$230,000 from Email Marketing for an eCommerce Business in 5 Months

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, SEO

What You Need to Know

  • $230,000 generated in revenue through email marketing.
  • Email open rate increased from 9% to 51% using segmentation.
  • Email click-through rate improved to 5.1%.

The Business

Our client is an eCommerce business based in Australia. They sell a range of perfumes and fragrances, both in Australia and internationally. They stock a wide range of products from many different brands.

Our Objective

Our client’s main aim was to increase the revenue generated from their website. In the month before they joined us, they earned $46,000. They realised that digital marketing could help their website take the next step and power business growth.

One particular area for improvement was the number of site visitors they got each month through search engines like Google. In the month before we started our marketing work, this number was just 25,700, but they thought that their business had the potential to reach a wider audience.

How We Achieved It

The Package

Our client started with a medium-sized, multi-channel marketing campaign, including SEO and Content Marketing. We also decided to invest time into an Email Marketing campaign, as we felt there was a lot of potential for success in this market. A dedicated Project Manager coordinated the whole effort.

The Strategy

For the SEO and Content Marketing side, we set out to optimise the client’s website. The SEO team researched a set of target keywords and assigned a keyword to the most important pages on the client’s website. The SEO Team also implemented schema, which allowed us to shape how our client’s website was presented in search engines. The Content team worked hard to improve the sales copy across the site, as well as optimise existing pages and blog posts. They also created new blog content to attract new visitors.

At the same time, the Email Marketing team realised that they’d have to provide useful and interesting content about perfumes and fragrances to reach the target audience. They used copy and imagery to provoke an emotional response in readers and timed emails around events and holidays to encourage gift purchases.

To get the best results from the email campaign, the Email Marketing team divided the client’s subscribers into segments. This meant that subscribers would only receive emails appropriate to their interests and needs, rather than getting blanket emails aimed at all possible buyers.

The Results

We tracked results through the client’s website and were incredibly pleased with the progress. The month before we started work, the client’s website generated $46,000. Through email marketing alone, we generated $230,000 in just five months. By the end of the campaign, the client’s website generated $74,000 per month — a revenue increase of 61%. Over the same period, we improved organic traffic from 25,700 to 51,400 per month.

One of the key factors to our success was segmentation. We prioritised engaged contacts — people who enjoyed opening and reading our emails. By focusing on engaged readers, we achieved really strong open rates and deliverability scores. This, in turn, meant that fewer of our emails were flagged as spam by email providers, so more of our marketing emails got through to potential customers.

To understand what segmentation can mean for a campaign, it’s worth putting those numbers into context. An average email marketing campaign for an eCommerce website has an open rate of around 15.68% and a click-through rate of 2.01%. That means most emails aren’t being read, let alone acted on. Every email newsletter we wrote for our client blew these stats out of the water! The lowest open rate in our early emails was 26%, but we ended up averaging a 35% to 51% open rate. That’s more than three times the average for our best emails.

Thankfully, readers weren’t just opening our emails — they were buying products too. One of the advantages of email marketing is that it can generate sales relatively quickly compared to other marketing channels that take time to build up. In month two of the campaign, we earned our client 173 orders through email marketing, totalling $30,400. In month three, we topped that and earned 186 orders at $31,300.

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