Essential Skills for Marketing Manager

Identify and audit marketing manager skills.

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This section will help you to scope out job descriptions and excel in personal development, and it’ll even provide insight into what to look for when hiring others.

Amateur marketers should aim to add these skills to their personal development arsenal. Remember, to be a marketing manager, you won’t only need marketing mastery — you’ll also need good leadership skills and finance and sales knowledge.

Pros at everything promotional should use this section as a checklist when conducting a skills audit, whether on yourself or others. Is there anything missing that will hinder your plans for marketing domination? Maybe.

Once you’ve identified the skills you need, you’ll know what to do to avoid being mediocre when it comes to achieving marketing mastery.

Are you great at creating campaigns but not so much at squeezing out sales? Perhaps you’re good at pushing personal progress but struggle to steer an entire ship? Or do you have a tendency to make things look fancy before you’ve considered the financial implications?

Wherever your skill gap hides, we’ll help you to find and fix it.