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Thanks for sending over the video, it’s an excellent tool to help me understand. I’m
aware of the competitor sites that you looked at and I had thought that
they were weak and that there is an opportunity to build a better website.

I have contacted other companies to help me (who haven’t yet got back to
me yet) with this website but after watching to your video I am excited to
take up the offer of your services and look forward to hearing from you in
due course.

Justin, SEE Racking Inspection

I wanted to thank you for the marketing review you did for me. That video you created was extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into this Global Knowledge Ireland review.

Monica Gomez, Global Knowledge Ireland

Hi Tim,
Wow, that video felt insanely helpful. Thank you so much.

Louis Weinstock

Dear Tim,

I wanted to say thank you so much for such a detailed and clear report on my site. I really appreciate it.

I actually employed a SEO company to optimise the website but since you did the heck after they started it tells me not a lot that has been done and they went quiet I me since I paid.

Natalia Clarke

The marketing review was excellent, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of your suggestions. The format was great, and I am sure the content will prove to be highly beneficial.

James Fletcher, Durafan

Thank you so much for taking the time to produce this report for us, I wasn’t expecting something so long and detailed!

Emma Gaston, Gunhill Studios

A “big thank your” for this video. I have looked at it once and will get down to some work on the old site and to fix that 404 error.

I will spend some time digesting and fixing a few things and might well look to doing some SEO/PR work with you.

Nigel Stephens, AS Technology

Hi Tim,

I’ve just watched your video. A much more comprehensive response than I was expecting – thank you!

I knew the website was dated and not performing, but your fresh pair of eyes and honest approach is probably the wake up call I’ve needed! I bought your book when I registered for the review and (very unusually for me) read it in one sitting. Again, some of the stuff I knew and it all made perfect sense. So, I intend to build a WordPress site taking on board the suggestions in your book and review.

The ‘social stuff’ and Adwords I’m less familiar with and may come back for assistance after I’ve had a chat with my partner. In the meantime I’m going to give your book a five star rating on Amazon (I’ve never reviewed anything on there before, but your book has been extremely informative).

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to look at our website

Thanks again

Paul Barron

An excellent review and many thanks for that.

David Sully


Many thanks for taking the time to review our website, I didn’t think we would receive such a fantastic, lengthy and personal review which lots of good tips. I did purchase “how to get to the top of google” book by you and read it whilst away on holiday recently, it’s also full of great tips and tricks.

I will share the video with my MD and be on contact with next steps.

Toby Moore Morris, Superior Interiors

Hi Tim,

Thanks for video review, great idea and very useful for me.

You are absolutely correct on the layout and SEO, we know it isn’t right at the minute. Some of the points you mentioned we are already working on especially in regards to conversion and layout.

I’ll work on the top couple of points you have raised.

Again, thanks for your time and advice.

Eric Rogers, Dash Witness

Tim headshot

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