London Law Firm Sees 311% Increase in Search Traffic YoY

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Content Marketing, SEO, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • 2,234% increase in monthly traffic (YoY).
  • 400% increase in monthly leads (YoY).

What Our Ninjas Say

Our team really enjoyed working on this campaign. The highly competitive industry of Family Law and the location meant we had to use multiple approaches to generate quality leads. It was vital to understand the customer journey from the awareness stage to the key drivers of their decision.

Hannah Tindale, Account Manager

1. Background

A well-established London law firm saw a sudden dip in traffic and conversions through their website and reached out for help. We assessed everything from the page layout to copy and website technology in an Exposure Ninja website review. We identified opportunities for significant improvements to increase organic traffic and conversions.

2. Objective

Our aim was to address the dip in traffic and reverse the downward trend in conversions. Whilst it is a local business, they’re in the UK’s most competitive city and targeting a high-value service in an extremely competitive market – so we needed a powerful strategy in place. We tasked our expert developers and content marketers with creating a website that would improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic while maintaining the client’s established visual identity and branding.

3. Strategy

To attract a greater number of qualified website visitors (visitors who were likely to request a consultation and become clients), we had to develop a strategy that put the right content in front of the right user and convinced them to take action.

Our first step was to design a new layout with more room for copy above the fold, improved contact forms and more visible call-to-action messaging across the website.

While our designers were busy working on the website layout, our SEO team conducted thorough keyword research, prioritising the keywords that were most likely to attract qualified visitors and result in conversions.

Once our keywords and design were in place, our copywriters revised the client’s landing copy, putting an emphasis on expertise and authority. This would help our client attract and build trust with website visitors.

Next, we turned our attention to content marketing strategies that could help signal the client’s authority to potential clients and Google. We recommended that the client sign up for an independent review platform and display client testimonials on their website to build trust and credibility with potential clients.

We completed additional content work as part of the client’s monthly package, which included adding new service pages to target high-net-worth clients and writing fresh keyword-targeted blog content each month.

We wrote these blog posts targeting a focussed area of divorce law, which our research indicated would be a relevant topic for the firm’s potential clients. Our Content Marketing team researched and wrote this content, getting approval from the client before publishing.

4. Package

We built the new website having identified that the previous site was under-performing and it would be more economical in the long-run to invest in a new site rather than trying to ‘patch up’ the old one, given the amount of work required.

We work 8 Actions per month, split between SEO, Content Marketing and PPC (focussing on Google Search Ads).

5. Results

Traffic did not immediately improve when the new website design went live in January 2019 but started to pick up in March 2019 as the SEO and Content Marketing work began to take hold.

By March, the client was enjoying a 23% increase in monthly organic traffic (Mar-19 v. Nov-18), with 390 new potential clients visiting the website during this time.

The organic traffic increased further as the Content Marketing team continued publishing blogs and getting the client coverage on topical websites:

By September, YoY monthly traffic had increased 2,234.44% and monthly lead volume had increased by 400% YoY!

What would it mean to your business to 5X your lead volume?

You might have noticed that some metrics (bounce rate, Pages/Session, Session Duration and Goal Conversion Rate) have actually worsened as the site has been enjoying these dramatic increases in traffic.

This is common for websites where we generate a lot of traffic through blog posts. Blog content attracts a variety of visitors including both those who are ready to buy, and those who are not ready to take the plunge. This increase in traffic is faster than the increase in leads which leads to lower conversion rates and engagement metrics overall but increases in the most important metric.

The most important metric, of course, is lead volume! Because a % of blog visitors ARE qualified, and the topical content helps increase the website’s ranking for commercial keywords (i.e. ones that result in purchases), the number of leads generated by the site has increased significantly.

This website now enjoys more than 10 position 1 rankings, and we’ve cemented them as a market-leader online in their particular area of expertise.

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