Bootstrap Digital Marketing

Got no marketing budget to acquire your first customers, but need customers before you have a marketing budget? This, friends, is a chicken and egg marketing situation!

Learn how to pick up your first customers and build a scalable marketing campaign with little to no budget

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In this online training, Tim will reveal how to run bootstrap digital marketing campaigns – that is, a campaign that is funded purely by its own success. See behind-the-scenes of some successful examples, including one eCommerce site that bootstrapped its marketing to $145,000 revenue PER WEEK in just 18 months!

We’ll take a look at

  • Which channels to focus on if you have little or no budget
  • The KILLER mistake that most startups make which leads to wasted budget and frustration
  • How to use Homer Simpson to sell more (yes, really)
  • How to turn more of your website traffic into sales, even if you’re hardly getting any traffic
  • The budget black holes to avoid when you’re starting out.

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