80% Organic Conversions Increase in 8 Months for Aesthetics Clinic

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, SEO

What You Need to Know

  • 80% increase in site goals and a 52% increase in conversion rate, in just eight months
  • 309.58% ROI by Month 5
  • 80% increase in organic traffic.

The Business

Our client is an aesthetics clinic specialising in non-surgical fat reduction, skin care, incontinence treatments and laser hair removal. They are based in Lincoln, UK.

Our Objective

When our client first joined us, they had been experiencing some exciting growth in early 2021. However, they wanted to “take Lincoln by storm” by boosting their organic presence and challenging their competitors. Another aim was to expand their client retention levels and increase their upsell opportunities. Our objective was to increase traffic and improve the conversion rate to increase our client’s revenue by 30% in 12 months.

How We Achieved It

The Package

We have been working together on a small SEO and Content Marketing campaign since November 2021. By July 2022, we’d helped our client smash their sales targets and “achieve their best sales month ever”.

The Strategy

While the client’s website did already rank for some relevant keywords, there was a lot of traffic and revenue being left on the table due to limited organic visibility.

Most of the client’s leads were from PPC via Google and Facebook ads, with little direct traffic to the website. We identified that the tasks to prioritise for this client were to carry out a UX Audit, optimise the website, create content and acquire links via content marketing.

To start with, we worked on the client’s website from a technical perspective. This meant a complete SEO Audit to identify and fix any serious issues that might be affecting performance. At the same time, we researched a set of target keywords and mapped them to existing pages on the client’s website. This allowed us to optimise each page for a specific target keyword and played a vital role in helping the client’s website rank for those keywords.

With the foundations laid, we moved on to the website’s content. We rewrote copy to align the website with our target keywords and created a new homepage required to meet our audience’s needs. We improved the site’s internal linking structure and dedicated time to building quality backlinks to support our rankings for competitive keywords.

We noticed many potential customers had questions that needed to be answered before they felt comfortable booking an appointment. To help these potential customers move to the next step in the buying funnel, we wrote blog content and optimised existing web pages to answer those questions clearly. An ongoing email marketing campaign supported this work.

Screenshot of the aesthetic clinic's organic growth in Google Analytics.

The Results

The results were transformational for our client’s business. We saw immediate improvements to keyword rankings, culminating in three new keywords in the top 10. The organic conversion rate and traffic numbers exceeded expectations every month since the campaign started in November 2021, with May 2022 showing a 309.58% return on investment of their marketing spend.

Screenshot of Goal Completions in Google Analytics for the aesthetics clinic.

In terms of conversions, the results were even stronger. New visitors on the site were ready to book a treatment with three times as many organic leads received than forecasted in May 2022. We saw conversions from organic traffic more than double in just five months. As planned, we are hitting ambitious growth targets befitting the client’s business.

Screenshot of the aesthetic clinic's organic growth, shown in Google Analytics.

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