machine learning to optimise the performance of the ads further.

3. Package

The client is on a three-Action per month campaign.

4. Results

Within the first 60 days of our new account management, conversions increased considerably, up 252.94% from 17 to 60. After introducing the new landing pages and tweaking the campaigns to maximise the client’s budget, we we able to slash the cost per conversion from £154.28 to just £34.37! Our six-month goal is to bring this down to under £20 to secure the client even more leads for their available budget. So far, we are on the right track.

Optimising this dental practice’s campaigns also led to a significant improvement in conversion rate, up over 90% from 4.94% to 9.58%. This meant that not only did we increase the conversion volume but also that we were attracting highly relevant traffic, allowing the client to save even more money per click. We did this by continually refining the keywords and audiences we were targeting to make sure that we were pushing the ads only to those who were likely to convert.

This campaign demonstrates how effective Google Ads management and a bespoke landing page can have an incredible impact on performance, saving money in the long run by making sure your available budget works for you.

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