146% Increase in Organic Conversions for Patino Law Firm

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO

What You Need to Know

  • 146% increase in organic conversions in 9 months
  • 10 new position one rankings
  • Multi-language SEO
  • Global Search Awards 2022 winner (Best Local Campaign: SEO – Large)

What Our Client Says

Honestly, if you have a business that relies on your website to bring in business, don’t waste you time and money on any other company.

In my 10 years of practicing law, I have used at least 7 SEO companies. Each one made lots of promises but delivered for a short burst of time (if at all) and then started making excuses as to why the SEO was fluttering.

From my experience, I have gained approximately 50% increased in calls (verified by clients who tell us they saw us online).

My advice, is to give them a try – you can always move on to the next one if you are not satisfied (that probably won’t happen though).

Global Search Awards 2022 winner badge for Patino Law Firm

The Business

Patino Law Firm is a US-based legal firm that specialises in personal injury cases. Our client is based in the South, in an area with a large Spanish-speaking population.

Our Objective

When our client first joined us, they had recently had a poor experience with another SEO agency and their rankings had tanked. Our objective had two parts: 1) recover from the ranking drops, and 2) get the client found and contacted by more of their ideal clients.

As well as earning results, we had to rebuild trust. The client expressed that with previous marketing agencies, they had often been “in the dark” as to what was going on with their campaign, and that results never materialised. We decided to build trust through clear and engaging weekly video calls.

How We Achieved It

The Package

Our client started on a mid-sized marketing campaign. This included Content Marketing and SEO, as well as website development and design.

The Strategy

When the client joined Exposure Ninja, they were getting a decent number of enquiries. The problem was that a lot of the queries were not a good fit for our client’s business, which was wasting time and causing headaches. Additionally, this law firm has offices in two different cities, yet their website was set up to focus on only the smaller of these two locations.

We started by digging into our client’s business to understand the areas of law they practised and what a good lead looked like. Once we understood the target market, we set about positioning this law firm in the right way so that visitors to the site would quickly know that this was a good fit for them.


We found that more than 90% of homepage visitors were leaving the website within moments of arriving. So we first needed to understand what information needed to be front and centre to keep people reading and getting closer to contacting our client.

What we did

We used A/B testing to experiment with different versions of the homepage. Once we had enough data to understand what was and wasn’t working for visitors, we completely redesigned the homepage.


Potential personal injury clients move very quickly, meaning that if our client couldn’t secure them as their client, they’d likely move on to a competitor. The contact page, typically a high-converting page, had a bounce rate of more than 80%. It simply wasn’t working hard enough to convince people to take the next step and get in touch.

What we did

We added clear and simple calls to action (CTAs) and newly-designed contact forms across the site. The CTAs encouraged website visitors to take the next step. For our client, this meant persuading people to pick up the phone and call them. We completely rebuilt the Contact page, and we saw a significant increase in contacts.


Our client wasn’t visible on Google — or at least, not for the kind of search terms that their ideal clients were using.

What we did

We worked on two broad areas to improve the ranking. The first component was Content Marketing. Competitor websites were miles ahead, both in quantity and quality of site content. We benchmarked our client against the top-performing sites and set to work.

  • Where possible, we worked with existing content to improve it. Where brand new content was required, we focused on the most commercially valuable pages, working our way down the priority list.
  • We obtained relevant, quality backlinks to their site through surveys and content creation.

For the second component, we set to work on the website’s SEO. We started with a complete overhaul of all Page Titles and Meta Descriptions, focusing not just on “easy” keywords but on the type of keywords used by our client’s target audience.

  • We worked on our client’s Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), which earned them several keyword top-ranking positions.
  • As mentioned, our client had two offices in two different locations. We created a new sitemap to help Google and other search engines serve the right pages to the right visitors.
  • Our client initially had some underdeveloped Spanish content on their website. Through keyword research, we realised that a decent number of Spanish speakers wanted to contact our client via a Spanish-language section of the website. Our sizable campaign meant that we could do SEO in two languages. We developed the main website’s English content then had Spanish-speaking members of our team translate the English into Spanish.

The Results

The hard work we put into both rebuilding our client’s website and running an ongoing digital marketing campaign paid off. In July 2022, we entered the campaign for the Global Search Awards and we won “Best US SEO Campaign”, which is an incredible honour and testament to the exceptional work done by the campaign team.

Weekly video calls helped us build trust with the client and gave us a fantastic way of better understanding their unique marketing needs.

With trust established, we could complete the radical site changes and SEO work mentioned earlier. The results were phenomenal: ten new keywords ranking in top position and almost a 150% increase in organic conversions within the first nine months.

For an established business, a 150% increase in conversions is an absolute gamechanger, which is why our client was happy to leave us a glowing testimonial and continues to work with Exposure Ninja long term.

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