Want to Join a Fun and Productive Writing Team?

We’re looking for experienced native English writers with fantastic time management, awesome client communication skills¬†and the creativity to come up with interesting angles and stories about our clients to join our SEO/PR team.

The work hours are flexible, and the team is awesome.

Location – Anywhere!

What’s important to our clients is quality writing and awesome exposure, so we prioritise your writing skill over physical location. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection and do your work at a high level, you can work from anywhere. We have ninjas in every corner of the world!

What’s the Work?

As part of our SEO service, we write stories about our clients and get these published in magazines and on blogs. It’ll be your job to talk to the client, identify cool angles to pursue in a story, pick some publications which are the sort of things that their customers read, write the stories and talk to the journalists/editors to get them published. We provide training and support for the PR side of things, but if you have experience in this area already then so much the better.

Our writers love this work because it’s always different, you’re in control and your writing is getting out there into the wide world and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Our clients are extremely grateful for the work and it has a fantastic effect on their business, so you’ll be a valued member of the team.

There are also financial incentives for each piece that you get published as well, according to how authoritative/popular the magazine/website is.

How Do I Apply?

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch