We Took a Legal Lead Generation Website from 10 Enquiries per Day to 395 Enquiries per Day

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: SEO

What You Need to Know

  • Website enquiries increased by 2,138%.
  • Website visitors increased by 1,817%.
  • Search traffic increased by 2,579%.

What Our Ninjas Say

The team at Exposure Ninja loved working with Canary Claims. The competitive industry really gave us the opportunity to stretch our marketing muscles and find creative new ways to dominate the search results. We got the end of the PPI claims deadline knowing we truly achieved the best results for the company!

Nicola Tuxford, Head of Account Management

1. Background

Our client helps customers who were mis-sold financial products to claim compensation. For our client, the most important thing was getting potential customers to make an enquiry on their website. From there, their salespeople were pretty reliable at getting the rest of the job done. When we started working with them they were generating just 10 enquiries a day via their website. By the time we finished, the site was generating 395 enquiries per day!

Absurd increases in traffic and lead volume resulting from our work together.

2. Objective

The client wanted to see a big improvement in sales. They set an initial target of 500 sales per week, a sizeable increase on their current numbers. But they were prepared to invest heavily in the campaign to make it happen, including additional spend on creating marketing content when needed.

This graph shows the number of visitors who came to the client’s site via Google search.

3. Strategy

When the campaign started, they were getting just 3,000 visits per month. This meant it was very unlikely that we’d be able to reach our client’s sales target with the current number of visitors. Instead, we’d have to send a lot more traffic to our client’s website. We decided on a plan of action that included both improvements to the existing site and getting our client mentioned elsewhere on the internet.

  • We used keyword research to find out what our client’s potential customers were looking for. We then adjusted the pages of the client’s site so that they contained the information our potential customers were looking for.
  • We tidied up the site’s page titles and meta descriptions so that users who saw our client listed in Google’s results page would be tempted to visit the site
  • We fixed any errors on the website that were making things harder for users. 
  • We published blog content for the client once a week. The blog content helped potential customers by guiding them through the process of making a claim (with specific examples). Naturally, many users opted to become customers instead of taking the DIY approach when they realised how much work was involved!
  • We got our client mentioned in national newspapers via a PR campaign. But, our best piece of content was much more humble: a (fairly) objective review of several different claims companies published on a third-party small business website. Over its lifetime, this single piece of content earned our client thousands of enquiries. We know this because we tracked users coming to our client’s site via that specific link!

4. Package

Our client started on a modest package of 8 actions per month. While the results were good, things got exciting when they upgraded to a much larger campaign. The larger campaign — which was equivalent to 20 actions per month — meant that we could put more work into the site’s marketing.

The graph above shows the number of completed goals (in this case enquiries) over the campaign’s first three months. Once we showed an increase in lead volume, they continually ramped up the marketing investment.

5. Results

We hit our client’s initial target of 500 sales per week and kept growing. From humble beginnings of 3,000 visits per month and 10 enquiries per day, we hit the following metrics (comparing the start of the campaign to the campaign’s peak month):

  • The number of enquiries increased by 2,138%
  • The number of site visitors increased by 1,817%
  • The number of people coming to the site from Google searches increased by 2,579%

The graph above shows the number of completed goals over the whole campaign. Growth is more pronounced than it appears in the early years — it only looks small in comparison to the improvements by the end of the campaign!

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