Digital Marketing Research for Marketing Managers

Everything you need to know about digital marketing research

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Learn how to keep tabs on your market, competitors and customers.

Want to discover how to make data-driven decisions and develop marketing strategies that are guaranteed to be a success? You’ll need to refine your research game and avoid making guesses based on your gut.

We focus on three major research types — market research, customer research and competitor research:

While you should keep an eye on market progression in a bid to be proactive rather than reactive, the real key is to dig deep into your customer’s psyche and monitor your competitor’s motives.

The results will lead you to a natural and educated decision about which digital marketing channel to use.

That’s right. You don’t need to be something for everyone. You don’t need to scramble about trying to be visible everywhere and then wondering why splitting your effort into multiple directions isn’t working.

Instead, you need to be everything for someone (and it’s a lot easier than it sounds).

That means focusing only on the market segments that matter and then going to the platforms where they hang out. It’s like fishing in a small pool packed full of carp versus trying to catch a goldfish in a tank as big as the ocean.

And it all begins with research.

Relying on numbers and analysis will change your entire approach to marketing.

If you’re sick of feeling panicked at the thought of industry development, competitor domination and your customers’ changing needs, the solution is simple. You just need to get prepared.