Videos are a really important asset in an effective marketing campaign. Not only can they be a good way to get found by potential customers, but they also make your website more engaging and have been shown to increase conversion rates.

Our animated promotional videos are designed to sell, and start at as little as £490+VAT.


Percentage of UK adults that use YouTube to search for information

Percentage of Small Businesses that use YouTube

Did You Know?

Increase Conversions

Visitors to an e-commerce store are 64% more likely to purchase after watching a video (comScore)

Increase Time on Page

Visitors that view videos on a site stay an average of 2 minutes longer (comScore)

Grow Traffic

Including a video in an introductory email can boost click through rate (CTR) 200% (Forrester)


How It Works

We can handle the entire process for creating animated videos, from writing the script, getting the voiceover, creating the animation to uploading and promoting the finished video.

These videos are usually 1 minute long and feature a professional voiceover with animated graphics. Music can be added if required.

We offer a ‘buy it now’ for this type of promotional video which you can purchase below.

Avg time to delivery (days)

An Example Animated Video

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Order your 60 second promotional videos from Exposure Ninja today. Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

The Process

Step 1: Pick an Angle

Is your video going to be a general overview of your business or will it be promoting a specific product, service or offer?

If you’re stuck, don’t worry – we’ll suggest an angle to target based on our experience and understanding of your market.

Step 3: The Voiceover

The quality and execution of the voiceover is really important. It needs to be interesting enough to keep the visitor’s attention and match the content of the script. We use professional male and female voiceover artists, depending on the video’s target market.

Once the voiceover is recorded we’ll send it to you for approval.

Step 5: Upload and Promotion!

Once the video is ready, we’ll send it over for you to upload.

If we’re managing your promotion as well, we’ll upload the video to all the main video channels and get on with promoting out to the world!

Step 2: Write the Script

A good script is central to the success of your video. It has to follow the same pattern that any good advert does, first calling out your target audience then demonstrating the problem or pain that your solution solves, ending with a clear call to action.

Our writing Ninjas are experienced with sales copy and can handle the whole process for you, sending the final script for your approval.

Step 4: The Animation

The animation should follow the flow of the script and match the style. Movement is really important to keep viewers engaged, and a consistent style between each frame is really important to give the video continuity. Use of your logo and any custom design keeps the branding consistent.

Once the animation is done, we’ll match it to the voiceover and send it over for your approval.


Order Now

Order your 60 second promotional videos from Exposure Ninja today. Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

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