Team Management for Marketing Managers

Everything you need to know about managing a digital marketing team

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Team Management

Digital marketing is an industry that’s constantly advancing. What’s more, it’s a profession that relies on both a creative and analytical skillset. Needless to say, managing a digital marketing team can be testing.

From hiring to (hopefully not) firing, we’ll cover the basics of team management in a digital marketing context.

Our first-hand experience means we can offer tried and tested team management methods that actually work, as well as — reluctantly — share the all too common mistakes we’ve made.

In this section, you’ll learn:

We’ll turn our immediate attention to recruiting talent, which is the first task — as well as an ongoing responsibility of your role in managing a digital marketing team. We remind you that ping pong tables are a waste of time as are conceptual interview questions.

Next, you’ll need to tackle the momentous task of training your digital marketing recruits. The rapid pace of this industry means no individual is ever labelled as “qualified” including your most senior staff.

Unlike other company departments, marketing team members are likely to have wildly different specialisms and parts to play in overarching projects. This makes structuring your team confusing yet crucial to add order to creative campaigns.

Finally, you’ll need to be able to recognise, reward and even discipline your team members according to their performance. In this section, we’ll talk about how to measure a project’s success, as well as how to hold individuals accountable in a department where constant teamwork is required.