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We are focussed on earning our clients revenue

All our sites are built to do one thing: grow your business. They are built with the most effective CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation, or getting visitors to buy) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) principles in mind.

We’re well organised and good at communicating

Having a website built by geek-speak developers can be like 6-18 months of childbirth without painkillers.

We, on the other hand, talk plain English and take the time to understand what your business needs. You’ll be involved from early on in the design phase so you know exactly what’s happening and can offer input throughout.

Of course, if you prefer to sit back and let us get on with it, that’s no problem too.

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Sarah Willingham

Star of Dragon’s Den and TV Celebrity

Sarah needed a new site before Dragon’s Den aired, so we had 1 week to put something together. It was a race against time, but with plenty of Red Bull and a smattering of evenings and weekends, the dev ninjas got the site up just in time.

Enquiries through the new site are up significantly, and ranking has increased considerably thanks to the positive usage metrics and increased content.

sarah willingham site displayed on a desktop monitor
sarah willingham site mockup

You guys are amazing! Great work! I’m so impressed! Thank you soooo much for working so hard to get the site looking this good. Really really impressive – Sarah

DHL Sweden

Worldwide Logistics Corporation

DHL wanted to challenge for multiple local searches across Sweden and needed a new flexible and modern site to go with their established portal.

We built the new site in WordPress to match the DHL branding guidelines but with a bit of a visual refresh, and conversion optimisation throughout.

DHL site on a computer on a desk
DHL site mockup

Belle Bridal

Bridal Boutique Website Design

A North London Bridal Boutique offering designer dresses at steep discount needed help with their marketing and we identified that a new website was going to be important to give them the visibility that they needed.

The new site is coded in WordPress and makes their online presence look as good as their brides!

belle bridal site on a computer on a desk
belle bridal site mockup

Display Centre

Bespoke E-commerce Website Development

We were brought in to finish their e-commerce website project after work had slowed with a previous developer. We redesigned the site from scratch to focus on increasing organic visibility of product and category pages, and optimising the layout for conversion.

The new mobile friendly site saw time on page increase by 25% in the first week of launch and bounce rate go from 52% to 34%.

Display Centre website
In this Before (L) and After (R) you can see how we've uncluttered the screen, making the layout responsive (thus improving mobile user metrics). In the first week, the redesign resulted in a decrease in bounce rate (from 54% to 32%) and an increase in time on page by 25%.

Beau Synergy

Beauty Clinic Custom Website Design

The previous site had been added to over time to the extent that navigation was extremely confusing. Dozens of links to service and treatment pages filled every nook and cranny on the site, and the number of pages overall meant that many were very thin on content. Combined with a lack of a clear Call To Action and quite jarring colour scheme, we worked with owner Richard to identify the areas that needed work.

The new site uses a cleaner design which places focus squarely on the Free Consultation call to action, and the logical menu structure and rewritten copy helps visitors find the information they need quickly.

BeauSynergy website
Before (Left) and After (Right) a conversion focussed redesign

Davis Associates

Davis Associates

This business psychology practice wanted their site to show more personality, as well as getting a design refresh.

We worked with Nick Davis to develop a modern looking theme using clean, full-screen sections and carefully chosen photography to show people rather than the beautiful but abstract illustrations. We also increased the emphasis on conversions, prominently featuring contact forms on every page to make the most important thing the most important thing, and so that we can track which pages convert best.

Davis Associates website
Notice how in this B2B redesign we have emphasised the experience and credibility of the consultants by featuring them more prominently on the homepage. We've also added a CTA on every page, targeted at the service mentioned on that page.

Agoudal Travel

Travel Website Design

This travel site needed a design refresh and we worked with Sally to create something based on an idea she had for the new look and feel. During the design phase, Design Ninja Lance decided to try another approach one evening which included a complete rebranding. We sent it to Sally and she loved it, immediately asking to adopt the new style on the site.


...Plus Hundreds of Others

From Large Corporations to One Man Bands…

Ninjas love building killer websites. And we get as much of a kick out of giving a plumber the best website in his market as we do building a large complex Multinational Magento shop.

Over the past 300+ sites, we’ve learned a thing or two about what a website needs to do to be profitable, and if you’re thinking about a redesign we’d love to build something for you that’s not just a pretty face.

apple computer on desk
best of the rest

Paying For Your Website

When you’re growing fast cashflow is all-important, and having to invest large lump sums can put a strain on budgets.

To make things easy, we offer a range of finance packages so that you can pay for your new Ninja Website with affordable monthly payments.

With monthly payments as low as £199, there’s really no reason not to get the website your business needs and deserves.

Every Exposure Ninja Website Has 5 Key Principles In Common...

1. Built in SEO

How well your site ranks on Google has a lot to do with how it is built…

Your site will be built to rank from the ground up: design that optimises user experience and uses SEO-friendly headlines to page structure that makes it easy for search engines to understand the content on the site. Our website design and development teams are trained in SEO, putting them at a distinct advantage over freelancers and pure website development companies.

Then, before any Exposure Ninja website goes live, our experienced SEO team goes through it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it receives the Ninja SEO seal of approval.

Once the site goes live, we’ll submit it to Google and make sure that it’s being indexed. We’ll be tracking the rankings so we always know how the new site is performing.

2. Conversion Optimisation

The design, layout and messages on your website define how well it turns visitors into enquiries, leads and buyers (conversion). And as you can see from the illustration above, improvements in conversion make a BIG difference to bottom lines. You need a website design company that understands this.

Throughout our work with over 2,400 websites in the last 3 years, we’ve noticed that there are some common conversion principles amongst those sites that achieve ninja results and the vast majority that don’t.

That’s why our website designs are built with conversion in mind from the word go: highly visible calls to action, prominent contact information and skilful use of the page fold mean that your next website will be working hard for you.

3. Mobile Friendliness

In 2013, mobile friendliness was a luxury. In 2015 it’s an absolute necessity.

With 40% of searches carried out on mobile (and some markets seeing as much as 60% of all traffic being mobile), your website needs to look good on screens of any size.

All Ninja websites are built with Responsive behaviour, meaning that they adapt dynamically to the screen that they’re viewed on, making them tablet and mobile friendly.

responsive website design graphic

4. A Blog

Your blog is the place you share content that sets you apart from your competitors, takes your audience closer to their goals, and allows you to demonstrate your expertise and authority.

Having a thriving blog helps every aspect of your online marketing, whether it’s through giving you more to share on social media; showing Google that your site is frequently updated with good quality, original writing; or improving your conversion rates by positioning your business as the market leader.

That’s why all Ninja websites come with a blog as standard.

No time to update your blog? Our SEO service includes blog post writing as standard.

5. Analytics & Tracking

In order to make informed decisions, you need information. The data on how your website performs, where visitors are coming from and what they’re doing is absolutely crucial if you’re to make sensible business decisions about where to focus attention and budget.

All the sites we build have in depth Google Analytics integration as standard, as well as Conversion Tracking which allows us to attribute each sale or contact through the site to the marketing channel that brought it in.

Is SEO bringing in more leads than PPC? It might be time to step up activity. PPC outperforming social? Might be worth increasing your daily budget.

Get A Free Plan And Price For Your Next Website

Your plan will be delivered as a PDF or video, and will include analysis of your competitors, a suggested marketing plan, and pricing information.

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